Ultra- vs. Extra-Terrestrial Hypotheses


I've been considering a new UTH initiative.  This remains an uphill battle against the strong and continuing bias of 'retail' ufology in favor of the ETH.  That mindset remains the single largest obstacle to the BPWH.  There was a poll at OM concerning this issue.  Mine was the only vote out of 32 for an exclusive UTH!  But, by the same token, there was only one vote for an exclusive ETH.  This sample was self-selecting on the religious side, it would seem. 

I notice that there is no entry for the UTH in the topical index.  This is a significant oversight on my part.  A google site-search here yields only eight pages containing 'UTH', the earliest one being More of the Same in the entry for 10/24/04.  There is an earlier entry for UTI on 2/14/04 of Triumph of Science?

Can we accept this conclusion?  Does it subvert our gut instinct?  Another test case involves SETI.  What is the ontic implication of ETI?  Giordano Bruno was burned at the Inquisitional stake for being an early advocate of ETI.  Immaterialism rules out ETI, but not UTI (ultra-terrestrial intelligence, e.g. God).  In this instance, immaterialism agrees with the orthodox ontology of intelligence.  For immaterialism, separate worlds entail separate creations, if not necessarily separate Creators.  The Creator(s) hardly have the option of 'physically' linked creations.  Therefore, a radio search would be logically futile. 

It is worth rereading the entire entry. 

For an earlier reference:  How Many Worlds? (5/02):

And what about the starry sky?  Well, it serves many purposes in this creation, especially as a very aesthetically, natural backdrop.  Even Lucas would be proud.  Aren't there other civilizations out there.  I am suggesting there is no there, there.  Whatever visitors we may have are of the interdimensional variety, not interstellar. 

The basic concept of the BPWH is explicitly anthropo-/geo-/centric, which I frequently emphasized, but I did not stress its antithesis to the ETH until my recent foray onto OMF. 

Contributing to the ETH bias is the natural desire of the ufologists to distinguish themselves from the 'mere' religionists. 

The ETH is the mythos of the Space Age.  It is future oriented.  The UTH is soooo.. Retro! 

The ETH feeds into and on the Conspiracy mindset that is also a staple of retail ufology.  The UTH does not argue against the notion of a cover-up, but it does cast it in a very different light. 

The ETH has fueled the Sci-Fi craze that is a staple of modern culture, garnering the vast resources of the Entertainment industry.  Consider Star Wars vs. the Exorcist; it is hardly a contest. 

Yes, the UTH has an uphill battle against the ETH within ufology.  Even the Vatican endorses the ETH, with nary a mention of the UTH! 

This last fact, however, ought to give us serious pause concerning what lies behind the ETH. 

The common (mis-)understanding of the ETH vs. the UTH issue is strongly influenced by the mind/matter dualism of the modern worldview.  Any ufo-type phenomenon with a 'physical' component is automatically deemed to be supportive of the ETH.  Ufologists become very defensive about the 'reality' of their phenomena.  Raising the scepter of the UTH is, to them, seen as tantamount to labeling their phenomena as mere phantasms, and probably the result of an unstable mind or an altered state of consciousness.  The UTH, taken in that light, may be construed by them as an attack on their sanity.  The concern with physical traces then becomes paramount in their minds.  The fact that such traces may be hard to come by, is no inducement to the UTH for them. 

In maintaining the UTH, I will certainly play the religion card.  But there is a problem here, as the literalists have been quick to point out.  The canonical ETs are the Nephilim, Genesis 6:4: 

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.

This (cosmic) intercourse is taken to be part of the corruption of Antediluvian humanity.  When I pointed to these entities as putative UTs, I was quickly 'corrected' by Jake & Co.  Only Angels are ever said to materialize in the Bible.  Demons act only in states of possession.  Therefore the Nephilim could not be seen as mere fallen or demonic entities; they must be ETs!  Yes, one does have to mind one's p's and q's when it comes to the literalists.  Modern dualism is very strong in the minds of the literalists, literalism being almost contemporaneous with Cartesian dualism.  I suspect a strong historical and conceptual linkage. 

And what about materialization? 

Dematerialization is the physical basis of nuclear and thermonuclear reactions, as I ought to know.  If a ufo dematerializes, how is matter and energy still conserved? 

Instead of a strict materialization, ex-nihilo, the BPWH simply posits a local overlapping of ordinarily distinct realities or realms of consciousness.  In that sense, ufos manifest an alternate state of reality or collective consciousness that is, for some good reason, given to intrude upon ours.  Such overlaps do not occur capriciously.  They must be strongly motivated, and must serve some teleological purpose.  There may well be a mutuality of intent, which is normally subconscious on our side.  In the case of Stargates, this overlap of realities is more stabilized and localized in its manifestation.  And, yes, there may well be a virtual or ersatz 'technology' associated with these manifestations.  There can be a real magic involved, but it is a 'technology' that can in no way be extrapolated from ours, unless, possibly, we use virtual realities as an analogy.

According to the BPWH, the Earth itself is ultimately to be understood as a very strongly ingrained collective state of mind: a dream world that has become so strongly habituated that it takes on all the trappings of physicality.  It is the occasional and increasing cracks in our cosmic shell that give lie to the perception of materiality.  The eschaton will mark the culmination of this inevitable breakdown of the barriers between the various realities. 

It is this projection of our dream-world that explains the origin of the Anthropic Principle along with the Unreasonable Effectiveness of mathematics.  How else would the abstract and complex structures of mathematics become embedded in the foundations of our reality, that is so finely 'tuned' to the existence of life?  How else do we explain the very peculiar 'ghostliness' of the Quantum Realm? 


The high-strangeness and great variety of ufo related phenomena rules out the possibility explaining them with any single theory of physics.  As it stands there is no theory of physics that comes close to explaining any of these reported phenomena.  In fact, as physics becomes more mature and coherent in its mathematical theorizing, so does it become more impervious to they kinds of radical rethinking that last occurred over a hundred years ago.  There is much less room for maneuver than there was back then.  But even the revolutionary developments of a hundred years ago, pale in comparison to what might conceivably address this plethora of uncorrelated phenomena. 

What is suggested instead is that physics and our modern worldview should be inverted or literally stood on its head.  Our rethinking would have to go all the way back to the Copernican Revolution.  If we reflect upon the world as being oriented toward the mind, instead of toward matter, we can keep our technology and still find ample room for the otherwise uncorrelated phenomena.  The BPW is the best of all worlds. 

There are many seriously unresolved evidentiary problems inherent in the ETH:

Each of these problems is easily resolved by the simple expedient of shifting from the ETH to the UTH. 

Then there are the cosmological problems raised by the ETH:

More succinctly, the ETH becomes coherent only when seen as a conceptual stepladder to the UTH and the BPWH.  And even more important, the ETH provides the final cover story for the impending Revelation. 



Thus have we seen that the ETH fails the tests of evidence and of reason.  Whereas the UTH easily passes all tests.

It should be no contest.  The supporters of the ETH are operating in an intellectual vacuum.  They feel no compunction about the exercise of due diligence.  They dismiss all contrary views as part of the conspiracy against them.

The knee-jerk reaction to the UTH is that it is intended as a denial of the physical reality of the phenomenon.  But I do not know of any advocates of the UTH who are given to denying physicality.  Rather, and especially wrt the BPWH, there is the view that physicality is not an absolute designation.  The definition of physical is necessarily contextual. 

According to the WAP, there are an actual infinity of universes that may be existing in parallel with each other, but they may interact so weakly or not at all so that a parallel Earth could pass right through our Earth, virtually undetected.  To us it would be nothing more than a will o' the wisp!  And so would we also (not) appear to our parallel cousins. 

The fact of the matter is that we have almost no clue as to what makes matter material. 

What is thought to make matter solid is a very abstract symmetry principle having to do with the connection between 'spin' and statistics. 

The quantum function of an electron changes sign when it is rotated by 360*.  This anti-symmetry is dictated by special relativity.  Therefore, two identical electrons cannot occupy same quantum state, and this fact is what keeps atoms from collapsing in a burst of energy.  If you have a slightly different particle, it would not feel this repulsion from the normal, identical electrons. 

Similar consideration apply to the 'ordinary' forces acting between particles.  Particular particles only experience certain kinds of forces.  Neutrinos can zip right through the Earth and feel nothing at all.  Billions of neutrinos penetrate your body every second, with no effect.

Photons respond to electric charge, but not to the 'color' charges of quarks.  There could be a universe of different particles and differently defined charges that might harbor sentient life, but that would be completely undetectable to us. 

Or consider the case of an 'antimatter' world.  It looks identical to ours until we go to shake hands with our antimatter counterpart.

Poof!!  We both dissolve into a thermonuclear reaction. 


What do these considerations say about our absolutist view concerning matter and reality??

Reality and materiality are in the eye of the beholder.  That is what physics tells us, if we care to listen.

There are very many accounts of aliens and ufos acting in non-physical ways, such as passing right through our own ordinary matter.  Walls and windows are usually of scant concern to the determined alien.

We could say that these creatures are non-physical, from our own perspective.  They have their own kind of physics.

But we cannot stop there.  We must push the matter further. 

If there is Creation, then it is a process that occurs from the top, down.  Creation has a purpose.  It has a beginning and an end.

It is the end to which we now attend.  Where does physics fit into this picture?  Physics is an Anthropic projection. 

Physics is the logical and necessary background for life. 

Physics is not created ex nihilo.  It emerges from the teleological necessity of metabolism.  Metabolism requires an atomic basis for self-replication, plus an energy input.  Thus do we obtain atoms and the Sun.  Everything else in Nature is a logical embellishment of these vital necessities.



I'm now faced with the practical problem of disseminating the concept of the exclusive UTH within OM.  The dissemination hardly has to be complete.  It can be selective among the activists.  This will be enough to send a definite signal to the rest of the ufological community, whether or not they like it.  This will only require perseverance.  I need to make the case that one person should be selected to study this issue closely, as a proxy for the otehrs, and that one person will vouch for the result. 

I don't think this proxy student will be too difficult to locate, given the resources of OM, and even just a modicum of insistence on my part. 

I feel, that with the mere formulation of the request, that it is a virtual fait accompli.  This stratagem has been in the back of my mind since my arrival here, but the time now is particularly propitious. 

Perhaps there should be two such volunteers, so that they may consult between themselves, and so be less likely to simply be bull-dozed by me. 

One could say that the 'jury' initiative is long over-due, but I don't think it will constitute a significant delay in the larger scheme of things. 

It may easily be argued that this initiative should be a top priority at OM, especially concerning the almost minuscule time and resources that it will require.  I'll simply start lobbying on various threads and individuals, starting out with a soft-sell.

One useful medium would be chat mode on Skype.  This would be simply be a self-recording conversation, with shorter delays than with posting.  We might need to figure out a way for each participant to edit their own entries. 



Now I've started the Messy Antics thread at OM, allowing myself two years for a break.  The first order of business seems to be to designate MJ12.  With the recent ET/VO announcement, I'm putting the Pope at the top of the list.  There is an inclination toward the religious groups, as seems appropriate, considering the context.  Joe XVI and Ron are the top two phenomenologists.  I've said that China and Islam are the two main political concerns. 

The model of the Moonies is SK is a useful model for China, but they made a harsh crackdown of the Falun Gong.  How can they be persuaded differently? 



It would appear that the UN/UFO Source 'A', is to be my designated aquarium angel.  What am I to do about that?  Clay Pickering, aka Temporal, is his go-between to OM. 



Eschaton Focus Group, items of interest: 


There could be a thread about life on the other side: visions of eternity. 

Unless there are some big changes, we are in for a rough time as we transition to sustainability. 



Dear Diary, I see that it has been awhile.  I do apologize.  And I'm here only under duress, having told one of the OMF 'customers' to f* off.  The customer is always right! 

Baiting the Second Coming is sure to be even a bigger pastime when I return in 3 days.  I'm getting off easy.  It might have been 7 days for a second infraction. 

So here I am on my busman's holiday.

Yes, it is always very instructive to be reminded of our vulnerabilities. 

And I'm thinking now that vulnerability is the name of the eschatological game that we are playing.  Hatching out is the most vulnerable time for any population, and we will be no exception.

For three hours yesterday, I was having a flashback to my three days at Princeton in 1966: the dark night of the soul.  Talk about vulnerability.  Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again....

Then I began to see the light.  I am under demonic attack. 

It started with my 'brazen' dropping in on the 27th annual Cosmos & Creation conference at Loyola, about three weeks ago.  The two founders were still there: Frs. Jim Salmon and Tom King.  I was was actually a third-wheel, back then in '81.  I lost contact in the early 90's.  Jim invited me to see him afterwards. 

About a week later I got a PM at OM from someone claiming a Jesuit connection, saying that he had been asked to tell me that someone was 'very angry' with me, and that I could rest assured that I was not the X2.  I took this as almost a backhanded compliment. 

I mentioned also about my last phone conversation with CK, over a month ago.  He asked, why would the Second Coming consort with witches?  This was his first ever use of that phrase.  Another belated and backhanded compliment, one might suppose.

Back to demonics.......

Yes, allow me to use an extended definition of that word, as is my wont with most words.  We have to expand them to fill the linguistic gaps in our quest to construct a new worldview. 

It might mean something as innocuous as to say that we sometimes bring out the 'devil' in each other, in times of duress.

I have been very fortunate in the past thirty years to have experienced so little of this.  We should suppose that times will get more strenuous. 

Yes, I was not paying attention to detail.  I had suggested that some of my attackers were acting as if possessed.  I said that exorcism was not my specialty.  They should pray to Jesus.  I just wanted to be allowed to get on with my exposition of the BPWH.  And so they did manage to set me off, not too difficult after '5 o'clock'.  So, guess what.  It looks like I'm being forced to act more like an X2, while still maintaining the SoT act.  This is definitely pushing my envelope. 

My stratagem: they get on my case; I get on theirs, while paying close attention to detail.  Turn about is fair play. 


Should there not be a 'Dan's free exorcism clinic' thread? 

Yes, I am under attack mainly from demons of the left and right. 

On the left are the pantheists.  On the right are the literalists. 

The pantheists are appalled by us low-brows who suppose that the cosmic intelligence would deign to degrade itself by taking on a human form, especially one that succumbed to such a bloody mess.  Buddha is one thing.  Jesus quite another. 

At the other end of the line are the literalists.  'A mighty fortress' is their God.  Many are born-again.  They have experienced spiritual vulnerability.  They would just as soon not experience that again, thank you very much!  They gird their loins with the iron-clad words of God, quite forgetting about the risen Word, or the living Spirit.  Yes, it is onward Christian soldiers.  When their God returns, he will be on a white Steed, with a terrible swift sword:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord:
He is trampling out the vintage where
the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword:
His truth is marching on.

Revelation 14:

 18And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.

 19And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

 20And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

Yes, these are the demons that form the two phalanxes guarding the Pieta.  Evidently, Mary was not up to the Job. 


Between therapy sessions, I'll be continuing to work on Relational Holism.  This has supplanted the Physics thread.  Which has been locked.

[There should also be a Hit & Run, Sniping thread, for those who just can't contain or restrain themselves.  On every other thread there will be rules of engagement that will be worked out in the course of time.  I will need to negotiate these rules with the admins.  I am sill allowed to edit messages in my section, but can no longer delete.  I have always used the edit function sparingly, mainly just to reduce unnecessary quoting of other messages.]  

Relational metaphysics is listed in the Topical Index, where I associate it with Coherence.  Wiki has a surprisingly sparse coverage of Relationalism that is mainly devoted to its specialized use in the philosophy of space & time.  Holism only fares slightly better. 

A key aspect of relational holism is to be found in Realism, or rather the challenges to it.  The BPWH might be described as Agape Monism.  Love is the one substance and glue.  Everything else is a reflection of that substance.  This view is usually paraphrased as God is Love. The philosophy of Truth provides another perspective on Realism and Relationalism.  I am a nominalist or relativist about everything except love. 

The point is that there is no middle ground between the two extremes of reductionism and holism.

Reductionism has played itself out over the last several centuries.  There is no reasonable way to amend reductionism. Holism, practically by definition, cannot be appended to reductionism, especially not if God is involved. 

The point is that Science has painted itself into an logical dead-end.  The only way out of this impasse is to take a holistic leap.  The BPWH professes to provide the simplest alternative to scientific reductionism. 

The layperson fails to grasp the degree to which science is committed to analysis and reduction.  This is the Dirty Secret of science. 

They fail to comprehend the fragility of scientific materialism.  Scientific apologists and popularizers go to great lengths to downplay this limitation.  The layperson is not apprised of the desperation that motivates the debunkers of all things that smack of departures from the reductive Agenda. 

How does the UT vs. ET issue line up with holism? 



Happy Independence Day! 

And back to business, as not quite usual. 

What I failed to mention yesterday was a possibly disturbing piece of OM politics.

The Admins were polled concerning my display of rudeness to another member.  JR/RD was assigned to notify me of the result.  Only one other admin was identified to me.  This was the person who I believe was most instrumental in bringing me to OM.  He was the one who contacted CK about me, after Ryan Dube declined that offer.  He and I continued to converse frequently up until the point that he was about to initiate a business deal with another PoI.  Then our conversation dried up.  This bothered me at the time, but I let it pass and continued on my way at OM.

On Wednesday I was informed that this person had requested that I be suspended for 7 days, since this was my second offence.  So now I have to wonder what is going on behind that administrative curtain. 

There is another possibly related issue.  The admin who was most involved in my latest incident is a person, recently arrived at OM, who identifies himself as Great Waller, and who sports an ET/Grey avatar.  I understand that he is a Christian of Chinese descent who is a Canadian citizen.  Why do I mention this?  Back up to my '7 day' admin.  The PoI has been majorly involved with the Chicoms for the past two decades.  JR also has a continuing business deal with them.  My three principle counterparts at OM may all have strong ties to China.  

Meanwhile my 'handler' is most widely know as the Officer who blew the whistle on the Hughes/China missile collaboration that had gotten too chummy.  But I was told by CK before the fact, and another person after the fact, that this incident was something of a ploy, and I have speculated elsewhere on this site about the possible nature of this ploy.

I have had my own independent/family dealings with China, back in 1981.  Also, over 10 years ago, I had communications with both the Chinese embassy and the Falun Gong, per the instructions of CK. 

So, yes, I have been highly sensitized to the China 'card' in all of this.  And I have not even mentioned my long-term involvement with CK in his Save the Tigers campaign that was directed against the poaching of tiger parts, poaching that is underwritten mainly by the magical interests of the Chinese Tongs/Triads. 

If I am to be subjected to the close supervision of Great Waller, am I not owed some further explanations about his beliefs and background?

Then, as mentioned yesterday, there was the recent arrival at the forum of someone claiming a Jesuit connection, who said that he had been asked to tell me that someone else was 'very angry' with me. 

Rules about vulgarity are very easy to specify.  But what about harassing and disruptive behavior?  Where are those specified? 

In the meantime I am left to wonder about any 'three-strike' rule.  My not so loyal opponents will be gunning for me, for sure. 

Am I defenseless?  I could make a federal case out of this.  Try to become less vulnerable.  Make an effort to find other, more secure accommodations on the Internet. 

Or, I could play it cool.  I'm sure that is what CK would advise.  The whole point of the R&D show has been to play it cool.  And, yes, play it down.  If we had not been cool and low-profiled, this Disclosure operation would have blown up a long time ago.  Kicking down these cobblestones, we've got to make this morning last.  This delicate flower will surely wilt in the noonday sun.  A probably heartbreaking effort has gone into this very studied spontaneity and casualness.  All good things must end, so let us not rush it, say I into the sound of silence, pronoid to a fault.  The hopes and fears of all the years.....


Yes, I am not treated very well.  I am tolerated as the mascot, sidekick to the serious, grown-ups only, Disclosure Team.  Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies.  And be sure to mind your P's and Q's.  How else could it be?  I can't imagine.

Back to holism......

Let me just add that for all the heck that I know, there may not even be a team, that is in the normal sense of the word.  My experience of twisting in the wind might be more the rule than the exception.  Ever hear of the spy who came in from the cold?  We haven't.  We are all strangers in a strange land.  It is the hidden-hand of the soap-opera (random-walk?) fame that guides our individual (converging?) paths.  This is an even more lonely thought.  Spare me the gruesome details.  It can be comforting to think there is a smoke-filled room somewhere, where the big deals of the MJ-12/Bilderberger genre go down, and the waitresses ply the drinks.  Oh, well.  We are all allowed our conspiratorial dreams and nightmares.  If we knew the real system, we'd mess it up, for sure. 


Just in is a response from an OM. admin. 

My dearest Dan,

I’ve just read your blog and I feel as though I must comment upon the posts you have made on the blog.

I believe that the reasons behind the wheels coming off the track this past week on your board at OM had as much to do with the fact it occurred after 5:00 PM then anything else.  Your perceptions of reality seem to have become effected by your penchant for the grape and have resulted in a skewed view of reality.

Your suspension for three days was not a result of a ChiCom conspiracy but rather due to your inappropriate name calling and racial slurs directed at other members of the forum.  Despite the great degree of latitude allowed to posters in your board you managed to find that very distant line and crossed it with little regard for anyone else save yourself.  Then you have the audacity to blame others for driving you to this point?

Try looking within yourself, Dan.  Constant self-proclamations regarding you as being anything and everything from the Second Coming to the anti-Christ are statements which are going to draw an emotional response from others.  If these are nothing more then attempts to create discussion and to draw attention to your board then that is all fine and good.  But if you truly believe these things, then Ron’s reference to “witches” and others claiming that you are under demonic possession are logical assumptions on the parts of the accusers!

I challenge you to lay off the grape (and hops, barley, malt, rye or any other fermented grain or fruit) for the next week and then come back and re-read your posts and this e-mail once more.  I guarantee that you will be able to view them through a different light.


Fair enough, if this affair has absolutely nothing to do with eschatology.  However, as long as eschatology is probably or even possibly on the table, then whatever this is, it is not Internet chatter as usual. 

Yes, I take the cosmic situation seriously, and I take myself as a serious player within that drama.  What is the point of playing this game if we don't take it and ourselves seriously? 

That being said, I go to considerable lengths to keep the conversation light and up-beat when possible. 

Yes, I am quite aware that I will be a target for any and all kinds of harassment.  Am I afforded any defense?  What will be the rules regarding harassment and preventing individuals from ganging up on opportune targets, and generally being disruptive in their comments. 

This 'game' we are playing could take a turn toward the serious side at any point.  When that happens, what we are seeing now will just be the proverbial Sunday School picnic.  Are there no thoughts about such a contingency?  Or am I the only one that does take any of this seriously. 

If OM wants to be a serious player, and I hope that it will, then we do need to give this some thought. 



Dan the Repo Man.....

(Am I Dan pretending to be God, or God pretending to be Dan?  If the pretense is adequate, it may not make much difference.)

In any case, I am here to negotiate the repossession of your souls. 

How will this work?  There are two options:

1.)  The Grim Reaper: 

Revelation 14:

 18And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.

 19And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

 20And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.


2.)  By means of our collective Incarnation of the Spirit of Truth.

Allow me, please, to recommend to you option #2.

The existence of the second option presupposes that there is a living and livable Truth. 

It presupposes that the Truth is whole and organic.  I am here to demonstrate these suppositions to you. 

The end result will be an alignment between the Cosmic Mind and our Global Mind.  We will be integrated into the mind of God, as if we were his brain cells.  This is the Noosphere/Omega anticipated by Teilhard, but coming a million years sooner than he expected, thanks in no small measure to the rapid advent of the Internet.  Good work, you all! 

Yes, there will then be a New Heaven and a New Earth.  The Earth will be reenchanted, the boundaries of our reality will become increasingly porous.  As the Earth becomes a cosmic Portal, we will awaken to a new Dreamtime.  Time will lose its linearity, and so will space. 


From whence will come the whole Truth?  Will it come from the stars or from our own hearts and minds.



It has been more than two months.  Is that a new record? 

My interest is focused on next month.  In particular, we wonder about an October Surprise, relative to the upcoming election.

GR has been loosed upon the Source, about whom you may consult OM.  Progress continues to be made on that score. 

This is related to the alleged UN story, but that story had had little traction in the past seven months, since it was first broached by the source.  Instead, the real story is the source himself.

We know that he met with Bruce M. about six months ago.  He met him in his Navy uniform, bearing credentials and a photo album that included his time as a pilot in the first Gulf war.

I have been informed that a former Navy officer surfaced with ufo stories about three years ago.  He had attended one or more ufo forums.  He had become a government contractor who was part of a ufo working group.  The story went away.  The similarity of the stories makes it unlikely that they are unrelated.  The new source has attended more than one ufo forum in that time frame.  It is a story that would not go unnoticed in these precincts. 

We await further verifications within the next few days and weeks.  I have to decide when to contact CK. 

What is it about this source that would most likely rise to the level of a wire service story? 



But our source was definitely wearing a uniform when he met with Bruce.  Could he have been 'recommissioned', or is this part of the ploy or cover?  There is a very significant discrepancy in a statement he made about his background.  Was this a careless fabrication or a deliberate plant?

I had not been aware of his educational claims.  Claiming a science background fits with the attempt to have his story conform to the Nuts&Bolts aspect of the core story.  But then he goes on to take pride in his people skills.  His choice of interlocutors also fits with a casual cover. 

I'm still not able to make sense of this seemingly casual, yet officially backed, operation.  It could be an effort to forestall something more serious that might rise to the level of having an influence on the election.  There is a nearly transparent pandering to the predilections of retail ufology.  It has been a significant distraction here at OM.

If we did make a stink about this episode, it could be used as an excuse to go dark.  Even distorted light is probably better than no light.  The stimulus is calibrated to producing a small, containable effect, nothing to be taken too seriously.  It is would be a run-of-the-mill pot-stirring, except for the presence of the military official.

Does the Navy Dept. not expect to receive inquiries?  What are their options?  Where is their plausible deniability?  Do we have the wherewithal to get a news story out of a denial?  To get a news story we would have to demonstrate a clear pattern of officially sponsored disinformation.  This has already been done in numerous publications.  Does this incident rise far enough above the norm to warrant a new story?  It may well not. 

Would we not be remiss in attempting to get some resolution to this story?  It is up to GR to have the first refusal on these options, and that would be at least another couple of weeks away.  Compare the efforts that have gone into resolving the Drone case. 

One possibility is that this might have been another test of ufological networking.  I can't imagine what significant new information might be gleaned, however.  So it may just be that the network is to be exercised once or twice a year to keep it operating smoothly, anticipating some future need.  And, of course, these manufactured incidents may help to divert attention away from anything more real. 

The failure of this latest episode to gain traction, puts us back on hold for at least another eight months or ten years.  Of course there will continue to be periodic shakings of the ufological tree. 



I remain perplexed by the Source.  I can see no rhyme or reason for it, other than being related to disclosrue.  Clearly there are discrepancies and inconsistencies in his many stories.  The only thing that is not in doubt is his status as an officer of the USN, and that the Navy must be aware of his actions, as reported on frequently at OM. 

Then yesterday a colleague of CK's reported that he had left his job.  Today the rumor was contradicted.  Does any of this tie in with the impending change of administrations?  Is there a jockeying for position, pending another repositioning?  Are the phenomenology boys keeping their options open? 

I would wager there would be a reasonable chance of getting a news story out of this, even if only about an attempt by the Navy to exculpate themselves in this affair, if we just use the existing resources at OM.  This would be true even if we could only muster a fraction of the follow-up that we had with the Drones, which garnered significant coverage.

But as long as the Source keeps spinning tales, there will be less incentive to bring this back to the Navy Dept.  But where are these stories going to lead?  They are reputedly about ongoing contact and political events.  Expectations have been raised.  It will not be easy to meet those expectations, going forward.  Is the Navy getting itself backed into a corner?  Hardly by accident.  GR's involvement presents another decision point for them.  Are they prepared to bet the farm on this affair?  That remains a stretch. 

We should get a good idea today about whether this story will be taken to the next level.  What are the odds?  Is this a periodic test of the containment mechanisms?  It could also provide a measure for our readiness. 

Suppose there is a go decision.  Who would be consulted?  The White House?  Anyone in Congress?  Just the DNI?  Suppose the WH was not consulted.  Would they attempt to maintain deniability, or try to get out in front of it?  They might only have a few days to decide.  It would probably have to be presented to them as a fait accompli.  If they said no, the Navy would be stuck with an embarrassingly transparent denial, which would only raise more questions.  Insiders would have to be fired, raising still more questions.  If this is anything serious, then we have likely already passed the point of no-return.  



It is human nature to want to string things along, especially when you are riding in the catbird seat.  This could be said about myself, but it does not apply very well. 

What more do we stand to learn in this situation?  We might obtain confirmation of the 'UN' meeting, but it turns out not to have been an official meeting.  It could have just been a hobbyist gabfest, a la the Aviary, with a foreigner or two.

OM could continue to be a conduit for inside info: more tidbits off the table.  But how much of the stuff that comes our way will be disinformation?  And what will we do with this (dis)information?  Just keep sitting on it?  Are we serving as a significant focus group for the Navy?  If all they wanted was a focus group, then why come to a public forum? 

Where else is there to go with this information, other than to the public?  How much longer do we wish to sit on it?  The very first thing that the public/press will do is go to the Navy Dept. to seek confirmation.  It comes down to a question of timing.  Is the Navy unaware that there is an election in progress?  Do they have any other time frame in mind? 

At the very least, these issues and questions should be posed to the Source.  Should they not also be posed to CK?  When? 

Is it not time to drop the pretext that our Source is on the lam wrt the Navy proper?  But then what about his MIB stories?  Can they still make sense?  It's just a battle of the internal factions.  Some folks are dragging their feet more than others. 

I'm inclined to take these issues back to the forum. 



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