How Many Worlds? 

This is closely related to the last question.  The answer is similar.  There is no law against the creation of many worlds; however, there are some very reasonable stipulations.  

Unless we are dealing with an evil creator, the welfare of the creatures is the prime concern.  Thus there would be a concentration of creative effort on the quality of some primary world.  Any other creations would be secondary, and presumably would be subservient to the main one.  

But what if something went wrong with the primary creation?  Well, that question arises only from the parochial, creaturely perspective embedded in time.  Any real creation is going to be primarily teleological, or created backward in time from our perspective.  We have our own mistakes to worry about, not God's.

As you see then, we have come full circle, back to our starting point which was just the best of all possible worlds.  If this is somebody's show, I think we can be reasonably confident that it is the main show, it is the big-top, just about the only show in town. 

And what about the starry sky?  Well, it serves many purposes in this creation, especially as a very aesthetically, natural backdrop.  Even Lucas would be proud.  Aren't there other civilizations out there.  I am suggesting there is no there, there.  Whatever visitors we may have are of the interdimensional variety, not interstellar. 

Now begins the apologetics or rationalization.  If all is well that ends well, then clearly we have our work cut out for us, but who ever said that the best of all worlds would be boring? 


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