Is that the end of the tunnel? 



Can anyone think of a more logical ending?

Reference is to the alleged recent ufo meeting at the UN.  I certainly give it my blessing, FWIW.

The quasi-public meeting, attended by Gilles Lorant, was alleged to have been accompanied by more secure meetings on similar topics. 

Yes, it would make eminent sense to include a 'decoy' meeting, to serve as a public peg for various purposes, having to do with both internal and external consumption. 

Upcoming is a radio interview of Gilles, and then an article by Paola, which would almost certainly include a comment or two by the Vatican representative. 

More details of the 'public' meeting will leak out in the next few weeks, with more speculation about the private meetings. 

The crucial fact is the tentative(?) timeline: an internationally coordinated release of official information, by the end of next year, pursuant to two conditions: continued global 'stability', and a continued level of ufo activity. 

Who can fault that?  It does appear that the Brits are already beginning to comply.  Other countries will feel free to report in, ahead of schedule, as some have already been doing.  The dead-line may be mainly one that is being self-imposed by the US, the 800 lb. gorilla in the wings of this dog and pony show. 

Is it possible that those three US Senators could be acting unilaterally in this matter?  It is much more likely that they simply allowed themselves to be the representative signatories to a long planned international initiative, being chaperoned by the US. 


And finally come the denials, although interestingly worded.  It could be that we are seeing the countermoves of various independent agents, but more likely we are seeing more slight-of-hand on the part of the puppet-master, though not intending to speak derogatorily of the Almighty's hidden-hand. 

Yes, now the denials are flying thick and furious.  Perhaps, more than a tad too thick, and too furious, me thinks. 

All the better to keep this pot well-stirred.  Keep as many folks off-balance for as long as possible.  All the more for the rest of us. 

Lorant is too well-placed to just be a walk-on.  And too many in the supporting cast. 

And just enough flim-flam to keep the Media on the sidelines, gazing at their collective navel. 



We can ill afford to ignore the rumors emanating from the NY. 

Nor can we ignore the denials.  The combination of rumor and denial is a fact of life in ufology.  Those of us in the field have learned to live with this 'annoyance'. 

Nay, we have learned to thrive on it!  We wouldn't still be here, had we not. 

I will even go further.  This constant jerking around is not accidental, nor is it incidental to the process we are a part of. 

The irony is that that the constant mixing of signals is designed just for our benefit.  It is meant to facilitate the privatization of Disclosure. 

Every time it happens, the Nuts&Bolts ufologists take another hit.  They are forced further into a mindset of paranoia.  Whereas, those of us favoring the UTH, are moved more toward pronoia. 

If the ETH is correct, the cover-up is illegal and immoral.  If the UTH is correct, the cover-up is constitutionally mandated. 

If the UTH is correct, then the privatization of disclosure is mandatory.  Can the government thereby simply ignore the whole situation?  They would love to be able to, but it's not that simple for them: 

Nonetheless, most of these concerns are handled outside of the normal chain of command and/or are contracted out.  The only known exception is CK. 

This brings us back to the alleged UN meetings.

Michael Salla and I have been positioned to handle the ETH and UTH contingencies respectively.  Others, of course, can find their own places at the table, but the table is not completely level, speaking for myself, and for Michael, as well, but based on sketchy information, in his case.        

Michael leans fairly far toward the ETH, that still being the consensus view.  And his bailiwick has been the secular/governmental arena, and especially the UN, considering his own international credentials.  Nonetheless, each of the contrasting accounts of the February meetings emphasized the possible sectarian repercussions of Contact. 

But each time the Disclosure signals get mixed, as they already have on this occasion, the secular/scientific/ETH contingent becomes increasingly frustrated, embarrassed and prone to paranoia.  They are addressing a very demanding audience. 

I, on the other hand, can more easily bide my time, up until such time as global stability becomes a pervasive concern.  At that point, folks will not have time to attend to cosmic affairs.  Eschatology will no longer be an intellectual concern.  The BPWH will stand to rapidly lose its cogency. 

In other words, the window of opportunity for the BPWH is limited, assuming an imminent eschaton.  As the ETH continues to lose traction, the UTH will gain.  The BPWH stands to benefit from this shifting of opinion, but only so long as the global situation does not deteriorate to the point that the fear of a Tribulation begins to overshadow the meliorist option represented by the BPWH. 

One of the UN rumors points to 2017 as being limit of where voluntary human action could be decisive.  Given that there is such a limit, most people would find that date to be optimistically remote. 

Another date given was the end of 2009, which would be the decision point to go ahead with an officially sanctioned, international disclosure.  One might argue that if the BPWH had not made a public impression by then, the window for significant voluntary action will have been closed. 

This earlier date would seem more realistic to most observers of the ufo scene, over the past few years.  That, my friends, is precious little time. 



I am quite pleasantly surprised to see Michael Salla participating at OM.  I trust that he will get a good welcome.  I will refrain from interacting with him until he is acclimated there. 

In that vein, I will continue my forum posting about the UN 'meeting' over here so as not to distract from his welcome, and the focus on his message.  Ed Komarek has ably paved the way for Michael, and I was able to do my venting with Ed. 

BTW, I had a pleasant lunch with my shaman friend, now a citizen here, who has just returned from several months in Ecuador.  He reports that FARC is seen as a symbol of liberation.  Also that there is some concern about the stability of Barack.  Our problems with drugs from SA is not a popular concern down there.  Nor is the trend toward socialism. 


Back to the UN.........

I think it is reasonable to discount the possibility that the UN rumors are the product of either independent hoaxers or of a rogue secret group.  I will continue to pursue the next most conservative or skeptical possibility, that these rumors are the very deliberate product of a quasi-official, international intelligence initiative, and perhaps even some of the participants are unaware they are a party to a bluff.  And, yes, by following this line of speculation, I will, unsurprisingly, find support for the BPWH.  But patience, please,.......

You will find, on these pages, several instances of my speculation that the if there were ever to be an official disclosure that it would be couched in the context of a renewed effort toward a scientific study of the phenomena.  And, indeed, that was just how these rumors characterized this proposed public initiative, even to emphasize that non-scientific approaches would be actively opposed. 

This, IMO, is the core of this bluff.  The scientific establishment will never allow itself to be politically exploited in this manner.  They would see themselves as simply being the stooges or political scapegoats for the Intelligence community. 

Prestigious members of the Scientific community have been consulted many times, over many years concerning these phenomena.  They have repeatedly and vehemently refused to be otherwise suckered into this very messy phenomenological arena.  My source has made this abundantly clear to me. 

The public will never buy this ploy either.  They would know full-well that if science could crack this mystery, it would have done so, years ago.  They would immediately demand the results of those previous studies.  They would not put up with the charade of yet another such study. 

Even the most true-believing of the Nuts&Bolts ufologists will hoot and holler at any such charade or delaying tactic, once this Pandora's box has seen the official light of day. 

Next, the fundamentalists everywhere will be galvanized into a frenzy of suspicion of both the alleged ETs and of any who would propose to traffic with them.   

This is very big political and scientific non-starter. 

Did the perpetrators of this Bluff expect that it would have legs in the ufo community?  By how much do they underestimate our political perceptiveness? 

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, and suppose that, no, they really never expected us to swallow this ploy.  What then was its intent? 

I suggest that this is their backhanded way of helping to bring us to our senses concerning the true nature of the Cover-up.  They are pretending to give to the ET enthusiasts just what they have been asking for.  As those fans of the ETH begin to chew on this bone, they will be forced to the realization that what they have been hoping for, just doesn't make sense.  If there were any scientific evidence, a very convincing portion of it would have to be released immediately.  Failing that, the floodgates of speculation would be opened, and very quickly we would be facing the potential of serious political instability. 

In this context, a UN/science ploy just does not fly.  It will be seen as a transparent political bluff, even before it could be publicly launched.  Is this even a serious trial balloon?  No, I frankly don't see that it even rises to that level. 



Not even a trial balloon, have we here.  Only a transparent bluff. 

Are we then to ignore this episode?  Most will, but not if we are in this game for the long-haul. 

We are being given signs, and we endeavor to read them. 

The message here is just to remind us that a science ploy wont work.  That should already be obvious, as explained above, so why go to this trouble to point out the obvious? 

But there is another part to this message.  There is anticipated to be a problem with the proliferation of cults.  Indeed, it is as if the main function of the scientific initiative would be to divert the public's attention away from cultish affairs, or to be a counterweight thereto. 

But we have already reasoned that this counterweight would, in practice, prove ineffective.  The public will immediately sense this is too little and too late.  If, in all these years, no government has been able to aqcuire solid scientific evidence, why pretend to start over again, now?  It is just showmanship. 

What do we have? 

But why would the Insiders wish to provoke this particular speculation? 

Do they expect us to hit upon a plan that they have not already considered? 

It is very unlikely that we would, or that they would have that expectation.

So what, if anything, do they want from us? 

They want us to retrace their own thinking on this most delicate matter of Disclosure. 

If we wish to continue playing this game, then that is the game sheet that has just been handed to us. 

It is no small responsibility.  How so? 

The Insiders already have access to the best minds in the world, for the purpose of strategic planning.  They are not looking for us to add significantly to that resource. 

Ok, so they're not after our brain power. 

So they simply want to use us to gauge the public reaction to their plan.

But we have just determined that we have been presented with a phony plan!

So they want us to recreate their actual plan.....and then what? 

To provide a deniable channel for the preliminary dissemination of their actual plan?  But then why add the extra step of our having to reinvent it? 

For some reason they are provoking our special participation in the Disclosure process. 

This brings us back to a more fundamental question.  What is the role of ufology? 

Over the decades of delay, the ufologists have come see themselves as playing an antagonistic role relative to the Insiders concerning disclosure.

We see ourselves as picking up the crumbs of information that inadvertently fall of the banquet table of the Insiders.  We just hope that we might get really lucky one-day, and find a really BIG crumb.  But, gosh, it just doesn't happen. 

But perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way.  Suppose, instead, that we are being spoon-fed.  With what?  With disinformation?  For sure.  But that is hardly a new idea, either.  

What is new, now? 

Now, the disinformational part of the message is transparent: a de novo scientific initiative to be conducted in public. 

This UN ploy is the biggest single move in a cat-and-mouse game that spans decades. 

If the disclosure was intended to be focused on actual scientific evidence, then why involve us in it?  And why use the above nonsense suggestion? 

If there is any message here at all, it is that this game is not about science.  It is not about technology, and, therefore, it is not about ETs.

I'm sorry it took so long to get to this seemingly obvious conclusion, but we had to exhaust every other alternative. 

The upshot is that the primary disinformation emanating from the Inside, for all these decades, was simply that the phenomenon was a scientific/technological issue or problem. 

This latest message is intended to countermand the ruse of the decades.  How many of us will attend to this goring of our ufological Ox? 

Some will.  If I am right in this interpretation, and no others are being offered, it will take a few more such messages to make a very serious dent in the Nuts&Bolts mindset.  But that won't be necessary as long as a few serious minded ones amongst us pick up on this new direction into a brand-new game in a brave new world. 


This new direction need not have come as a big surprise.  There have been plenty of hints in the past, coming from the inside.  These past hints will, of course, appear more obvious now, in retrospect. 



More thoughts on the UN rumors....

Yesterday, Robert Morningstar made the claim that Adm. Wm. J. Fallon, the recently resigned head of CENTCOM, was the one who was backing source 'A' in his disclosure efforts.  Robert claims to be unilaterally released from his confidentiality agreement relative to Fallon, because of this resignation.  I don't see the logic in that, but could it otherwise be true?  Or is Robert grasping at straws, as the UN story is discredited? 

Michael S. points to the main difference in the information reported by the two sources.  Gilles reports a relatively innocuous plan for greater openness on the part of the participating governments with regard to taking these phenomena seriously, commencing with an international scientific investigation, possibly as early as next year.  He refers to the science vs. religion aspect of the response.  The purpose of the meetings he attended was to discuss the social response. 



Source 'A' spoke of a possible preliminary disclosure on the part of the US, later this year, before the end of the current administration.  He also spoke of the governments that were for or against disclosure, depending on their views on population control and/or polytheism.  Only 'A' provided a time-table for increasing public exposure by the visitors, c. 2013-17, culminating at the end, with the visitors declaring the time frame.

He also made this warning

14) A contentious moment in the meeting had to do with the religious implications of
contact. It is this issue which is of most concern. Our source stated that the more
secular societies will adjust more easily to contact than the fundamentalist. He stated,
" The Roman Catholic countries will not have a rough time, except for the population
problem; the Roman Catholics already have three Gods in one, so accepting others
is not that much of a stretch. The dividing point is going to be the containment of
population. The Protestant countries will deal fairly easily with contact. So will
countries with indigenous religions connected to nature. The Muslim, Hindu, and
fundamentalist Christian religions will have the most difficult time, possibly even the
elimination of said religions; we can expect mass suicides, social unrest and
upheaval. The ETs will help with re-programming and the concept of an inclusive
galactic order. However, society will have to step up to the plate to assist - one on
one - those people who have shattered belief systems The Chinese will have no
problem because of the Buddhist and Taoist influences."

This is a dire warning, indeed. 

The UN rumors constitute an historically unprecedented escalation in the seriousness of the message being delivered from ostensibly official sources.  If this was a private or rogue operation, it would not be difficult to fully discredit the sources, without adding to the rumor mill.  The longer this escalation continues, the more difficult will it be to contain.  It seems clear that there is a unfolding strategy of some kind. 

Consider the following questions:



The issue that I bring to the ufo investigators is that their tactic of pursuing the smoking gun has proven futile over the last 60 yrs.  It is time to focus more on the analysis of the great abundance of existing data. 



In the last month or so, we have gone through two iterations of the ufo rumor mill.  One rumor concerned a UN meeting on the international aspects of disclosure.  The other was a reopening of the California drone investigation that received significant media attention.  These followed upon the ufo flap in Texas in the previous month.  This has kept things busy at OM, where new records in viewership were set in this time period.  In just the last week or so, the forum activity has returned to a more normal level.

With a fresh batch of new participants, I have been kept busy just trying to moderate the usual tendency toward a paranoid view of the alleged cover-up, where it is so easy to fall into an 'Us vs. Them' mindset.  The newbies are also, as to be expected, rather unfamiliar with the UTH. 

At the same time, there is a greater degree of tolerance for the BPWH on the part of the Christians on the forum.  It is not that I am getting a free pass, but rather that we have reached a kind of stand-off, if not an actual accommodation.  I would hope to use the current lull in activity to shore-up the standing of the BPWH at OM, in preparation for the next round of activity. 

Time to do another recap of the BPWH.  Here was a previous attempt.  We need something more specific to the OM venue.

My main problem with this recap will be to not exceed the attention span of the OM audience.  That is a major constraint.

Most of the writing may have to be done here, with just highlights posted to my section at OM. 



Ps0 at OM reminds me of the Singularity argument.  This is the closest that a materialist can get to the ideas of the BPWH.  To get all the way, they would have to combine the singularity with the Virtual Reality argument.  This is not easy to do, if one is strongly biased against the idea of spirit.  On then needs to consider the mind-body problem, and consider the syllogism of humans : consciousness = fish : water, to borrow from Terence McKenna.  We must also add the SAP to this mix. 

Finally, if we add the UTH and X'ianity to the mix, it is a new ballgame.




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