Aquarium Cosmology

In the Beginning...

Thinkers & Thoughts

  • Creator & Creatures
Story & Storyteller
  • The metaphysics of the story
The Thinking of Thoughts
  • An immaterial functionalism
  • Why no thing is finite
What There Is
  • All or nothing

The Relational Matrix

Where the Buck Stops

Pulling the Plug

The Only Game

Reluctant Witness

  • The scientific community as hostage to the truth

chronoligical break


The Evolution of Physics The Problem of Perception The Noumenal Realm On What We See On Language
The following essays were written earlier.
Subjective Oblivion Package Deal The Slumber of Materialism

The Nature of Reality

Quantum Cosmology The Withering Away of the Old World The Inertia of Reality Introduction to the Cosmology diagrams

Two World Views -- diagram

Immaterialism -- text

The Hubris of Materialism -- text

Aquarium Cosmology Diagram -- Cosmology 1 Bringing forth the Spirit -- text Cosmology 2 -- diagram
Separation -- part 1 -- text with diagram Separation -- part 2 Separation -- part 3
This subsection contains three essays, which continue to explore the separation theme that was introduced above.

Po'mo Economics

X'ian-Philes (& phobes) The Numbers Game .

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