I have spent the last four months engaging mostly with critics on the Open Minds Forum and, to a lesser degree, on Reality Uncovered.  This has been a useful exercise, but tiring for all concerned.  It was my contention that we were headed to a new level in the acclimation effort via the R&D protocol.  But when I put Ron on the spot wrt to a meeting with a known skeptical academic, he opted to cut me out of that meeting.  I have not heard from him since.  For the time being, I have removed myself from contention on the disclosure front.  I will resume my blogging activities here, UFN. 

Allow me to resume a more philosophical and pedagogical routine, but I will let you know if anything transpires on the political front, in the meantime.

In the last few days I have found it useful to review the basic topics of the BPWH on Wikipedia.  These topics include: paranormal, immaterialism, materialism, physicalism.  Also, not to be missed: philosophy of mind, emergence, reductionism, rationalism, self-organization, neutral monism, dialectical monism, philosophy of space and time. 

Without a passing acquaintance with the above topics, one would have a very hard time grappling with the BPWH.

Just from the above entries, one may be able to obtain a rough idea of the current status of scientific materialism.  I am particularly on the lookout for intellectual trends away from SM.  This, by itself, however, is not likely to portend a paradigm shift. 

Another way to survey the status of SM is to survey the publications and critiques of its main defenders.  What should be surprising is the general paucity of that defense.  There are actually only a handful or two of hard-core defenders of SM who are on the public record as such.  This is an astonishingly slender thread from which the entire culture or worldview of modern secularism is hanging. 

What is going on here?  What we are witnessing is the philosophical side of political correctness.  There exists a powerful, almost reflexive, political accommodation dating back to the Enlightenment. 

Here is from Wiki

Europe had been ravaged by religious wars; when peace in the political situation had been restored, after the Peace of Westphalia and the English Civil War, an intellectual upheaval overturned the accepted belief that mysticism and revelation are the primary sources of knowledge and wisdom—which was blamed for fomenting political instability. Instead (according to those that split the two periods), the Age of Reason sought to establish axiomatic philosophy and absolutism as foundations for knowledge and stability.

SM was a reaction against the turmoil of sectarianism.  In effect, it was the lowest common denominator upon which the various sects could agree, as the basis of a civil discourse.  The US Constitution remains the signal achievement of the Enlightenment.  Thereby, is SM considered to be the foundation of modern civil society.  Remove that, and we descend back into the chaos of religious wars.

But, wait, is that not where we have descended in the present clash between East and West?  The clash of cultures is putting a renewed strain on the secular accommodation.  Islam seems less amenable to the individualism of modernity than was Christianity.  Thus is there a dangerous prolongation of the cultural polarity between the two.  The resistance to the perceived ills of modernity feeds into the eschatological expectations of the fundamentalists of all stripes. 



Scientific Materialism (SM) is irrational at its core.  It pretends that the world is an object without subjects.  It can maintain this ruse only by constantly acting to subvert and alienate us subjects from what SM defines as the 'real', i.e. purely objective world.  Thus has SM created the mind-body problem, which, by definition, is insoluble. 

The bitter, historical irony is that Religion aids and abets Science in this process of alienation.  Thus do we have the Great Conspiracy that defines modernity.  Just as Science alienates us from Reality, so does Religion alienate us from God. 

According to Science we are merely accidental tourists, lost in space and time.  According to Religion we are Sinners, unworthy of Creation. In each case we are living on borrowed time.  Nay, we are living on stolen time.  We don't belong here.  We don't deserve to be here. 

The ancient wisdom and the great mystics of all time, have argued otherwise, but to no avail. 

How could the great Lie of sin and alienation have been perpetrated with such success?  How else could the masses be controlled?  How else could we have been kept down on the farm? 

Freud recognized our historical predicament and articulated it in an unprecedented fashion: Civilization and its Discontents (1929).  Famously, and characteristically, he blamed all our social ills on the 'original sin' of Oedipus and its concomitant sexual repression.  Margret Mead, in her Coming of Age in Samoa (1928), one of the great scientific frauds, claimed to have found the antidote.  It was Paradise regained. 

These two works may well mark the beginning of post-modernism.  Sartre's Nausea (1938) completed the triumvirate of PM.  Ooops, did I forget to mention Marx's Das Kapital (1867), a bit ahead of its time! 

What is going on here?

I'll take a stab at it.........

SM disowns the Subject, which thereby becomes an unfettered Ego, up for grabs.  Original Sin, a concept already perverted by Religion, loses its traction.  It then becomes an open season or Blame Game.  Materialism can give us everything but......but What? 


Can't get!!

What is the Solution?  What else but 'back to the womb'?  Where did that expression come from?  There are 25K google hits. 

Here we go....from the Catholic Educator's Resource Center, the Pillars of Unbelief - Freud:

Toward the end of his life, Freud's thought became even darker and more mysterious as he discovered thanatos, the death wish. The pleasure principle leads us in two opposite directions: eros and thanatos. Eros leads us forward, into life, love, the future and hope. Thanatos leads us back to the womb, where alone we had no pain.

At the end of his life Sigmund had rediscovered Original Sin: the indissoluble link between sex and death!  

Now we're talking......Nirvana, Hierogamos, Apokatastasis, Rapture.......!  Our ticket back to the Cosmic Womb, but only if we behave ourselves, like good little boys and girls.  Otherwise you'll lie moldering in the grave, or a hell of a lot worse! 

In PM, there is only one Taboo: don't step on Science's Space&Time, 'billions and billions'!  You are encouraged to deconstruct everything except Absolute space-time.  But, wait, didn't Einstein and QM already deconstruct space and time? 

Only on the atomic and cosmic scales.

Only in this cosmic context can one grasp the full import of the Phenomenology Problem.

Science is nothing if not Ghost-Busting.  But, with phenomenology, the ghost-busters get Busted! 

Obviously, someone has got their thumb in the phenomenological dike, but it is hard to spot the culprit.  The likely answer is that we are all co-conspiring to keep the sky from falling.  And if we ever became witting of our metaphysical conspiracy, that would be the end of it.  Denial is the name of the game. 

What ultimately prevents the UFO from landing on the White House lawn?  Is it the Prime Directive or the Prime Mover?  Is it not the case of the Irresistible Force meeting the Immovable Object?  Let us not trivialize the problem of Eschatology.

The BPWH seeks to minimize the pain of our rebirth into the New Heaven and New Earth......the Kingdom Come.  Can we not achieve that end without blowing ourselves to kingdom-come?

Can there not be Apocalypse without an apocalypse?  Can there not be Rapture/eros without Thanatos?  Certainly not by the conventional wisdom.  What is the chance for the unconventional wisdom?  Can it have a prayer?

The paradigm shift, when it comes, will be a paradigm inversion or a Gestalt Switch.  There is no continuous or rational path from the irrationality of materialism to the rationality of immaterialism.  When the sky falls, it won't have no parachute.  It cannot be a soft landing.  However, if we conceptualize the phenomenological problem, we can arrange for the sky to fall in our minds, and not on our heads....hard headed though we may be!  

By individually processing the Gestalt Switch, we can avoid or minimize the collective apocalypse.  This is just the rationale of the VLAA/SDP.

But, hey, if Ron cannot ride shotgun for us, do we have a snowball's chance??


On OMF, I brought up the possibility of a syllabus.  No one volunteered.  Is such a thing even possible in this context?  The rationale of the BPWH is nothing if not circular.  It is necessarily self-contained.  Syllabi are usually constructed as linear or sequential.

But then recall Britannica's Circle of Knowledge (R).  In fact, that is just the transliteration of Encyclopedia.  I still have a copy on our bookshelf.  It is in the Propedia of the 15th edition.  Knowledge comes in ten parts that can be arranged in a circle.  Unfortunately, the two ends never meet.  Too bad!  Hegel, notoriously, attempted his own dialectical outline of Reality: logic, spirit and nature.  One could probably do worse.

The BPWH has its archetypes, AZO/X/QRP, each of which has a circular aspect.

There is also a Food Chain and a Chain of Being, which are not entirely dissimilar, for better or worse!  BUT, by keeping both of them circular, we can keep everyone honest, more or less.  We keep God honest, and vice-versa.  Ecosystems are replete with cycles, of course.  N.B., while the BPW is circular it is decidedly not cyclical, which would destroy its basic premise of Singularity.  It must be finite in every quantitative sense, while infinite in a qualitative sense. 



I have spent a few hours struggling with an outline for the BPWH.  I'm not happy with it at this point.  We'll have to see if there is motivation to improve it.  It is only one step beyond the topical index.  It contains no links, and I'm not sure how those might be handled in this context. 

I'm not sure how this outline might be converted to a syllabus having both internal and external links.  Notice that there are only two main entries at this point: Creation and Gestalt Switch.  The former is retrospective, and the latter is prospective.  Pedagogically, the order might be reversed, because Creation assumes an understanding of the new Gestalt.  On the other hand, I would like to start the narrative from a naive perspective, and not bring up all the technical issues until the basic ideas have been laid out in a natural fashion.  We start the narrative with the mythic quality of a Just-So story. 

Each entry in the outline should have its own link to a page or sub-page of explanation and links.  This would reduce flexibility, but it would make the process more platform independent and, thus, more accessible.



Well, I've made a stab at the syllabus, but it's not turning out like I expected.  It threatens to become another blog.


10/11 [a]

On the OMF, it has been very difficult for me to persuade anyone of immaterialism.  My strategy in the last couple of days has been to engage the Xians in the problem of salvation when taken in an ET/UT context.  As with most ufologists, they take seriously the notion of ETs.  They tend to dismiss the theological problem of other worlds or creations, the same problem that sent Giordano to the stake several centuries ago. 

However, if I couch the many-worlds problem in a soteriological context, then they begin to grasp it, and see why it was considered blasphemy.  If I can make progress with honing that argument, then it may turn out that the xian ufologists will be the prime target for the BPWH.  This despite my own messy-antic problem. 

It appears to me that the many-worlds soteriological problem (MWSP) hits the xians particularly hard, amongst all theists.  This is simply because of Jesus' allegedly singular cosmic connection.  How is Jesus going to be incorporated into the Federation?  The idea that JC might just be a FedX messenger boy will hardly compute for the xians. 

Leaving that problem aside, there is still a horrendous soteriological logistics problem from the many-worlds perspective.  Is Judgment Day simply our Federation Exam day?  It is strictly a pass/fail grading system. 

Ok, but then what?  Do we then sit around waiting for the Cosmic Heat Death in a few hundred billion years?  Talk about Waiting for Godot!  Talk about going out with a Whimper.  It could get downright tedious.  The Vital force would have long since shot its wad.  We are left twisting in the cosmic breezes.

If there is a God in Heaven, then surely she could have dreamt up a more graceful exit, presumably with our boots still on....still in our prime.

But then we have a sequencing problem.  First come, first serve: a FIFO inventory system for planetary civilizations.  No?

But a simple FIFO system would be greatly complicated by the cosmic intercourse.  Folks would be jumping ship at the drop of a hat.  The rats would all be heading down the gang-plank at the first sign of the Big O. 

In short, it would very quickly turn into every rat for himself.  A real rat-race with no end in sight: always just one step ahead of the Grim Reaper.  Sound familiar?  Nothing graceful in the slightest.  It sounds hellish to me, lasting for a virtual eternity.  A big diversion is the occasional foray to sodomize the pledges, apparently a favorite hazing ritual on the Cosmic Frat scene.  Talk about cosmic intercourse. 

There is, of course, a very simple solution to the whole MWSP logistics problem.  How do you spell B-P-W-H?



There is a rumor, with at least two sources, to the effect that CK may be in political difficulty.  This raises several issues.  There is the timing issue.  If this is a new development, then there is an obvious synchronicity with my open letter about a meeting with an academic skeptic.  In that letter I took a pot-shot at one of the avians.  This precipitated a very loud protest from CR.  This might have triggered a heating up of the long simmering conflict between the Aviary and R&D.  On the other hand, the letter and the internal controversy engendered by it, might have spilt-over into a larger conflict inside the Beltway, somehow related to disclosure.  CK has long demonstrated an imperviousness to the opprobrium of his feathered friends.  To cause him any serious upset would have required their going much higher in the DC food chain. 

If the rumor is valid, and if it is related to R&D, then it likely connects with the Repositioning.  Since it was broached to me last January, I have contended that the Repositioning would likely signal the final phase of any disclosure preparation.  It would impose an automatic deadline of early next year.  I have long stated that CK is the lightning rod for any such initiative.  His being put on the spot would indicate a last ditch effort to derail disclosure, coming from wherever.  

Is this opposition, if real, too little and too late?  We will be finding out sooner, rather than later. 

It would only take the combined testimony of two insiders to trigger a disclosure.  The non-disclosers would have to resort to extreme measures to silence everyone.  The sudden death of any one of them would trigger the others to go public, and very quickly.  The deaths or disappearances of several, especially if it included CK, would launch a public investigation. 

In short, anything now would be too little and too late. 


Nonetheless, suppose that R&D were scuttled indefinitely.  Wither disclosure?

Unless there were an unprecedented and public ufo event, it will go nowhere, based on the long and sorry history of ufology as we know it. 

More likely is the political, internal collapse of Scientific Materialism.  But no, such a collapse has never happened. 

No paradigm has ever collapsed, without being pushed by another.  Is there anything now in the wings that can rival the BPWH in that potential role?  I would sure like to see it.

Is it not increasingly clear that human survival will be predicated upon some form of cosmic intervention? 

Who can claim to demonstrate that our chances of survival as an advanced civilization for even another century are anything better than even? 

Is it not the case that our biggest obstacle to survival is our total lack of a common vision or sense of a common interest? 

Any such vision would require a visionary.  It cannot be hammered out in a smoke-filled room. Any such revelation would necessarily be of biblical proportions.  Virtually every religion and sect has provisions for, if they are not even actively touting, such an imminent advent and revelation. 

Any serious visionary, at this historical juncture, in these latter days, will have to couch her vision within some such prophetic time-line.  And while you are addressing one such tradition, you might as well address them all.  Nay, any vision that fails to address them all will fail to accomplish the task at hand.  It would be a non-starter. 


In light of what I have just said, I will need to redo the outline and syllabus in order to better reflect the practicality and urgency of the issues being addressed.  To wit:


Wrt to the VLAA/SDP on OMF,  after 200 pages I think we have gotten past the preliminary introductions.  It is high-time to get on with the show. 

The logical step is to start a new thread with new rules:  The discussion must only be directed at issues raised in the BPWH.  That will be the title of the new thread.  The BPWH proper, as a continuing work in progress, will remain here.  The new thread at OM will only be for Q&A and 'constructive' criticism.  I will, of course, continue to post there at the pleasure of the admins. 

It may well be that the present level of residual interest in the BPWH will not warrant a continuing active presence at OM.  In that case, the residual discussion could migrate to another, ad hoc, site. 

Perhaps the VLAA could continue as a place to discuss the politics and mechanics of disclosure, and to deal with general ufo issues that are not directly covered in the BPWH.  The protocol for that is less clear at this point.

Those who wish to pursue other agendas are welcome to do so in the appropriate spaces.


10/13 [a]

Fore @ OMF remains my stalwart interrogator and Devil's Advocate wrt the BPWH and the R,D&S show.  Allow me to reiterate in the recent context: 

If there is a phenomenology problem, PP, that concerns the global intel community, then CK is the public lightning-rod relative to that problem and its possible disclosure.  His contact with the public, for the last sixteen years, has been mediated mainly through me. 

I suggest that this connection does lend credence to the BPWH and to its corollary that I have been designated to be the long anticipated cosmic visionary and savior for these latter days. 

This suggestion is subject to ongoing verification.  As we approach D-day, there will be an increasing public examination of the BPWH and of R&D.  Each new day provides another set of tests.  Fore is one of the public testers.  If the PP is real, then most of the testing is going on behind the scenes.

A couple of weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to turn up the heat on disclosure, and I took advantage of it by simply revealing my role in arranging a meeting between between CK and a well-know academic skeptic.  Since that time, my communication with CK has been mediated by a 3rd party.  That person tells me that he has heard from another insider that, indeed, CK is feeling increased political heat, triggered mainly by my unilateral action.

My action was, in no small measure, triggered by Mahmoud's speech to the UN that, in this context, could best be understood to say that he was using his nuclear option to push for the disclosure of the Second Coming. 

Is it possible that Iranian intelligence is ignorant of the R&D show?  If the PP is real, then there in no intelligence organization on the planet that has not been apprised of R&D.  It is the only show in that whole venue that has even a modicum of official sanction. 

In that venue is Mahmoud an outsider trying to force his way to a place at the table, or is he an insider following a script?  I would suggest some of both.  He is not merely a puppet in this game.  He has been dealt an interesting hand, and he is no dummy in the game of disclosure poker.  It is well known that many of his followers see him as a contender for the title of Mahdi.  Islamists suppose that Jesus will be holding the hem of the Mahdi's robe at the appointed Hour. 

Should we suppose that the top billing spot might not be a serious bone of international contention in these latter days?  In terms of followers the score is obvious: Mahmoud 700,000,000; Dan 0. But wait, which one of us is an FoR, Fore? 

Of course, if God does not approve of these immanent arrangements, she is invited to show her own hand.  But even she must know that the Hour is drawing nigh!

And then I notice this today from Victor's list:

LONDON (Reuters) - More than 130 Muslim scholars from around the globe called on Thursday for peace and understanding between Islam and Christianity, saying "the very survival of the world itself is perhaps at stake."

Would Mahmoud like to cut a deal with R&D? 


10/14   [a]

Fore @ OM seems to have calmed down a bit by last night.  He is now talking semi-rationally.  His concerns are a bit more focused.

He is dubious about CK being the pivot of disclosure.  Should the effort not be more international, he wonders.

I have been at pains to point out the international participation with, and overview of, R&D, at least since the Jack Anderson column in 1991. 

Nonetheless, the ufo issue has been the special provenance of the US since day one.  If nothing else, Hollywood's focus on that issue, from day one, gives us a virtual proprietorship.  And have we heard any objections to this cozy arrangement? 

CK is not the pivot.  I only suggest he is the lightning rod.  I would be the pivot, if I'm anything at all.  However, on the day that he fingers me in public, I then become the lightning rod, as well.  The fact that he refuses to do so, even under extreme provocation, is my one temporary reprieve.

CK is one of a kind on the world scene.  That is not contentious.  The BPWH is one of a kind on the Internet....also not contested.

Both of these facts taken separately are moderately interesting.  But put them together, as they have been for the past sixteen years, and you had better be watching out.  Indeed, the global IC has been doing so, at least since '91.

Is there any contention that whoever becomes the pivotal lightning rod for disclosure will be playing an historically unprecedented revelatory role?  This fact might be partially circumvented by having a disclosure committee.  But that won't work if there is any linkage between disclosure and a particular vision.  In that case, the visionary will be the de facto pivot. 

If the vision happens to include an imminent eschaton, then it must contend with the various end of the world scenarios that have been the focus of the prophetic tradition.  The primary revelatory event prior to the eschaton in that tradition is invariably an advent of the personal kind.  No tradition specifies that this person would merely be a visionary.  It is supposed to be reserved for the advent of a glorified Savior/Messiah figure.  How else could a global triumph have been envisioned in the old days? 

I suggest that the no one could then have envisioned the Internet or the global IC being co-opted by cosmic intelligence.  This unforeseeable combination would enable the earthshaking advent of a mere visionary, and that this would be a vastly preferable way to proceed from the vantage of both the cosmic intelligence and humanity, compared to that of the glorified messiah.  The further unforeseeable fact is the existence of Scientific Materialism.  The simple fact of disclosure would trigger the collapse of that worldview.  This denouement then paves the way for the new vision. 

That the new vision would be a rationally coherent vision was the final unforeseeable fact. 

By combining all of these new possibilities, we have a global Soteriology that would have been utterly incomprehensible to humanity prior to the last few decades.  Revelations of the past would have meant nothing if they had not been comprehensible to their target audience. 

I maintain that the divine prophecies given in the past were the best possible renditions of the BPWH eschatology that would have been comprehensible to the people at the time they were given. 


10/15  [a

I just thought of a great way to begin my apologia.  I will apologize for Scriptures.  Scriptural/Scientific Literalists (S/SLs) have possibly done more evil in the world than any other identifiable group of individuals.  If this were the BPW, would not God have figured out a way to avoid Scripture?  I'm skeptical that Literalism could have been avoided.  If someone could figure out how, that would be prima facie evidence against the BPWH.

The only way I know how to overcome S/SL, within one generation, say, is for me to be able to pass myself off as an avatar of some kind.  If I am unable to accomplish that within a generation of my timely or untimely demise, then that would constitute definitive evidence against the BPWH.

Yes, the S/SLs, bless their little hearts, have fire in their bellies.  Nothing wrong with that, it's better than being lukewarm, but it does mean that we cognoscenti/gnostics will have to fight fire with fire.  To wit: avatar land, here we come!

Yes, literalism of both the scriptural and scientific kind was a necessary stage in the development of the human soul.  The only way to get beyond tribalism is by way of literalism.  Thus do we advance from the verbal mythos to the written logos.  In order for there to be a supra-tribal social order, the laws must first be codified.  The first known instance of such codification was the Code of Hammurabi (1760 BC).  In order for the laws to be seen as absolute, they would have to be attributed to an absolute supreme being.  Thus we have the Ten Commandments (c. 1000 BC). 

The absolute literalism applied to the scriptures, then segued very easily into the absolute literalism of the scientific laws, as first observed in the planetary motions in the sky.  Thus was modern science born when Newton codified those motions into an absolute mathematical law, Principia, 1687. 

Now, in one fell swoop with Disclosure/Revelation, we are about to witness the demise of literalism of all kinds from the Cosmos, good riddance!  In that moment we graduate from management by (literal) directive, to management by a shared, internal objective.  That is, we will then only be subject to the Law written in our hearts.  Hallelujah! 

Can't this transition be accomplished without an Avatar?  Yes, with the inevitable demise of scientific literalism, i.e. materialism, there would be a natural evolution of our thinking toward something rather like the BPWH.  If God were truly a minimalist, wouldn't she just let nature and the vagaries of human reason take their inevitable course to the larger Truth, unaided by any cosmic intervention?  This would just be the final extension of the Prime Directive, i.e. the Intergalactic Hands-Off Policy, IHOP.  Why mess with Smith and his 'messy antics' (R)? 

Besides, aren't we liable to fall into the literalism of Smithianity?  The poor toddlers of the future will be saddled with having to memorize the OMF Catechism, all 215 pages of it! 

Well, I look at is this way.  Why should we begrudge God this final cameo role?  The poor gal has had a tough time, getting crucified and generally castigated.  But, wait.  Being Smith, is that any cake walk?  Sure, it is!  I think it's mostly fun, without any serious challenges.  I'm having a pretty good time, all things considered.  Can you imagine wanting to be anyone else, other than in this time and this place?  If you were God, would you rather come back as Dan Smith or as a Circus Freak in a white robe landing on the White House lawn?  I did take up flying lessons to do that, but when Ron discovered the flight manuals in the trunk of my car, I got cold feet.  I mean, really!  I'm older and much wiser now.    I wonder if he remembered to notify the FBI?  Am I on the No Fly (your own plane) List??  And besides, who needs an airplane, now that we have the Internet?  Well, I guess Osama does.  Of course he does!  He's just another one of those poor benighted literalists who don't have an ounce of their own brain power.  No heart, either.  Oh, but I forgot.  He's probably in the loop, stage acting, and not as dumb as he seems.  Those cave shots are actually taken in the penthouse at the Mirage.  He's dumb like a fox! 

And why is Y2X so easy?  Because all the heavy lifting was accomplished in the X1-event.  This is just like rolling of a log, or should I say, Internet? 

Yes, the world had already been saved.  And I do mean every last critter in it!  Not just the holier-than-thou bible pounders.  It's all over now, but the shouting.  The contract has been signed, sealed and delivered. 

And as long as I keep making enough gaffs, the toddlers of the world will be spared the memorization!  Shurley, God wouldn't make tipoes! 


10/24 [a]

The discussion at OM seems to have bogged down with the fundies continuing to throw the book at each other.  Such scriptural argumentation has gone nowhere in decades, centuries and even millennia.  It makes virtually no reference to anything that has happened in the last two thousand years, outside of the recreation of Israel.  It has virtually nothing to do with science or phenomenology. 

Thus is the God of history ignored.  Thus is history rendered meaningless.  Thus is life rendered meaningless, other than to produce cannon fodder for a vengeful God.  There is no mention of, or regard for, history from the X-events until the final days. 

On these terms, it is not even clear that the X-event had any meaning, other than possibly as a pretext to spread the Ten Commandments.  This renders Jesus equivalent to Mohammed.  None of Jesus dictums carry the weight of the Law.  Being born again has nothing to do with the Law, and is quite outside the purview of the believer.  It renders humans as sock-puppets in God's war with Satan.  And, by any reading of the prospective body counts, Satan comes way out on top. 

The Xian fundamentalists must be envious of the orthodox of the other faiths.  Those ones are able to maintain greater strictness to God's laws.  The practices of those others is much more central to their lives and livelihoods.  X'ianity is but a poor relation to those others.  Upon whom may we place the blame that poverty of practice, if not on JC?  Needless to say, with all the emphasis on externality, the inner life of the spirit is correspondingly neglected amongst all such.  It might be noted in this regard that there are no equivalents of the Sufi tradition outside of Islam. 

In any such accounting as this, one must also take into account the general European apostasy, and the fact that Communism was almost entirely excluded from Islamic nations.  And so was Nazism.  Islamic 'totalitarianism' is only a distant cousin to the virulence of nation based fascism, with the Saudi and Iraqi experiences notwithstanding. 

What is lacking in the other cultures is the historical dynamism.  That a significant part of that dynamism was founded in its religious history is not generally disputed. 



There still appear to be no openings at OM nor with CK.  There is no call at present to push further.  In general, the fundies will be able to make enough noise to drown out any attempts to reform the prophetic traditions, prior to some major event and the ensuing chaos.  They consider it their sacred duty to defend their own scriptures.  Is this intransigence the primary obstacle to disclosure?  Or is it being used as an excuse for the PtB to further procrastinate? 


10/26 [a]

I continue to peruse the VLAA thread at OM.  I continue to find many of the posts disturbing.  It is disturbing that otherwise articulate folk, who exhibit openness to phenomena that are generally shunned and denied, are so close minded when it comes to the obvious theological implications of those phenomena.   

This raises two immediate concerns:

  1. There is certain to be a very large impact of Disclosure on Religion.  If our religious beliefs are rigidly defined, that impact is much more likely to shatter those beliefs, thus contributing to the ensuing chaos.  It is concern about this chaos that is alleged to be the main reason for the delay in disclosure. 
  2. All of the scriptural based religions foresee an imminent Revelation that is expected to transcend all previous revelations.  Thus are we maximally vulnerable to having our beliefs manipulated by entities with alien agendas that would be the subjects of the Disclosure.     

In point of fact, it is the Xian based theology that should have the greatest resilience to such alien agendas.  This salient fact is hardly an accident of history.  To the contrary, it seems designed for just this eventuality.

It is, however, the xian fundamentalists who strive to remake the xian religion into the image of those others that will be more vulnerable to disclosure. 

These folk who who beat the drum of orthodoxy are very likely just the ones who wish to see our civilization destroyed by making it all the more fragile in its foundation.  In doing so they are subverting the essential and strengthening message of Jesus. 


Literalism is the hobgoblin of those who are of weak spirit.  The literalists struggle everywhere to impose their shackles upon the rest of us.  They do this in every human endeavor, not just religion.  But it is in religion that their influence is the most baneful. 

Literalism has no other purpose than to subdue the spirit.  Religion is literally just the binding of the spirit. 

My mission is to free the spirit.  My principal mentor in that regard is Jesus.  He did more in that regard than anyone in history.  I am here only to explain how his mission will now be fulfilled. 

Freedom is not an end in itself.  As Jesus demonstrated, the only end of freedom is love.  Free love is, of course, the only love that is worthy.  That is the only thing of which there can never be too much. 

The driving force behind literalism of all kinds is just the fear of love. 

Before literalism there was ritualism, which literalism has now largely replaced.  Both of these are just about the routinization of charisma.  The mechanization of the spirit is just a measure of the failure of the spirit. 

Biblical infallibility came into vogue in x'ianity only in the last century.  It may best be viewed as a conservative reaction against the literalisms of Science and Islam.  It has done more to deaden the spirit of Jesus than anything else.  It is just through literalism that the power of evil has most nearly penetrated the sacred living heart of Jesus.  Thus do those of impoverished spirit hope to subdue and bind the risen Christ.  Fat chance.

In its alignment with the Neo-conservative wing of the Republican Party in the US, Biblical literalism brings us perilously close to fascism.  There is no greater force for evil in the world today than this bargain with Satan. 


10/28 [a]

Here is my current explanation for the stalling of r&d:

Since we only go around once in Creation, there is pressure to extend the circuit into a sub-optimal domain, allowing things to degenerate prior to the Disclosure.  This fact of singularity is, in general, the basis of my theodicy.  The value of diversity places a much greater value on evil in a singular Creation, than if we were contemplating the best out of an ensemble of independent creations. 

Science and technology have improved the lives of many.  Some might argue, as I have, that we should go out at the top of our material game.  But there also exists a cogent argument that we should go well beyond the optimal point.  We should experience a few generations of muddling, before Revelation.  

Depending on how the clash of cultures and the population problem are handled, there could be an aggregate improvement in the quality of life.  We might be able to work ourselves into a sustainable mode of living with some substantial fraction of the present population.  But, at some point, not more than a generation from now, with scientific materialism still in decline relative to a metaphysical worldview, there would be a spontaneous transition to immaterialism.  This transition would initiate an eschatological sequence spontaneously. 

Thus is there a narrow window for extending the status quo, of probably not more than a generation.  The PtB may well want to hold out to the bitter end.  The CI may be willing to hold off on revelation for some period of time, not wanting to upset the global applecart in the process.  So, yes, the PtB could likely hold us all hostage for another generation, but not for significantly longer.  This will be their very last stand.  They will be on their relatively good behavior, because they will know that they are operating under the 'gun'. 

In the meantime, the CI/hidden-hand will continue to keep the lid on the forces of evil and degeneration: war, plague and economic collapse. 

If MJ-12 is less sanguine about such a delay, they still have my phone number. 

Theoretically, we have enough goods on CK to effectively demand a Congressional investigation of the allegations, but, in practice, there would be difficulty negotiating my cooperation with whatever group might be able willing to take on the considerable lobbying effort. 

In effect, the R&D strategy has been quite effective.  CK is able to conceal his shenanigans behind the cloak of my 'insanity'.  When, years from now, the can of worms is finally forced open, MJ-12 can claim to have made a good-faith effort to go public.  They can say that even the small segment of the public that was actively pro-disclosure simply could not face the disturbing message. 

And in the larger scheme of things, what difference will a couple of decades make?  The longer we are willing to wait while Scientific Materialism continues to fade into oblivion, the less will be the social consequences of the inevitable paradigm shift. 

In the meantime, I can live out my remaining years in peace and quiet.  And, should we later need a BP 'saint', I will be well departed, as is kosher in such matters. 


Technological no-fly zone[a]

[above table last edited 10/29]



I am told that tomorrow we are due a batch of Serpo related material.  It is supposed to contain a goodly portion of disclosure politics.  I will be interested to peruse that portion, and comment on it.  It will be something like reading the tea leaves, to see if some smidgen of truth might have survived the disinformation brigade. 


Jake @ OM lays out his interpretation of the BoRev.  [a]

I have this to say about that:

I will not respect any entity that treats me like a child. 

I will only respect Reasons, not power or authority.  If you want me to do something, then tell me why, and allow me to weigh the costs and benefits. 

Love comes about only through mutual respect.  Anything short of that is coercion, and will be self-defeating. 

Love is the only conceivable basis of Creation.  The Fundamentalists have wandered very far from this understanding that was the foundation of Jesus' mission.  The so-called Fundamentalists have no conception of what is fundamental to Creation.  All they have left are laundry lists of offenses to justify what they conceive of as God's hatred for the vast majority of their fellow, miguided humans.  They wait with baited breath to see those punishments meted out. 

Those ones worship a false God.  One after their own image.  One guided by vengeance.  They are like this because of their collective self-loathing and feelings of unworthiness that they preach to each other.  This fear prevents them from reasoning about their ultimate concerns. 

Why did God allow this to happen?  That is the only sensible issue herein. 

The literalists/reductionists, in both their Scriptural and Scientific guises, have become the primary concealers of God in these latter days. 



Here are my first impressions of Serpo 27a, as released by Victor M this morning:

I found nothing even slightly surprising.  That is the main problem here.  It fits seamlessly with the earlier Serpo material.  The same level of skill (high) was involved in concocting this material.  I know that Ronnie was not the brightest bulb in the pack, but please.  The leader of the free world?  And this compounded with Victor's fawning. 

The only hint of a possible truth here was the notion of the Disturbing Message that I have harped on over the years:

The CARETAKER: It was felt that public awareness of these projects would
have jeopardized the future space program of the United States.
Releasing our secrets about UFOs and alien visitation would also cause a
PANIC AMONG RELIGIOUS LEADERS around the world. Therefore, MJ-12 decided
that an independent scientific study of the UFO phenomena would be
needed to satisfy the public curiosity.

The problem of the impact on Religion has always been at the top of the list of concerns.  Reagan was known to be a deeply religious individual.  Yet this whole topic was otherwise never once broached in this lengthy transcript.  The alleged questions from the President, considering this framing context, were entirely an exercise in trivial pursuit. 

So then read between the lines: MJ-12 therefore decided to couch this cover story of the phenomenon entirely in a scientific framework, avoiding all religious, metaphysical and eschatological concerns.  Thus do these disinforming disclosers adhere to the separation of Church and State, up until the last possible moment (January?).  The exact timing will depend on the degree of public response to these latest disseminations.

The next most obvious fudge concerns the abduction phenomenon.  Again, this very large, paranormal phenomenon is shoe-horned into just 80 (sic!) allegedly completely physical incidents.

Just these two prominent red flags should alert any but the most nuts&bolts-crazed audience to take ALL of this with a very large grain of salt.

The only issue that matters at this point is how big a disturbance will this material create in the public arena. 

Will it rise to the level of a media event?  The previous Serpo stuff approached that level, then fizzled. 

The political context of this stuff should make it harder for the news blogs and media to ignore.

It seems to be carefully calibrated to move the game up a couple of notches to see what will happen. 

From that perspective alone, I see continued progress here, and on a reasonably short time frame.  We could still meet a January deadline for something definitive. 

I will be interested to see if there is any renewed aviary or r&d activity resulting from this.


Let's run a scenario:

One of the larger news blogs decides to make a federal case of #27ff.  Who can they go after?  The first ones to go after are the still living advisors.  They can make reasonably honest denials about any specific content, if they even deign to respond.  Dead end?  Yes, unless they realize that there is a serious CI issue.  (CI = counter or cosmic intel, depending on the context.)  There is only one place for them to go, in that case. 

CK will try to laugh it off, but then they will hit upon the greater problem of r&d.  By threatening to get me to go public, they may be able to wring some concessions from CK.  Once that ball starts rolling, I doubt that it can be stopped until it gets to the bottom of this hill.  Can anyone truly claim to see the bottom? 

Suppose I had not decided to push the r&d envelope wrt the BP meeting.  What would r&d be talking about now?  I would be pushing his envelope relative to #27.  Same net result.  Not much wiggle room left at this point.  The CI/false-flag problem here is decidedly non-trivial.  Shall we rehash all the water under the r&d bridge.  Would I hesitate to do so in whatever venue comes available?  Talk about false-flags!  Doesn't the messy antics beat all? 


The number of viewers at OM remains at less than 1/3rd of their maximum with the original Serpo release.  This does not augur well for a spontaneous media event.

However, with the amount of work that is going into #27ff, we might or should suppose that there will be a staged media event to coincide with the next few releases.  The perpetrators would likely have arranged for coverage by one of the news blogs.  In this manner could they further push the envelope of public apathy. 

Has anyone else noticed the following:

VICTOR: The home world of the HAV, the TRANTALOIDS, is the THIRD PLANET out from the star Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus at 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar. Hal's friend, ADVISER #4, was mistaken on the distance; an easy error to make given the voluminous amount of information on this subject matter alone. - ANONYMOUS.

This is, perhaps, the biggest giveaway herein.  Anyone care to follow-up?  Just be darn sure not to reference me! 

Well, never try to underestimate the cleverness of ufologists.


So where were we?  Why did God ever sanction literalism, the bane of human intelligence? 

The main reason is that God loves fools and small children, both of whom comprise the vast bulk of the literalists.  So what are all us smarty-pants supposed to do about this? 

We can bide our time.  We have been doing this for about 2000 years.  That accounts for a whole lot of foolishness. 

Or we can anticipate the imminent self-destruction of the literalists.  This is my favorite pastime!

Where I see this most imminently is in the field of AI, if we bracket the paranormal domain. 

AI is not making the grade.  When was the last breakthrough in AI?  I suggest that it was neural networks, which failed to live up to their expectation and which remain a marginal technology.  If there have been no other such 'breakthroughs' then AI is in a whole bunch of trouble. 

Their only way out of this impasse is to move toward quantum computing/intelligence.  That field remains highly constricted.  Does anyone foresee a breakthrough in QI?  It has been dormant since Penrose raised that flag almost two decades ago. 

All you have to do is look at the Wiki entry on QC to realize that this field is going nowhere fast.  The AI folks have been talking about a 'technological singularity', q.v., since 1965.  But where is it?  I don't sense that AI is going anywhere at this point.  Is it not fair to say that AI is directionless now?  If it cannot harness the Quantum, what can it harness?? 


I defy anyone who has a bachelor's degree in physics or above to a debate about whether there can be a physical explanation for the most basic of paranormal or ufo phenomena.  Any takers?  The very best in this field is Jack Sarfatti, and he is reduced to screaming when I confront him with the mind-brain problem or with the paranormal.  I would be glad to demonstrates Jack's screaming mode if anyone is interested. 

As I say, it is extremely difficult to underestimate the cleverness of ufologists.


Without a breakthrough in AI we have nowhere to go other than into the metaphysical dimension.  It just so happens that I know as much about that problem as anyone on the Internet. 

Is that my fault?  Or is there a message in that fact?

Consider the fact that my mentor knows more about #27 even than Hal.  What does that tell us?  He told me a year ago that Serpo was a DIA project.  Good for them.  If it were otherwise, he would be responsible to find out who was behind it.  All he would have to do is telephone CR.  How difficult would that be?  Would anyone like Kit's phone number?  You could thereby assist CK in in the performance of his CI duties.  After all, he is underpaid. 

As I say, it is extremely difficult to underestimate the cleverness of ufologists.  There are hundreds of live targets out there who have nary a clue. 


Given the century-old constraints on physics, technology has nowhere else to go.  Whereas metaphysics is a wide-open domain.  Where else can mind go but gravitate to the cosmic mind?  The ufological nuts&bolts folk are the biggest obstacle, along with the literalists whom they mimic, to any revelation. 



Additional points that have been made at OM:

  1. The hammering on the matter of the levels of secrecy is aimed at a low-brow Hollywood audience, well below the level of even a dim-witted President.  (Reagan was dim like a fox, I don't doubt, well beyond GWB.)
  2. That Reagan would be naive about Intel concerns with Hollywood.
  3. All of this hews much too closely to just the Core Script.  Not a single surprise. 

More generally, the response has been underwhelming.  It remains well below that of Serpo and the Drones, and is drying up quickly.  The only recourse would be that suggested above.  Even those few small steps would require more focus and patience than is demonstrated thus far. 

Can we expect the subsequent 'transcriptions' to rise above this level of mediocrity?  There is no hint herein that they might. 

I don't believe, however, that we are seeing the product of a commercial venture or a private hoax.  There is the feel of a heavy hidden-hand.  Yes, a bureaucratic flavor, as in 'good enough for government work'.  I would suggest, as above, that we are seeing the continued playing-out of a committee's rendition of deniable disclosure, aimed mainly at the small and captive audience right here.  SDP remains the protocol.  We continue to mark time and mark a place.  Hurry up and wait, is the feel of this.  This just keeps a January date on the back-burner, but probably not the first option at this point. 

One might hope that the expressed level of frustration with this latest release would help to foster some new ideas and action, on the inside and outside. 

There is no sense of history being made here or even of any genuine excitement.  The dialog is replete with clichés and platitudes.  Surely there would have been a photographer present for the historic record.  Take a look at the recordings of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Without better dialog here, the names would be useless.  Folks will just laugh at the amateurishness. 

On the other hand, if there was truly something sensitive, there would have been no formal meeting, no record at all.  No more than four people present.  The given scenario is neither here nor there.  Thus the feel of its being a construct, purely for public consumption. 

The only possible sliver of reality in this episode is the comment inserted by Victor, as noted above.  Still no one has noticed this.  And once again we see the cleverness of CK being able to hide behind the 'insanity' of r&d.  Hide the gold down an apparent rat hole, complete with live rat!


Given the poor reception of #27, any shot would be a long-shot.  The best shot would be to play the aviary politics to the hilt.  Get onto each of the birds about their knowledge of Bobby-R.  Hound Victor about his comment on Hal.  Bobby-R is the only Ray of light in this little fiasco. 

It is more clear than ever, that Hal is the main conduit from the insiders to Victor.  I had not quite come to the obvious conclusion earlier due to Hal's normal reticence, but this specific function makes good sense.  Kit would be the most knowledgeable about this connection.  If you are going after one person, Kit would be the one, IMO.  He is more vulnerable than CK.  Notice how viscerally he reacted a month ago to my cheap-shot at Hal.  These folks have played us for fools once too often.  Is it not time for some turn-about? 




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