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This syllabus is presented in a narrative fashion, starting out in a naive manner, almost as a Just-So story.  Gradually the more technical or philosophical material will be introduced.  Feel free to jump around in the outline, but if you fall into unfamiliar terminology, you may wish to refer back to the earlier sections.

(Well, already I am introducing technicalities from the git-go.  Please bear with us as we sort out the pedagogy!)

Unless otherwise indicated, most technical words and phrases are to be found in Wikipedia. 

Perhaps this should be seen as an aphoristic poem that may serve as a key to the BPWH.


Survival problem

Is it not increasingly clear that human survival will be predicated upon some form of cosmic intervention? 

Who can claim to demonstrate that our chances of survival as an advanced civilization for even another century are anything better than even? 

Is it not the case that our biggest obstacle to survival is our total lack of a common vision or sense of a common interest? 

Any such vision would require a visionary.  It cannot be hammered out in a smoke-filled room. Any such revelation would necessarily be of biblical proportions.  Virtually every religion and sect has provisions for, if they are not even actively touting, such an imminent advent and revelation. 

Any serious visionary, at this historical juncture, in these latter days, will have to couch her vision within some such prophetic time-line.  And while you are addressing one such tradition, you might as well address them all.  Nay, any vision that fails to address them all will fail to accomplish the task at hand.  It would be a non-starter. 


Can we survive without a plan?

Do we not need to see beyond tomorrow's headlines if we want to avoid the many potential catastrophes that can already be discerned?

Can there be a plan without a vision?

Any plan of survival must contain a clear and positive goal to motivate our survival.  This is simply management by Objective.

If the world does not have a consensual plan for the future, then the conflict will be unending.  This calls for a shared vision. 

Can any such vision fail to address the Sectarian obstacle?

Each Sect would rather fight that Think. I am here to show how, by merely thinking, we can transcend our sectarian divisions, with scientific materialism being included among the sects.  That is what the BPWH accomplishes. 

Is there any alternative but to fight fire with fire?

Virtually every sect is expecting a final revelation concerning truth.  If the new vision does not portend such a revelation, then it has no business cluttering the airwaves.  The BPWH makes the case that it opens the door to a final truth that will lead us beyond linear time an space, i.e. beyond history. 

To bite the prophetic bullet?  

So, yes, of course, the BPWH cannot aspire to less than being a final revelation.  It is up to the individual sects to attach whatever scriptural significance they wish to the promulgator of the vision. 

Having said this, who then is the target audience?

This would redirect us to the secularists. 

Yes, I cannot directly proselytize the xians, but if I can show them how to deconstruct scientific materialism, they will have garnered a new tool to proselytize the atheists, particularly those of a scientific background and with xian roots.

This will entail the stratagem of Apologetics

Yes.  This is nothing new in the business of proselytizing, extending back to Paul. 

This stratagem is purely of xian provenance. 

The xians invented apologetics, as they were the only theists with universal Gospel.  The others just sallied forth to lay down the law. 

Here we need a segue to immaterialism

And here we bite the metaphysical bullet.  The cosmos is not an object; it is an ornament.  It is not a machine; it is a thought.  The fractal and mathematical structure of the natural world is the key to its immaterial essence. 


I would suggest moving from vital force to design and then to final cause

Can we truly believe that mind is an accident?  Can there even exist an unobserved universe.  No one could demonstrate that.

The role of the Observer is essential to Quantum Physics.  Thus it is essential to the Universe.

Is the world not pregnant with mind?  What if there were no one to appreciate the wonder of it all?  What a shame! 

Thus is the Anthropic Principle essential to understanding physics.  No teleology, no physics. 

We would not be here if we were not part of the Final Cause. 

In what follows, the BPWH will spell out the Final Cause. 

Any final cause is necessarily intensional/intentional, i.e. subjective.   

But we need to include the notion of space & time as a construct. 

The seeming abstractions of space and time lend themselves very poorly to objectification.  The sterile space-time manifold of physics is very far removed from the shining present that we experience.  We are not lost in space, we are lost to the Fullness of the Presence? 

Vital force originates beyond S&T.  Because it must include a Telos.

Surely the Force is with us.  We have come a very long way, Baby, from the primordial goo.  Science reckons not the Force.  Science is filled with pessimism for our future.  The only hope from science is in the Transhuman, i.e. in a cold and bloodless silicon future, until the stars burn out.

The Force is not something Out There.  It is closer to us than our own selves.  It is more personal than any person.  This is the stuff of theos. 

So did God gives us U235, as a thoughtless parent might leave a loaded pistol in a toy closet? 

Or, does God have ultimate faith in the Telos.  How could God have that much faith, were she not most intimately familiar with our Destiny?  Is God gambling with our Destiny?  Or is she using every trick in the book to reel us in? 

If evolution were only pushing us from the past, we would have run off the road long ago.

There must be something pulling us from the future. 

The crucial question is: how far in the future?  

I submit that is must a heck of a lot closer in the future than the Big Bang is alleged to have been in our past. 

I submit that it cannot possibly be further in our future, than the Apes were in our past. 

If it is that close, then it can have nothing to do with evolution or science per se.  We must look elsewhere.  We must look beyond space and time.  We must look for some news from Nowhere.  We don't have to look deeply into the oracular mythos to find many potential answers vying for our attention.  The Telos is written on those proverbial subway walls. 


Then we consider the notion of possible worlds

Doomsday hypothesis & Simulation hypothesis

These two hypotheses need to be connected.  Both neglect the Telos. 



Why is there something rather than nothing?

Most any word and phrase herein may be entered directly into Google, which I just did with the above question and came up with a brand new book: Why is there Something rather than Nothing? by Bede Rundle (2006).  All I have done is peruse the table of contents as given on the google book site.  It is right up the BPWH alley......a good sign that we are moving toward a paradigm/gestalt switch, quite independent of any official disclosure.  Well, Bede takes a dualistic, rather than a dialectic, view of Creation.

Given that there is more likely to be something than nothing(!), what sort of something is there most likely to be?  (Here is where we begin to get off the beaten philosophical path.)  

A basic point of the BPWH is that it is much more reasonable and natural to grant an ontological priority to mental rather than to material objects.  This is counter to most everyone's (modern) 'naive' intuition.  This is where the BPWH stands the world on its head!

Naively, and especially from a Darwinian perspective, it should be a heck of a lot easier to make a rock than a mind.  Rocks evolve into minds, somehow, or so we are told.  

But, when you stop to think about it, and when you come to appreciate modern physics, you realize this is more like the chicken and egg problem. 

The nub of the problem is that the Western mind is much too comfortable with mind-rock dualism, and then with just cutting mind and God out of the loop.  Eastern mysticism, and most pantheist and polytheist societies find this dualism to be very unnatural. 


Why not everything?

(We take up with the Strong, rather than the Weak, Anthropic Principle.) 

According to String Theory cum Inflationary Cosmogony, there exist a virtual infinity of actual and/or possible universes.  And this says nothing of the uncountable infinity of Possible Worlds emerging out of the strict interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. 


Filtering existence

The more we understand the intricacies of matter, the more we come to appreciate the incredible improbability of (accidentally) producing a universe that could even just produce a rock, let alone, walking and talking, rock derived(?) beings. 

Is there no middle ground between having every imaginable thing exist, and having nothing exist? 

There is one obvious answer: positing a Vital Force.  With that one step, we go from nothing making any sense, to everything beginning to make perfect sense.  One small step for the BPWH is a giant leap for human understanding.

But, wait.  Hasn't the whole point of science to been to eliminate vital forces and the like? 

True.  The modest BPW hypothesis is that Science has been barking up the wrong tree, lo these very many years.  Science has worked itself into an untenable conceptual dead-end.  This should come as no surprise, considering its 'abortive' inception, but who wants to remember that? 

Vital Force sounds mysterious.  But how about Causal Loop?  Or Final Cause?  Look them up in your Funk & Wagnall's!


Singular existence of the world/creation

Theocentrism & Finitism

Teleology implies finitism. 

Theism requires that God is both the Initial and Final cause of Creation.

There cannot be a Final cause unless Creation is bounded in Space and Time.

Monotheism and infinite existence are incompatible.  If the monotheists could have gotten this simple notion through their skulls, the BPWH would have succeeded long ago. 

The relativizing and deconstructing of Newton's absolute, containerized space is the biggest stumbling block for the modern minded.

Yes, Einstein and QM have taken big steps in this direction, but finally it's like the poor chap who went to the dentist, only to be told that his teeth were in great shape, but the gums would have to go!  Its going to be really tough to swallow the fact that the etymology of Cosmos is Cosmetic! 

Either the cosmos is pantheist or it is theocentric.  It cannot be theocentric and quantitatively infinite at the same time.  By that token it would be incoherent to the personal Creator, let alone to every creature.  All indications are that the Earth is not only the only planet of choice/'sin', but it is also the center of Spiritual gravity.  They all come here.  We don't have to go there.


Final Cause [a]

The matter at hand is the purpose of Creation.  What is the end of Creation?  Will the temporal end of the world have any bearing on its purpose.  Does it matter whether or not the world ends with a whimper? 

This question is directly related to the idea of progress.  Is  human progress, or even just history, essential to the Salvation Economy?  The prophetic tradition surely makes that connection.  That is the premise of God acting within history. 

Certainly messianism points in this direction.  Messianism presupposes global Salvation.  Will there not be a Cosmic Salvation?

Will the cosmic savior be someone besides the Son of God?  


Mind over matter

The Western mind struggles to transcend the ethos of the Machine Age.  We cannot imagine that God is not a Mechanic. 

I would suggest that God is a much more a politician than a mechanic.  God is a people person!  Is that too difficult to imagine??

Yes, God is charitable, and where does charity begin, if not right at home in the Pantheon?

Technically, the idea that God is a 'politician' is captured in the philosophy of Personalism, which is the essence of theism.

To put this another way, the mind is nothing if not Selfish.  But the Self is not an absolute.  The Self is ultimately a social construct.  Thus do we easily conclude that God is love.  God is also hate, but only when she gets out of the wrong side of bed.  Love creates, hate destroys.  One is logically parasitical upon the other. 

If there is a cosmic mind, then there must be a Cosmic Self.  That is the vital Source.  That is the Alpha and the Omega.

Before there was a Cosmic Consciousness, there was a cosmic unconsciousness or pure Potency.  It was a restless sleep, often like a bad trip on acid.  The amoebic proto-mind spontaneously/psychotically broke into into a multiple personality disorder.  Thus the pantheonic zodiac. 

Atoms would not emerge until the white coat, pocket protector and slide rule were invented!  It was a long way down! 


Circularity -- dialectical idealism 

This is where the narrative finally begins.....sorry for the delay.  This is where the zodiacal mythos comes into play. 

The Dialectic necessarily encompasses a Pantheon.  The primordial circular symmetry is broken in a definitive fashion. 


The Great Symmetry Break

Here is where the narrative gets into high-gear.  This is where Reality becomes the sum of every conspiracy ever imagined (RAW). 

The Garden of Eden was Valhalla.  It was an all too comfortable Old Boy Network, that is until Sophia/Freya seduced Thor into impregnating her with Creation.  Well, you see how greatly the old Rabbis managed to twist Genesis.  And don't think they did not have ulterior motives.  It contains a 'seed' of truth in a tissue of half truths and much worse. 

It was as simple as Pi, one of the Big Seven archetypes, AZO/X/QRP.  Pi is the most magical of numbers, and don't ever let anyone tell you that numbers are not magical.  That is the beginning and end of the Big Lie that is scientific materialism.  The metaphor of this Creation with Pi is to be found in the symmetry break that becomes the Mandelbrot: z' = z^2 + C.  Much more about the magic of numbers may be accessed from the old topical index, OTI. 


Metaphors -- Pokatok, etc. 

Here is another metaphor for Creation.  The Pantheon is getting bored, so they dream up a game of Pokatok, using their collective imagination.  Gradually they become addicted to the sport.  The rest is history. 

Or, consider Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author

Whoever can collect and connect these metaphors into a single metanarrative wins the gold ring. 


Archetypes -- AZO/X/QRP

These are the Big Seven: alpha, zodiac, omega, x/adam, quantum, repro/cyc, pi.  See the OTI.  These obtain their magic only synergistically.

These are the pillars/wheels of an irreducible Reality.  These are the gears of the Cosmic Machine, in as much as there is such a Machine. 

These are the touchstones/keystones of Creation.  These are the lingua franca, the gold standard of Existence.  If you were God, you would not want to leave Mt Olympus without them! 


Gestalt switch

The basic theme here is that if we push any logical scheme far enough, it either comes to a dead-end, or it comes to the BPWH.

There is no continuous way to stand materialism on its head, or turn it inside-out.  The whole point of ego consciousness is to enable the Apocalypse to be internalized in the conceptual thinking of seven billion individuals, just so it does not have to be played out in the streets, with 'blood up to the saddles'. 

This is where things begin to get more technical.  It is where my pedagogic skills are tested to the limit.  The pedagogues who come after, will easily exceed my meager limits.  Much of this is directed first to the so-called 'intelligentsia'.  If only 0.1% of them see the light, that will be sufficient unto the Day. 

This is not rocket science, it is merely common sense, unchained by its not being analyzed to its literal death. 

N.B.  The BPWH is not Anti-Science.  It is post- Absolutist-, Fundamentalist-, Reductionist-, Materialist-, Arrogating-Science.  Scientific Materialism was the necessary antidote to Absolutist-, Fundamentalist-,......Religion.  These two parodies of wisdom just manage to cancel each other out, leaving the logical vacuum that just happens to fit the BPWH.  What a coinkydink! 


Science vs. Religion



Reduction & emergence




The paranormal may or may not play a central role in the gestalt switch.  It may be more like the rough sea that rocks the boat of Science, until they are willing to jettison their absolutist pretension.

What is holding everything back are the Nuts & Bolts Ufologists.  Their Mr. Science is Jack Sarfatti.  I have tried to reason with him, but it is like trying to reason with a slide-rule.  He is totally fixated on his Formulas. 



Yes, the issue here is Apocalypse vs. apocalypse.  In common usage, there is no distinction.  This fact is the fault of the Apocalypse.  It should not have been included in the New Testament.  It is a rehash of the OT, particularly of the pseudoepigraphic Book of Daniel. 

Ok, the above statement is a bit harsh, but there is a point that must be made, and I will make it.  I will then proceed to temper it.

I will then say this, while the Cat's away, the Mice will play.  The Cat is coming back and She is p*ssed!  But She is not bent on vengeance.  We are all her children.  What would you think of a parent who committed an act of vengeance against her own child? 

Is that not simply preposterous?  Could there possibly be a greater Blasphemy??

And it is just about here that we get into what Jack Sarfatti lovingly refers to as the Messy Antics (R)! 

To the greatest degree possible the Apocalypse is immanentized and internalized.  With one exception.  Me, the messy antic. Think of me as the PtB's poison-pill defense against (premature?) disclosure. 

In the Rapture, we don't get lifted up to heaven.  Rather, heaven falls on our heads.  It is the Advent of the Eternal Shining Present, beyond space and time, here now.  The sequestered Stargates expand until we find ourselves ensconced in Earth Portal, the Cosmic Grand Central Station. 

We become the conscious neurons of God's Noosphere.  The Internet is just our stepladder to the Noosphere. 

Apocalypse = Rapture = the rending of the veil of Nature.  First it is internal, then external.


Deconstruction of space and time





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