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I will attempt to recommence the BPW from this page. 

It has been almost three years since I have updated the BPW site. 

At the top of the topical index are the links to the three forums, where I am presently active, plus, of course, my new facebook page.  Is it still possible to exist without a facebook page?  I wouldn't bet on it.

Can I just pick up from where I left off, three years ago?  Well, the last entry was actually on 9/10/08. 

But, there has been a fair amount of water under this little BPW bridge. 



Another site to look at is Gary Bekkum's Starpod site.  It does not have an internal search function, which is the case with most websites.  What you can do is use Google's advanced search function.  At the bottom of the advanced search page, you will see a box to insert the specific site that you wish to search.  Google used to have a toolbar button for this very important function.  It took me awhile to find this new location.  Search Starpod on Ron's last name, for instance.  I see 50+ hits. 



Well, I am watching the situation at the Hopkins hospital, where there was a shooting incident, 3 hours ago.  The situation has been contained, and the doctor/victim is expected to recover.  This update, @1:48, the situation has been resolved.  The alleged perpetrator has been shot, and was killed.  The 'hostage'/patient in the room, probably the perpetrator's mother, was not injured.  The mother is alleged to have not fully recovered from a spinal surgery. 

2:07:  Correction: the fatal wound to the perpetrator is now said to have been self-inflicted. 

2:22: Oh, dear, there is now a murder, concerning the 'hostage'.  In addition to the wounding of the physician, it is now called a murder-suicide.  The murder victim is now stated to be a relative of the gunman.  It may have been his mother.  2:55, yes, it has been confirmed that the suspect did kill his mother.  The spinal fusion surgery, on his mother, is said to have been performed, earlier, this morning. 

3:04:  Mayor Stephanie Rawlins Blake: 'Johns Hopkins hospital, arguably the best medical institution on the planet; it must and will be protected.' 



From: Ronald
Date: Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 10:01 PM
Subject: Follow-up to phone conversation
To: Dan Smith


I wanted to follow-up from our phone conversation to emphasize that I think it really is time that you took on a serious endeavor.  The audience you have on Open Minds and other lunatic blog sites is composed of, well, lunatics. Your blogging serves no higher purpose than entertaining lunatics.  You are bright, resourceful, and educated from some of the best universities, yet you spend your time entertaining lunatics.  Your metric of success, the degree to which lunatics pay attention to your blogging, is causing you to divert your attention ever more from reality.

I think it would do you well to cut back on lunatic blogging and drinking.  You should take on a real problem; and do so through interacting with sane, well educated people.  Your metric of success should be the degree to which the problem is resolved.

You are fortunate in having a few good friends.  Work with your friends in identifying a serious endeavor, and develop an approach that is both sane and potentially productive.  No doubt it will require hard work.  With your intelligence, it is easy to pull the cork on a bottle of wine, then sit back and type out some nonsense that entertains lunatics.  It is much harder to work with other intelligent and sane people to solve real problems.

Sam, Aliyah, and I will help.  If you demonstrate progress, I suspect others will be willing to help as well.


Ok, I'll need to provide some background for this................. 

There was a fifteen minute conversation @6:30 pm on Tuesday, 9/14, apparently while he was driving home.  He asked me what was going on.  This is a bit unusual.  He usually does not ask open-ended questions. 

I said that the C2C appearance seemed to be back on track.  I had, of course, been touting this fact on the forums.  He asked what the topic would be, and I said that he would be a principal topic.  He laughed, nervously(?). 

I also mentioned that Sam was working on a bio-economics conference with Charlie Hall.  He said he would be glad to consult with Sam on that conference.  These were the two substantive topics.  The conversation ended when he said that he had arrived at the 'gate'.  In previous such cases he has just said that he had arrived home.  A small point, but still signficant for me.

One point is that there has been some discussion between us, since his engagement with Aliyah, that they would be moving into a secure location.  The moving process was going on for several months, and I have not seen the new place.  The old house has has been used for entertainment purposes. 

I've expressed interest in the need for the security, he being my 'handler', and all.  There have been two answers.......

1.)  There was concern about his safety, relative to his brother, during a messy divorce procedure. 

2.)  There was concern for the safety of Aliyah, the 'exiled princess of Kashmir', EPK, during the political upheaval in that region.  

(Now, just as an side, I reported on the incident at the Hopkins Hospital, yesterday.  I often refer to my Disclosure/C2C role, as being akin to that of a doctor at the patient's bedside.  Well, sometimes that role can go horribly wrong, as it notably did yesterday!)

I talked to Sam (Hopkins) this morning about the nasty-gram, Ron having pointed to him as having intellectually 'serious' interests.  Well, the irony is that just recently Sam has been coming more to my view of the need for 'external' intervention relative to the various crises that humanity is facing.  So, it's looking rather like I may just be a bit ahead of the intellectual curve. 

Perhaps the most emphatic advice I have received from Ron was, come hell or high-water, to never change my protocol.  Now, at the 11th hour, he wants me to change my protocol!

On RU, Murnut says, "Re: the nasty-gram....didn't his brother tell you the same thing? Odd you seem to be the one subject they agree on."  Yes, this also occurred to me.  They are both pressing me to change my protocol.  Surely this couldn't be a collusion! 

And this from Ryan, also on RU:  "Speaking of Ron - I heard through the grapevine that he no longer has an office and is primarily only working on the Afghanistan food project (no clearances required). Do you know if that's true? I actually feel really bad for the guy - something went wrong around 1992 or so, it was all downhill from there." 

This is an interesting variation on what Ryan and Louis have been saying for several months, now, about Ron being 'fired'.  The divorce is alleged by Louis to have precipitated at least two investigations of his brother, in which FBI and CIA agents came to his house to interrogate him about Ron.  He opined to me that this spelled the end of his brother's career.  Ryan seemed to be agreeing. 

But, now, stating the date of 1992, as the time when something went wrong, casts a very different light on the matter.  I have reported on several occasions that he was also investigated in 1992, by the Inspector General of the CIA, allegedly concerning his involvement with US citizens, such as myself, precipitated by formal complaints from other ufologists.  He has stated that is was a 6-month, $100K investigation. 

Ron and another source have stated that, not long after that date, he was on a fast-track to the top, non-political, pay-grade.  In 1992, Ron was still a very junior officer.  Maybe Ryan and Louis should get their story straight.   

The question I'm facing is whether this (self-inflicted?) sidelining of Ron is not in anticipation of the heat being turned up.  Over the years, his job has been to batten down the hatches on government involvement in phenomenology.  What is being reported now about his 'firing' is simply the logical last step of his career as the bad-cop on the Phenomenology-beat.  Yes?  He blows the whistle on himself, after having made himself the logical target, should there be a public investigation of government involvement in phenomenology.  He dodges that bullet, just before it is slated to be fired. 

That leaves me twisting in the wind, and the primary witness to the, now, self-compromised witness.  This following very closely on the heels of a very similar denouement on the part of ONI, the place that Ron has pointed to as the core of phenomenological concern. 

So has Ron deliberately, all these years, been setting me up to be the last of the Bird-tribe? 

Where is my safe-house, Ron? 

I guess, if I were God, that's approximately how I would have arranged it.  Not bad.... for gummint' work. 

Or, more immediately, is this in anticipation of my appearance on C2C, an appearance that has been discussed with Ron several times, over the past year?  Will that be going ahead, as Gary suggested, just last Monday, or will there now be further delays?  What is the window of opportunity?  What is the point of no return?  Is the lid on Pandolfi's Box, about to be lifted? 


Yes, I like the systems/process approach being advocated by Ray @RU. 

Systems theory affords a major link between the BPWH and a significant portion of Modern thinking.  On this view, Creation is a system, a kind of Bootstrap system. 

Systems theory may help us to explain the many puzzling features of our interactions with the Visitors. 

We inhabit quasi-independent systems.  And now we are in the process of working out a more 'substantial' connection with the Visitors.  Up to now, this has mainly been a mind-link, with some spill-over into partial 'physicality'.

There is a strong process of habituation in our interactions with the Visitors.  There is also a strong teleological component, as their main mission is to help us connect with the Cosmic Telos.  This connection is variously referred to as Apocatastasis or Redemption.



There is one thing that is harder than anything else to grok about a true systems-theory.  It's so difficult that I have to struggle with it on a daily basis........

'Real' systems do not exist in time and space.  Rather, Time&Space exist inside of Systems. 

This is a bit easier to understand when we realize that the prototypical system is the natural cycle.  But, trust me, it's still not easy! 

I think of cycles as mainly being Archetypal.  The same could said of atoms, which are better understood as concatenations of mathematical formulae, probably more so than they are like little balls, swerving in the dark!  Yes?

To get a better handle on this problem, let us consider Windows 7.......

Where is it?  When is it?  What is it? 

Does it not consist of the of the machine code that is presently stored on my HP laptop?  Perhaps.  But, then, smarty-pants, where does Beethoven's 7th Symphony reside?  Does it reside in that CD sitting on your shelf? 

These questions remind me of arguments that I've had with Gary and Jack about Informationalism.  Where is the information?  One might as well ask, where's the Beef?

Didn't Claude Shannon define information, once and for all?  Well, if you look up 'information' in Wiki, Claude gets only a minor footnote: something about channel-capacity. 

According to Richard Feynman, there really only exists one electron, it's just that it bounces back-and-forth in time, so it just appears, locally, in many copies.  In some sense, that might be a more accurate way to think about Windows 7 and Beethoven's 7th, especially when we think of our Cosmic Circuit, containing all of space and time, and the fact that every little cycle can only be understood in the context of this best possible cosmic Circuit. 

I would hasten to say that the same consideration applies to the human soul.  There is, actually only one, cosmic Soul.  Our personal souls are just reflections of that One.  Apocatastasis is the cure for this cosmic multiple-personality-disorder!  No? 

So, I'm saying that the system/process/cycle that we think of as Dan Smith, is not unlike Windows 7 or Beethoven's 7th.  You won't have the slightest clue about who, where or what I am, if you rip me out of my Crannied Wall!  Only God can do that, and only in the End.  Only by understanding the End, will we have a clue about why we're here, and what we should be doing about it.  This is what Disclosure and Revelation are all about.  Simply providing us with a Cosmic Context.  Nothing more..... nothing less! 


So, how does this explain ufo's?

Let's suppose that the ufo-jockeys are UT's.  UT's are mainly supposed to visit us in our dreams.  They don't need magic carpets to arrange for that.  They can use telepathy, for instance.  But isn't telepathy a physical phenomenon?  It certainly seems to have physical effects.  How can there be physical effects, without physical causes? 

Can we not, a-la Gary&Jack, invoke quantum entanglement, spooky action-at-a-distance, etc.? 

Ok, but what about God?  How does she get into this act, pray tell? 

My profession is that of the meta-Physician/comforter.  I'm supposed to be the guy with the cosmic bedside manner, hopefully with more skill or more luck than Dr. David C., @JHU, on Thursday. 

But, what do they say about metaphysics?  It's News from Nowhere.......

Whoa!  Where's the physics in that? 

How can I claim to have news from nowhere?  Well, I have this to say about that........

What I have to say is not news.  It may be news to some of you, but that is only because you have not been attending to that still, small voice.

Nowhere is also 'now here'.  God is the circle whose center is everywhere. 

See, God is a system, very much like you, me, Windows 7 and Beethoven's 7th.

Beethoven, and every artist/genius, are attuned to their muses.  They can hear that still, small voice, even especially when stone-deaf. 

Ex-spurts, like myself, have to be pushed to extremis, before we can attend......

Little floweróbut if I could understand
What you are, root and all, and all in all,  
I should know what God and man is.

The living truth is the pearl of great price.  It is the holy grail.  It is terribly hard to find, but once we find it, we realize that it is everywhere and nowhere.  Kinda like love. 

If this isn't systems theory, then I sure don't now what is. 


From: Dan Smith 
Date: Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: Ron is correct
To: Ronald
Cc: "Gary S. Bekkum", Christopher Kit Green, Aliyah


It would help if you could present before&after examples, so that we could contrast and compare.  

I have made forays into the two most relevant professional forums: Physics and Philosophy.  

In the Philosophy forum I was summarily shut-down, by Postmodern Beatnik, complete with clown-mask.   

In the Physics forum, I have variously been shut down and shunned.  

Any further suggestions? 

On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 2:35 PM, Ronald wrote: 


My suggestion was that you work with sane, educated people on a serious endeavor.  I did not intend to suggest that you work only with scientists. One of your strengths is your ability to integrate science, engineering, philosophy, and theology.  The people you entertain on OMF and the like have little understanding or interest in any of these fields, and through drinking and lethargy the quality of your writing has diminished.  Put the cork back in the bottle and focus on something real.  Pursue quality, not quantity in your writing.  Ask others to review your work before you post or publish.  



IMHO, Ron is arguing himself into a hole, here.  Is that his intent? 

Actually, as Jake already noted, he's throwing a bunch of back-handed compliments.

Is that his intent, also?  If he keeps on like this, he'll soon be referring to me as 'Jesus'.  Ooops, he's already done that, twice, with a half-dozen witnesses. 

So, yes, Ron, just keep it up.  Make my day. 

But, gosh, I've been reading more about the Cycles.  I'd forgotten how smart I was, back in the good ol' days, before I had a stroke, and started drinking.  What a shame!  But, look, if you have a terminal illness, maybe you wouldn't want your comforter to be some smarty pants from Princeton.  Yes?  I don't recall having had a drinking problem, before I met Ron.  I wonder why? 

OMG, it appears, on first blush, that it was on this Cycle-page, 37, where I first started talking about the archetypes, see 4/29.  The archetypes are the major (sub-) cycles/processes/systems of the Cosmic Ouroboric Circuit (AZO). 



Have we solved the creation problem?  Indications are that we are headed in the right direction, and that is what counts.  Once we take off our materialist blinders, new vistas open up.  In short order we will have moved to take up intellectual and spiritual residence in these wide open spaces.  Breaking down the artificial mental barriers is all that is required.  All we have to do is break the ice of materialism, then we discover the ocean of the spirit, which is our rightful home, our promised land.  

This quote is from 5/4/03 on nexu37. Not terribly shabby, IMHO.  Will I ever rise to this level again?

There has been a lengthy dialog with Laura, 49 emails in 8 days.  Gary has been included in this exchange.  We are mainly discussing the origin of evil, and the singularity of Creation.  Yes, there is a necessary, logical connection between these two issues. 

If we can get together on the Singularity page, then, IMHO, there will be no stopping us. 

I have made reference to 4/5 @OM, which contains this link.  Need I say more? 

I may not be as smart as I once was, but I'm not as dumb, either!

Well, I'm just continuing to read nexu37.  I've made it to 5/9.  Now I'm down to 5/14.  Critics who have not understood nexu37, have no clue. 

Dang me.  @5/14, I only start getting smarter.  There ought to be a law against those whipper-snappers.

At least with EPK, she is cute as a button.  LME?  She is no button, but she could take me down, with one hand. 

Remind me @9pm that I'm supposed to be watching The Event.  No? 

I'm down to 5/28.  Gosh, do I pity the poor grad-student who is going to have to write a thesis on the BPWH.  She may sympathize with Tennyson's flower, so prematurely plucked from the crannied wall. 



Hey, sports fans, things are heating up again, back on the forums. 

We are mainly discussing the Invisible College, and it's relation to MJ-12. 

You might want to stay tuned.  This is just a warm-up for my first ever UFO talk at Pat Marcattilio's international ufo conference next month in Bordentown.  My only previous public appearance, besides with Paul Price, was with the Guangdong Branch of the Society for the Study of Dialectical Materialism in 1980, when I did a simultaneously translated presentation on Rational Theism.  Therein hangs another tale. 

And, golly, I almost forgot that we are also discussing Jaron Lanier's deconstruction of Strong AI, with his new book, You Are Not a Gadget.  This book destroys the hare-brained notion of Perpetual Progress, which is the corollary of the ETH. 



I'm preparing for a talk at Pat Marcattilio's NJ UFO Conference, on Nov 13. 

Be there, or be square! 

And then there is this.......




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