Xmas Surprise


A couple of days ago, Tim Russert popped the UFO question to Kucinich and Obama.  This was an unprecedented campaign event, and is at least as indicative of our timeline as the #27 release.  Given what we already know, it would stretch credulity to suppose this was not staged.  Kucinich recounted his spiritual reaction to his encounter.  Barack blew it off.  The previous week a small boy had asked Rudy if he could protect us from the ETs.  Even that question was likely to have been vetted. 

I suggest it would be prudent for some of us to prepare for the next Victor release.  There is a target date for January, with the suggestion that it might be put out in time for Xmas. 

I have registered strong skepticism about #27 on OM.  I have then come under heavy pressure to keep my criticisms muted.  The possible strategies outlined below are my considered response to this pressure. 

I will give #27 a pass, more or less, and now start preparing for Xmas #28.  If #28 does not meet my minimum metaphysical/spiritual requirements, then I consider it both my national and cosmic duty to register a strong protest, especially considering the proposed date.  The first option to consider would be a high-profile act of civil-disobedience, such as 'crashing' the gate at the White House, given that an appropriate team can be assembled, it being understood that the others would be present only as witnesses.  The pros and cons of such a move need to be discussed. 

It could well be argued that if I were to attempt anything less, I would be shirking my own obligations. 

Another move would be to turn up the heat on the alleged and surmised sources/conduits of the inadequate information.  In particular we would go after CK, CR and Hal.  This would likely take the form of extended discussions about them and their roles, taking place mainly on Victor's list. 

The purpose of these protests is to emphasize the obvious imbalance in the information being presented, imbalance in regard to its total lack of spiritual content. 

Another approach would be to keep the discussion contained mainly to my section at OM.  If that became shut down, I would then shift the focus to another public, and probably physical, venue. 

So much for the formalities, let's get back to the substance, namely, the alleged imbalance. 

As Dennis Kucinich's response indicates above, it is widely understood that these encounters, more often then not, have a lasting spiritual impact on the individual.  As stated in #27, a prime excuse for the cover-up is the expected disruptive impact that it would have on Religion.  Despite that caveat, this subject was never otherwise broached in this lengthy, wide-ranging alleged 'briefing'.  It is widely suspected that Billy Graham has been involved in these briefings for every President under his tenure as the de facto WH chaplain.  One piece of evidence for this is his book on this topic. 

What should be crystal clear to any but the most casual observer is that disclosure is coming in stages.  How many stages?  I suggest that logically there can only be two:

  1. Physical
  2. Metaphysical

The physical has come with these two main 'Serpo' releases: Serpo proper, and now the breifings.  How much longer can we stay with this physical layer of this disclosure onion?  I'm suggesting that it is not an onion, but rather an avocado, with a large core.  Or how about an enchilada with the meat on the inside? 

I doubt that this guise of pure physicalism, in the briefing context, can be sustained beyond this first shot.  Especially not if some troops can be rallied to raise systematic and sustained objections to this blind-spot in the information.  If the disclosure team had wanted to avoid this looming confrontation with the other side of this story, they would have salted this release with more in the way of token religious concerns.  But nada! 

I can only interpret this obvious neglect as an intentional provocation, even meant to be a red flag, to all of us who are not totally 'left-brained' about these phenomena.

This deliberate provocation, plus the timing of the next release, should be a fair warning that the next release will be addressing this issue.  But how will that look?  These briefings are supposed to be in a natural sequence.  It will look strange, indeed, if suddenly the religious issue gets inserted in a later briefing, without a proper segue from this first briefing.  The whole sequence will then appear even more contrived than even this first one, just on the face of it.  Perhaps that is the intent, to underscore that we are dealing with an enchilada here.  We then cannot fail to comprehend the shape of the whole enchilada, if you will. 


Lets look at the circumstantial religious context of the cover-up.  There are two given aspects.  The first that was brought to my attention by CK was the Scientology connection.  This pertained particularly to CR and HP.  It is widely known and reported that Scientology has gone to considerable lengths to infiltrate key segments of our social order, notably Hollywood and the USG.  Their infiltration of the IRS led to several arrests.  The SRI remote viewing program was basically a Scientology operation, as near as I can make out.  Ingo, HP and CR were members.  HP was a high level operative.  CK has raised the issue as to whether the initial contact between CR & HP was mediated through the Church.  The basic teaching of the Church is focused on the ET/UT presence.  Hubbard was closely involved with the Crowleyans at JPL, notably Parsons. 

CR has told me that he has a shelf-full of books on the Illuminati.  I get the strong impression that this represents the core of his concerns about the phenomena, and provides his rationale for wanting to sustain the cover-up.  His key role, along with HP, in the Serpo releases represents their rearguard action in this disinformation layer of the process.  Are they being blindsided by the two stage process noted above?  I believe they are under the impression that this physicalist cover can be maintained for at least a few more years.  I suggest they reexamine these tea-leaves. 

But, yes, there is another, deeper layer to this religious presence among the insiders.  This was never actually pointed out to me, nor did I attempt to discuss it with CK.  What we discuss are the superficialities, Scientology being the case in point.

The folks that he has introduced me to are hard-core Xians.  It does not take much effort on my part to suss that out.  Opus Dei is one prominent example.  My Navy contacts have been more on the Protestant side.  Two of the major players in the Aviary met in an evangelical church in Dayton. 

As I've discussed previously, once there is a recognition of any metaphysical content to these phenomena, the Xians are sure to be sensitive to the point of paranoia about a demonic, anti-X aspect of it.  Just take a look at the 200+ pages of VLAA discussion here at OM. 

If you mix greed and secrecy with the metaphysical, you have a sure-fire recipe for unadulterated Evil.  The standard rationale for the cover-up is that the PtB have negotiated a bargain with the bad ETs, i.e. the Devil.  For just how long would the hard-core Xians tolerate such a bargain?  Would they not be the very first to blow the whistle?  Now add to that the R&D messy antics, and, as you have seen right here, the Xians are shouting bloody murder!  On the other hand, given their firm allegiance, these same Xians would provide the most logical core for any sustained cover. 

This is not rocket science.  This is just political common sense taken to its most basic level.  Anybody who cannot read these signs and add 1 + 1 is simply in a state of denial

In the buildup to the Xmas surprise, I just need to keep expanding and expounding upon these points.  If the pall of physicalist orthodoxy is sustained in the Serpo section, I will be highly disappointed.  We will need to confront the ring-leaders with the illogic of their positions.  That some may have ulterior motives, has not been lost on me.  It is possible that Serpo and Dan can be two ships passing here in the night.  That makes for a strange spectacle, indeed! 


Apropos the above, a source of mine has just forwarded the following:  [a]


Ken Kress CIA Afterword added to original STUDIES IN INTELLIGENCE article


"Consider the second assertion that the motives of psychics clashed with
mine and taught me, too late, to be very wary of psychics. In the late
1970s, several years after the project was terminated, I got a secure line call
from a person who identified himself as an FBI agent. He suggested that I should be
prepared for a spate of publicity about the remote viewings of Pat
Price. Pat had died a few years before and I was surprised that somebody had leaked
information about these defunct activities.

The FBI agent proceeded to explain that Pat Price was a member of an
organization that was recently raided for documents indicative of illegal activity.
The organization was vigorously resisting the government investigation but
the raid produced hundreds of files and papers that supported the
government’s allegations. These documents were now in the public domain as part of the
discovery process in the legal proceedings.

One such file included debriefings of Pat Price about his CIA remote viewing
projects. The debriefings were a detailed record of the intelligence
objectives I had given Pat and results that Pat provided to me. The files revealed th e
meeting places as well as all the names of those present. My esteem
instantly rose for my colleagues who had used first names only with all meetings with
Pat! As the file made clear, Pat, who had signed an official secrecy
agreement, would immediately go to his superior in the organization after sessions with
me and divulge everything. As far as I know, the documents were never read
by anybody who publicized them and the organization never used them."

The person who hired Pat was his fellow Scientologist, Hal Puthoff under the direct supervision of the CIA contract officer, and fellow Scientologist, Kit Green. 

Can you see why CK waxes apoplectic over the counter-intelligence vulnerabilities presented by such negligence?  I have heard about this more than I care to remember. 

We have high confidence that Hal Puthoff is Victor's primary source and/or confidant in the long and sordid Serpo saga.

Just a few weeks ago it was stated to me that Hal was defrauding the USG.  What is contained in the above is far, far more serious than the matter of simple fraud.  The sanction in question is the Death Penalty. 

And the Admins hereabout are scolding me for being too hard on these folks!!

If my concerns are misplaced, I am owed a detailed explanation. 



With installment #27, we have reached another stage in the disclosure arena.  We still have the 'Gang of Six', now cast in a more active role, with the lead role being taken by HP.  A notable change is the absence of RD.  In the initial round of Serpo, almost two years ago, CK suggested that RD could be the sole perpetrator.  The lone hoaxer theory has now been put to rest.  In that original installment, there was no attempt to connect the plot to any known elements of the USG.  With #27, the USG is front and center. 

The alleged involvement of DIA personnel remains a prime ingredient.  At one point in the original saga, CK very casually acknowledged such involvement, so casually that it could have been taken as facetious.  But, a few weeks later he was turning every stone in attempting to establish the identity of the female officer alleged to be in contact with RD.  I was told that it was a fruitless search.  The fact of a serious, high-level search, followed by CK contacting RD's supervisor in the NMSP, tells us that this is not being treated as a mere prank. 

If this is not a prank, what is it?  For 18 months all was quiet.  Now this.  The considered opinion is that #27's account of a Presidential briefing is, on the face of it, a work of fiction.  It would be a felony matter or high crime, were it not.  But that is not the crux of this matter.

The crux of the matter is whether this piece of fiction is sanctioned, and, if so, by whom? 

The first logical presumption is that this is sponsored by the Church of Scientology, or some off-shoot thereof.  That organization has a unique history, MO and motivation for perpetrating such a hoax.  This has been CK's frequently stated hypothesis.  Does it stand up?  If it did, the consequences are of sufficient magnitude to warrant an additional investigation, which could have, some time ago, put an end to this particular conspiracy. 

Do the consequences rise to this level of concern?  A positive answer should be a no-brainer, given the well-known history of multiple intelligence concerns relative to the phenomenological problem.  In case that problem were to suddenly expand, for whatever reason, there would be much interest in preempting any groups who were clandestinely preparing to exploit that situation. 

Another point in this regard is that if this were intended as a pure hoax, it could easily have been made to seem more authentic.  We then have two facts.  There is a real conspiracy, by folks with known government connections, involved in disseminating a mediocre piece of disinformation.  These folks could have done rather better. 

It's not a prank.  It's not a concerted hoax.  Than what? 

Then it must be something sanctioned by an organization embedded in the USG, now including CK, along with CR and HP.  Do just those three add up to a hill of beans?  Yes and no.  It is possible that CR and HP could fly under the radar.  CK?  No.  Not with Tim Russert popping this question to Presidential candidates in prime time.  May I rest my case?

On the surface of #27, there is very little substance, but when you dig into the explicit and implicit politics surrounding it, well, we have come a long way, baby!


Where does this leave us wrt Scientology?  I would suggest that they are a prime ingredient in this first layer of the onion.  As with outsourcing Fidel sanctions to the Mob, there would be a considerable rationale for outsourcing aspects of the cover-up to Ron's org.  Just off the top, this certainly facilitates the compartmentalization.  And what a group of eager beavers!  I would go so far as to suggest that CK has been deliberately outing his own outsourcing as a clever way to test the security involved, all part of his established MO.  Does this mean the DIA is infiltrated?  Why the heck not?  They are infiltrated by everyone else, why not take advantage of that fact, even encourage it for very special operations.  Smoke & Mirrors. 

Should we thereby revoke the death penalty for HP?  Well, let's keep him on his toeseys. 


Let's take this 'fact' and relate it back to aviary politics.  With one hand, CK is 'contracting' Ron's org to perform sensitive work.  With the other hand he is slapping CR and HP for being involved.  I wish I were half so clever.  It is just possible that CR is unawares.  HP?  I'm more doubtful, but he has to play along, anyway. 

And what about Ron's org?  Don't they wonder?  Can they not sense that we are dealing with layers.  There are likely to be only a couple of the top operatives, along with HP, who would have grounds for definite suspicions.  They would obviously wonder where the Xians were.  They would wonder about ONI, which would be a much tougher nut for them to crack.  I'm confident that CR has his own suspicions, but he is pretty much left to twist in this teapot tempest.  He is the aviary weather-cock.  I can relate to that!

Are we still on for Xmas? 

I'd give it even odds, and I don't mean for #27b.  We're talkin' #27C++.  How so? 

All I want for Christmas is a babe in a manger.  A dog in a manger won't do.

I don't care too much about the swaddling clothes, just surprise me!  And maybe I can surprise you.  That's my job, isn't it? 


Next layer..........

What more can we do with this layer?  Could there be a 27b?  Without impinging or infringing on the hypothetical 27C++?

What could be useful that would not be 27C++?

We agree that there was nothing of substance in 27a.  The interest was that the political content seemed to make contact with the political context. Notably that HP was acquainted with one of the players, who then is said to have contacted Victor.  Is that at all believable?  I'd give it a solid 50% probability.  In that fact alone, we have come a long way. 

What can we do to up that ante?  Do we need to?  You know about rising expectations.  They make for a restive audience.  The content could just continue to follow the Core Script.  There is considerably more of that to be covered.  Is that enough?  It would bring increased cat-calls from this increasingly sophisticated and skeptical audience?  It would constitute a backward step relative to acclimation.  More names and dates could be mentioned, that would be subject to partial verification.  There could be a significant plausible amendment to the Script, that would not infringe upon C++.  It is hard to imagine what that might be since there are already so many emendations and variations in the Script in the public domain.  It would fall on sated ears.  It would have to have something of a new political dimension.  Just adding more names would not make it.  It's not likely to produce any live actors.  That door has been shut.  More names of dead people is not likely to raise the ante. 

Once the acclimators decided to head down this path, they weren't leaving themselves much room to maneuver.  When you start feeding a ravenous animal, you had better have sufficient food on hand.  If you don't, that animal is going to come after the feeder.  The feeders, in this, case are too well known.  Are they being given hazard pay?  They could have let this drop with Serpo proper.  Now the DIA and the WH have been put on the spot. 

CK had 18 months to put a stop to this nonsense, but he failed to do so.  This installment escalates this problem from one of benign neglect to one of deliberate provocation.  I don't think CK is stupid.  I don't think he would have continued down this path without an exit strategy.  We have looked for a conventional exit.  We are not seeing one. 

There is going to have to be something unexpected, and soon.  Otherwise, acclimation comes to an unceremonius halt. 



Jake takes me to task for being too hard on Hal & Co.  I'm biting the hand that feeds us, he suggests.  I've been biting that hand since day one.  You expect me to change my stripes now?  Perhaps it's my protestant nature.  We get exercised when anyone interposes themselves between us and God.  We like nothing more than to burn the priests.  Hal reminds me of that little ditty: Boston, the home of the been and the cod, where the Cabots speak only to the Lowells, and the Lowells speak only to God.  I don't think you are catholic, but you sure act that way.

Yes.  I authorize the burning of Priest Hal & Co. 

Yes, it is the papist sheeple who genuflect to the ETs and MJ-12.  I'm cut more from the rough, puritanical cloth of Mathers and Edwards.  Like it or lump it. I come from a family of regicides.  Don't tempt me. 

But, no, I'm not going after the small game here.  Kings are a joke.  God is a more worthy target at this point.  Where is God, I ask? 

Is God a no-show in our hour of need?

Was Ronnie going to protect us from the Devil with his SDI?  Give me a break.  Nancy relied more on her astrologer than Ronnie ever relied on SDI.  Read your history.  It was all a sham.

Ronnie wasn't educated, but he wasn't stupid either.  Like every President before or since, he was God-fearing.  You don't find yourself in the Bully Pulpit without wondering Who is looking over your shoulder. 

Haven't you ever seen the cartoon: In Case of Emergency, Break Glass.  Behind the glass is a Bible.  Hey, Jake, you are the Bible pounder in this crowd.  Where was the Bible in the Briefing??  Where was Billy Graham in the Briefing?  Has Billy, the UFO author, not been the hand-holding confessor to every modern President? 

Get real folks.  This is not about green cheese and little green men.  Our asses are on the line here, or we have no asses, or there is no line!

Watch the interaction between the President and his national security advisor in Independence Day.  Then go back and read your precious little Briefing Document again.  What a Joke!  You, however, must be happy to see that Ronnie is portrayed as genuflecting to MJ-12.  Georgy Porgy may genuflect to Dick C, but not our Ronnie. 


It all comes down to a very simple matter:  soul, soul, who's got the soul? 

What percent of the Nobel Prize winners disbelieve in the soul?  What percent of those disbelievers are also students of the mind-brain problem or of the paradoxes of transhumanism?  Do you really think that any one of those disbelievers would ever debate the mind-brain problem in public?  For sure that no one has ever wanted to debate me on this topic.  And certainly no ufologist!

If souls exist, then the visitors come here to help save our souls.  If souls do not exist, then the visitors come here to eat our dinner. 

But the ufologists have been so brainwashed by the SDI-type cover story, that they've got their knickers all in a bunch.  They cannot think straight.

That is the NUMBER ONE question for anyone who has ever had to confront an Alien.  Are we soul-brothers or are we predator and prey?

Do you nincompoops, with all your little conspiracy theories, really think that Ronnie was such a stupid hypocrite that this QUESTION would not be at the very top of any briefing agenda?  How about Billy? 

Give me a break, boys and girls!

Let's get back to basics.  Our 'asses' are on the line here.


Yes, 27a is not about a briefing.  It is an IQ test, and most of you are flunking miserably. 

If I were even slightly paranoid, I would tell you that this was a meatball pitched for me to hit right out of the ball-park.

But, hey, I don't get paranoid about this stuff.

This brings us right back to 27b.  Is it going to be another meatball?  I swear that I'll knock it right back down their little throats. 

Or, are we going to be treated to the next layer of this onion?  So then it can't be 27b.  It will have to be 27a (rev.).  And won't that look stupid? 



There is continued consternation as to the purpose of #27.  This should be easy.  It is to pick up where we left off 18 months ago, even to the extent of having RD back on-board.  In the interim?  I would suggest that it is now under new management, i.e. with CK in charge.  If not, he would still be sitting on RD.  RD & Co. were calling the shots before.  Now HP is the figurehead.  It is CK's MO to shutdown competing conduits.  This would be the third such occurrence.  The difference is that instead of taking it into the black, he is taking this more into the public, with his own involvement being scarcely concealed.  He has finally exerted full control over what is left of the aviary.  He is doing so through HP, with the others being left to speculate. 

It seems that R&D is a likely casualty of this process.  I have been wondering when the cord would be cut.  This is not an insignificant event, even in the larger picture. 

To what degree was I the instigator here? 

The BP incident was, certainly in retrospect, intended as my signal that it was now or never wrt the putative disclosure.  It was time to cr*p or get off the pot.  Evidently the signal was received.  The subsequent x-mission of #27 and its attendant protocol is a hopeful sign, IMO.

This would be the fourth such occurrence if we include the putative DG/Red Book episode in which I was also peripherally involved. 


-----Original Message-----
From: [CK]

Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 1:53 PM
To: 'Gary S. Bekkum / STARpod.org'; 'Jack Sarfatti'
Cc: [CR]; 'Kim Burrafato'; 'd14947'; 'caryn anscomb'; 'Gus
Russo'; 'Mark Pesses'; 'Gordon D. Novel'; 'COLIN BENNET'
Subject: RE: They're coming to take Smith away?


Normally I would attempt to intervene and help Dan recover, but I
entered into a competition with [CR] for a fine quality beer, and I am
not about to give that up.  The Little Chicken is on his own now.


It sounds kinda official, doesn't it...............? 

Like one of those personal notices in in the classifieds.....'I am no longer responsible for any debts incurred by.......'!


And this from CR to CK:

And, as I am similarly profoundly focused on winning the bet, I must
also continue my self-imposed exile into interventions of all sorts
concerning this subject (especially with Dan, but not limited to him).
While I doubt the FBI JTTF will take the case, they have my blessing. I
didn't think they had the manpower, but, what do I know. I do hope they
don't call on me for a prescription pad.

Ron: full warning...it will be a Pilsner Urquell, on tap, WHEN I win the
bet. You might as well find the bar now. 

The light tone may be hiding something more serious......or not.

I think we may take take this as a hopeful sign that we are still on the same page, somewhere out in the ethers. 

The next two months are likely to be the longest in my short life.  After that..................


As its name indicates (both "Urquell" and "Prazdroj" mean "original source"); it is the world's original pilsener, or golden beer. Most popular lagers produced in the rest of the world are based upon this original beer

Nothing like going to the source. 


I'm still worrying about 27b.  They have already dug themselves a hole with 27a.  I don't see how they can avoid either digging themselves deeper into that hole, or trying to set off on a new tack that would only give the game away. 

Were they so lacking in imagination or perspicacity to have not foreseen the poor reception of 27a?  It does not bode well for us that the team has wrong-footed itself here in what ought to be a final phase.  Perhaps the B team was given this final chance.  Now the A team will have to step in. 

But are we not still stuck with the Core story?  That story is a logical dead-end, from several perspectives.  How many more times are we going to have to beat this dead horse before the disinformation team gets the message?  If there is supposed to be any kind of acclimation going on, they are going to have to hire some new writers, and change the storyline. 

CK seemed his usual chipper self in that last email.  Is he reading the reviews?  I would be wondering how secure my job was.  I realize I'm not helping out my old buddy here, but what am I supposed to do?  Go down with the ship?

27b+ is just not going to make it.  Yet, a 27C++ would make 27a look truly lame.  Like I say, it would give away the whole game.  Is this a deliberate sabotage?  CK is quite happy to let folks hang themselves.  It's his favorite spectator sport.  I've been twisting here long enough.  I don't intend to get pulled down in the back-wash.  But do I have a choice?  I don't have a prayer without inside support, which is looking pretty thin and incompetent just now.   

Is this a setup for the Deus ex Machina?  That takes more faith than I have.  God helps those who................

How many years before there will be this window of opportunity again?  It will be several years, and most of us are already reaching mandatory retirement.  I wouldn't want to have to reinvent this wheel.  That, in itself, would be lame. 

The Internet has got to play a central role.  The movies and TV specials have been run into the ground.  Rehash after rehash.  Where is the Internet Plan B?  Once you admit to even a smidgen of a second or metaphysical layer to the disclosure onion, the Religions are going to be up in arms.  Then you will see some real shouting.  Just a whiff of the metaphysical in this mix, and all hell will break loose.  Am I wrong about that?  How are you going to finesse that move?  That is way above my pay-grade.  Every rapturist will be heading for the hills, Who will keep the airplanes flying? 

Folks have had 60 years to contemplate this next move.  I've got my script, but there is not enough sugar in Cuba to make even a minimal eschaton go down easy.  Isn't it a bit too late now to expect to fly the BPWH under the Internet radar?  Too much of the mechanics here has already been given away.  The 'sleeping dogs' are getting restless and hungry.  I guess we'd better all sleep on this one, and pray that the trickster still has a few good ones up her sleeve. 



I'm plumb out of new ideas.  Unless CK chooses to recruit a new team of script writers, 27b will be even a bigger flop than 27a.  Let it die an ignominious death. 

It should be a lesson to the anti-metaphysics crowd.  There is no techno-physics scenario that makes any (political) sense.  But I am skeptical that it is possible to teach those jokers anything.  They could never even figure out the next episode of Star Trek, and they don't know anything more than high school physics.  Jack can lead them around by their noses. 

The most obvious thing to do would be to facilitate an influx of fresh talent to OM, now that the bible shriekers have grown a bit hoarse.  I doubt that would be difficult to arrange.  Still, there has to be some active, semi-plausible linkage here to the insiders.  If they are not facilitating some kind of dissemination, what would that be?  Is CK going to resume contact?  What substance could that contain?  Another repositioning?  That would be lame.  Once again we are running out of options for maintaining a progressive acclimation.  I wonder if CK is quite as sanguine as he seems. 

If there is going to be an Xmas surprise, I have not been able to figure it out.  Neither do I see how acclimation can proceed smoothly at this juncture.  Has CK finally reach the point were he can shut down disclosure?  That could be.  What about the Xian insiders?  Will they go along with this?  Are they the ones behind CK?  How then do we explain the twenty years of the soap opera?  Who was behind that?  Have they all been neutralized? 

A presupposition of the BPWH is that the lid has been kept on for the past 60 years by having the insiders preempt the potential whistle blowers with a consensual program of progressive acclimation and disclosure.  If CK were to put a wrench in those gears, then there would likely be a concerted reaction.  Is that his plan, to provoke the insiders?  That seems risky all around. 


The Briefing Problem............ [a]

Serpo #27 suggests the need to address the briefing problem.

Here are some talking points:

CK tells me that he has been tracking upwards of 200 individuals who have been briefed.  CR is one of these.  So are those military officers involved in last January's 'repositioning' within the Intel community.  He has also told me that Presidents are briefed only on a need to know basis, not to satisfy their individual curiosity.  Both Clinton and Carter demonstrated considerable interest in the subject, and went to some lengths to obtain information.  Whether they succeeded remains clouded. 

CR claimed to have briefed three ex-Presidents, at the invitation of third parties.  One of the briefings was cut-short after an hour.  At least one of them appeared to be mentally unstable relative to the topic. 

The White House, in general, is considered to be a haven for gossip, especially for anything of a sensational and human interest variety.  Would anything score higher than ufos on that scale? 

It is not terribly far-fetched to suppose that JFK's indiscretions and ambitions on this score may have contributed to his early demise. 

The seemingly casual and canned manner of the presentation alleged to have been given to Reagan, makes a mockery of most of the above points. 

If, against all logic, it were to have occurred as described, it most likely would have been something concocted mainly for his entertainment and/or to feed disinfo into the WH grapevine.  This does not preclude his having received other, ad hoc information, for which this piece of stagecraft would have been a useful or necessary cover. 

If our topic has any substance, the problem of Presidential knowledge would be at the very top of the list of specific problems.  Let's attempt a plausible scenario. 

The last thing you would do with this is go directly to the Pres.  The first thing you would do is pick out someone close to the leading Presidential candidates, each of whom also has a solid record in handling sensitive intelligence matters.  There would be informal contacts with the person to discuss the advisability of even bringing the matter to his boss.  It would very likely be decided, that absent some emergency, it would be much the better part of discretion to have the trusted lieutenant be the final repository of the bulk of the information.  It would be up to him to apprise and encourage his boss not to open this can of worms needlessly.  In many/most cases, that would suffice.  If the Pres were insistent, you would try to get by with as little as possible.  There would be the general understanding of 'ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies.'  Former Presidents and their confidants would be available to the Pres for his personal consultation, and to assure him that he need not rock this boat.  

As the above practicalities suggest, #27 tends far toward something that has been scripted and staged for various consumption, including ours.  Even this may be giving it too much weight.  \

Whatever info is given is said to be heavily edited to be in accord with the President's personal profile.  This is certainly not what is implied by #27.  If anything so sensitive and potentially disturbing were to be conveyed, it would not be done at a marathon weekend.  It would be done piecemeal, and with general synopses at each step, so there would be ample time to gauge the next installment, if there truly had to be a next installment.  

All of the above points apply to us now, only much more so! 


11/6  [a]

Kucinich's comments drew fire from veteran political commentator Chris Matthews during a postmortem interview with Governor Bill Richardson. "This is shaping up to be a contest between the [anti]-evolution party and the pro-UFO party," he said.

Truer words may have never been spoken.  It appears that there has developed a de facto sharing of the BPWH metaphysical burden between the two parties.  How convenient!

I first became aware of this de facto arrangement when I attempted to get debriefed at the SSCI, c. '95.  It turned out that the, newly in control, Republican members had gotten a special (Langford?) briefing, containing info pertinent to the R&D show, but that the Dems were not privy to this.  The Republican staffers refused to talk to me.  CK had to arrange for the ranking staffer and former Jesuit seminarian, Chris Straub, a private briefing before he could discuss R&D and eschatology with me, behind two sets of code-locked doors.  That sheds as much light on the politics of ufos as any incident that I am aware of.  Let's see if we can apply this to recent events.

*SOURCE: The New England Skeptical Society*
Nov 05, 2007 09:00 ET
Jimmy Carter: No Truth to UFO Rumor

"I have never thought there were extra terrestrial beings on a ship from outer space," Carter explained. He went on to speculate that the light may have resulted from military testing at nearby Fort Benning. Carter also rejects a common rumor spread on UFO websites that George H. W. Bush, then director of the CIA, restricted his access to classified UFO documents.

The Red Book, as we now know it, was created specifically as a briefing instrument for Pres. Carter.  For awhile it came under the custodianship of Dale Graff, at least until CK was able to sideline Dale and Dick D. after their psi-spy junket around the world.  Dale told me in '92 that CK was a 'loose cannon with a big mouth'. 

I am suggesting that Jimmy was required to make a decision.  He could keep talking about the problem, or he could get the skinny on the Visitors.  He made the proper executive decision: listen and don't talk.  He knew he still had the talk option, but was probably apprised of the JFK problem.  His public response: tears. 

Dick D. was the Senate staffer who attempted a surprise helicopter visit to Area 51 to check on black-budget concerns.  I had several encounters with him at CK's behest. 

Before I misplace it again, allow me to insert this nugget, appended to an ongoing discussion at RU, now including CR:

From: [CK]
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2006 11:02 AM
To: Ryan D. 
Cc: Dan Smith
Subject: Origin of Core Story

I did not intend to imply that the core story was originated in Remote Viewing, but that it was transferred into government records via that process. My actual hypothesis regarding the Core Story is that it originated within Scientology during the early 1970s. Scientologists dominated the early Remote Viewing program and used it as a venue to promulgate the Core Story.

This has been CK's long-standing, proprietary cover story.  He is glossing over much of the pre-history of the Aviary, and the likely fact that the CoS is now contracted by him in his ongoing game of hide and seek, spy and counter-spy.  

Where were we.........?   The Republicans uphold the BPW cosmology, i.e. young earth, etc., while the Dems are upholding the UT portion of it.  It is important to keep these two functions compartmentalized until D-day.  CK burns the midnight oil to keep this sorted out.

What then with Chris?  When it comes to eschatology there is a very strong confusion on the whole Church/State jurisdictional issue.  This is true for every religion.  All the intels orgs have been apprised and, ipso facto, so have the religious orgs.  Chris should have eventually consulted with one or more or his co-religionists.  When I last spoke to him, from near the Baltimore FBI office a few days after 9/11, he was quite upset that his replacement staffer had given me his new phone #.  

We had been good buddies back when.  Who got to him?  Was it CK or his confessor?  I would suggest the latter, mainly.  It is the HoP, hands off policy.  Any insider interaction with the SoT has to go through CK.  This is understood by the rel/orgs, as well as the intels.  My untouchability is enforced locally/parochially, however.

Jimmy was exactly right on Sunday when he nixed the ETs.  It's the UTs that the Dems know about.  It's all in the Red Book.  Scientology is aware too, but they are paid to emphasize the ET angle, which is the Core/Serpo angle.  The Republicans, good fundamentalists that they are, don't deal in demons.  They deal in Armageddon/Rapture.  That is their job.  Just ask Dick and George, or James Watt.   

So you see how nice and clean and simple this is............until we mix the nitro with the glycerin on D-day.  CK can hardly wait. 




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