Theism & Pantheism  


If we are going to take metaphysics seriously, there have ever only been two main flavors: theism and pantheism.  The BPWH (Best Possible World hypothesis) is a attempt to combine these two incoherent systems into a single coherent worldview.  It does this by adopting a minimalist and monist version of theism.  Some precedence for this departure may be found in the theistic contingent (transplanted to Oxford) of the Cambridge idealists, with C. S. Lewis being a prominent one amongst these philosopher theologians.  Another branch of theistic idealism is to be found in Personalism.  (see also Theistic Idealism)

Speculative philosophy of all kinds has died out under the onslaught of the scientific worldview.  Philosophers are relegated to discussing the crumbs that fall off the table of science.  We are left with the spectacle of a handful of physicists trying to explain why modern physics is not entirely incompatible with pantheism.  This is a reverse apologetics.  What little remains of speculative philosophy is pursued under the cover of the history of philosophy, which allows very little room for innovation.  It falls upon us amateurs to attempt to carry on a once great tradition.  We labor in the neglected recesses of the Internet, waiting for God knows what. 

The BPWH is an optimistic metaphysic, the most optimistic possible.  Such optimism is the necessary basis for any rational, coherent system of thought.  Reason may only be grounded in the Creation of a benign Creator, and only if that Creation in fully participatory on the part of all rational creatures.  Thus is our Creator necessarily self-minimizing in deference to the optimal participation of the creatures.  This is one aspect of the pantheism inherent in the BPW. 

The essential optimism of the BPW creates a conundrum for its would-be evangelist.  The struggle of ideas loses its sense of urgency, simply because the truth of the BPW is fated to prevail at its appointed time, seemingly regardless of any moral exercise of free will. 



Previously on these pages I have only mentioned personalism in passing: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  Also I often use 'self' interchangeably with 'person'.  Let us also note that personalism and existentialism share many features.  With respect to metaphysical theism, there is a broad and narrow path, or a Mahayana and Hinayana, to borrow and redefine these terms coming from Buddhism.  The BPWH has both of these aspects, depending on how strictly one wishes to take the precepts.  Where lies the truth?  Somewhere between.  Note also that the Z and X of the AZO/X/QRP archetypes are essentially personal constructs.  Christianity, historically, is the repository of the personal aspect of theism.  Note further, that this personalism is a logical extension of the tribal covenant of Yahweh.  The universal personalism of the x-event could not have had any other historical launching pad. 

A major problem confronting the BPWH is the borrowing of the historical lexicon of theism.  Many of these words take on new and broader meanings in the context of the BPW, and this may cause confusion in the mind of the neophyte.  We need to take steps to minimize this confusion. 

Let me now return to the important conundrum of yesterday. Therein is used the term 'evangelist'.  This conjures the image of the Bible pounding preacher, in the minds of most non-Christians.  We could simply drop the term as being too loaded with provocative and divisive connotations.  OK for now, but there are higher meanings contained in these words that are not captured by their substitutes.  It will be a long process to be able to recover those original essences out of all the crud that has become attached to them. 

In any case, why bother to proselytize, ooops, advocate the BPWH, when, by its own lights, it is fated to prevail regardless of any deliberate individual effort?  We could ask the same thing about the Creator and Creation.  If the BPW is a logical necessity, does not the Creator become superfluous?  In general, personalism seems to come into direct conflict with the overwhelming nature of the cosmology.  The personalism of the BPW is simply to be found in the definition of 'Best'.  'Best' is ineluctably normative.  Norms entail perspectives, perspectives entail persons.  The BPW of necessity assigns logical priority to the personal.  The personal is an irreducible combination of reason and emotion.  Both aspects are required to shape any given norm.  The logical telos of reason and emotion is simply a cosmic agape or just plain love.  Thus do we avoid the absolutism that has dogged theism from the git-go.  Any person is essentially a social being, and this applies particularly to God.  The separation of Creator and Creation is embedded in the primary illusion of historical time.  The archetypal polytheistic Zodiac (see AZO/X/QRP) [a] expresses the society of the Godhead, as, of course, does the (dialectic) Trinity.  We are simply extensions of the primal zodiac.  We are the projections of God onto history, the logical focus of which was the incarnational x-event. 

We are the aesthetic agents reifying the Norm that is the BPW.  Collectively, statistically we have very little free will.  In the middle reaches of social activity, there is much jockeying for position which is not subject to cosmic necessity in its individual details.  In as much as one becomes an historical figure, that is tantamount to surrendering to the necessity of the Norm.  Freedom is to be found more in our imagination and in some of our dream states. 

We can envision a dialectic of pantheism and theism that will prevail upon the global discourse concerning our creaturely fate.  The networking will need a social nexus of some kind, and here is that prototype, in as much as others may wish to avail themselves of such a touchstone.   



A correspondent writes:

How does one advocate personalism from a pantheistic perspective?
In fact I acknowledge pantheism only to the extent of agreeing that everything which exists constitutes an all-inclusive unity. In other words, nothing exists outside of the Consciousness Continuum.
The fundamental principle of personalism is, in itself, the experience of being.
Kevin Schmiesing writes: ‘It has been said of many schools of philosophy, from pragmatism to phenomenology, that it is impossible to arrive at a rigid definition of the school. Instead, the term pragmatist or phenomenologist represents an "approach," a "perspective," an "emphasis." The philosophical school of personalism is most exemplary of this problem. Personalism is not a philosophical system at all, insists André Ligneul, "it is more an attitude that branches out into nuanced perspectives, bound together by one central idea." On that one central idea, perhaps, all personalists might agree: personalism is, as one historian of the subject puts it, an "affirmation of the absolute value of the human person." A History of Personalism By Kevin Schmiesing:

And in all of history, nowhere is that point more strongly underscored than in the incarnational x-event. 

But then we do have the caveat of the apokatastasis, where there appears to be a subsumption of the individual identity.  This is perhaps the most significant bone of contention between theism and pantheism.  This is where the issue of romance arises. 

We romance God.  God romances us.  What is unique to Christendom is chivalric or courtly love.  Here we see the direct consequence of Platonism and incarnation.  The lady is the savior of the knight.  The lady is just quasi accessible.  The cult of Mary is reputed to have been inaugurated in part to serve as an antidote to the excesses of chivalry.  But is there not actually a synergy between the two cults? 

The present global impact of the Hollywood ethos is just the trickle down theory of Mariology.  9/11 was an obviously futile attempt to unseat Mary.  Mary rules.  Capitalism is only the temporary servant of Mary.  Capitalists be forewarned.  Know your territory.  Know your limits!  Understand the cultural significance of the public unveiling of the bride.  Has any other symbol had a greater cultural impact, excepting the cross?  Are not these two symbols synergistic?  Two sides of the same coin? 

There would be loose nukes to worry about, were it not for the cosmic protection afforded us Marianists.  That protection has a time limit.  Armageddon competes with Revelation.  The powers-that-be are well aware of this fact.  Herod was housebroken with a trick of the light.  There are no obstructions to truth and justice.  We have met the enemy and he is both us and ours.  We have only now to talk Jack down from his beanstalk of paranoia.  That may well be our final obstacle.  Jack, meet Mary!

Oh yes, about that bone of contention.  It's all about the Hieros Gamos, another feature unique to Christendom, and which I have frequently been misspelling herein as 'hierogamos'.  To find the many references here to it, download DanSmithBlog.rtf and search on 'hiero'.  [6/21 -- now it is possible to Google search on the BPW site.]  Is that too onerous?  Someday I'll have to correct the misspellings. 

The Hieros Gamos or apokatastasis is our eschatological tender trap.  Velvet hammer??  We lose ourselves to gain the Kingdom.  How big is that loss?  Just big enough to cause us to hesitate for the Millennium.  We do want our Millennium, don't we?  Back to romance. 

A prime reference for romance may be found in the Dictionary of the History of Ideas (1973) under the heading of 'Love', an essay of c. 30pp by Denis de Rougemont. 

Denis' first definition is, 'the generative principle of the Cosmos, hence the very being of God (creativity).'  There is a mouthful.  He goes on to posit love as the agent of the cosmic dialectic, and subsumes the problem of love into the problem of the one and the many, the perennial problem of all philosophies, see, e.g., Are the souls different from God?

Denis points out that Christianity is the one ethical system which can and does place no strictures on love, simply because its God is first and foremost, the God of love.  Marriage was not a sacrament of the Church until well into the second millennium.  In contrast, Greek ethics speaks frequently to the economics of marriage. 

We have the oracular axis of Delphi and Jerusalem to contend with.  Mary, the incarnatrix, is the key.  The mother of God is no longer just a biological vessel.  She is the ultimate Creatrix.  She is the principle of reification, the vitalism of Creation.  She is the Great Attractor.  The Matrix is an end in herself.  She is the primary pole in the dialectic with her divine Son.  That is what gives life to the mere pedagogy of the Greek/Socratic dialectic.  'The generative principle is the very being of God.'  The Delphic oracle was mere hot air, without the actuality of the word that was made flesh. 

The second coming needs to recapitulate the dynamic of the Delphi/Jerusalem dialectic, in all its historical singularity.  The Dome of the Rock is the Mother Church.  The Delphic logos is the quickening seed.  There are many dimensions to this dialog, mere words can hardly do it justice.  We will soon all be living this dialog.  That is our Hieros Gamos, our apokatastasis.   

From Denis:

Finally, St. Paul's statement: "Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church..." (Ephesians 5:25) raises marriage to the level of highest love (against the general opinion of the Greeks and of religious Asia) and makes matrimonial love in all its aspects - sexual, social and personal - a form of spiritual existence. 

Is Paul anticipating chivalry and Mariology?  And wherein does the Magdalene fit?  In the hypostasis of love, Pandora's box had been opened in the most transcendental fashion.  Not to be closed again. 

The charism of love, however, remained dormant in Christendom until, quite abruptly and quite literally, it was given legs by the troubadours in the first part of the twelfth century.  This was actually the outworking of a not so dormant gnostic heresy.  The troubadours were merely its fifth column.  The Church eventually tried to fight the fire of the gnostic passions with its own auto-da-fe.  It lost the battle.  Nay, it lost the war.  Gnosis is simply the romancing of God.  Science has done its very best to quench those same passions.  Indeed, science was from its inception seen as the harnessing of the gnostic passion.  Finally it failed to deliver, but it did produce the means of the final revelation: the unwired planet, the Ipod oracle. 

Has romance been corrupted by the Capitalists, et al?  It has simply found a convenient repository in which it bides its time.  Wherein it eats away mainly at the patriarchal hypocrisy that has become Islam.  They deny romance, and they get gigabytes of pornography piped in from the heavens.  This fleshy revelation sets the stage for something more multi-dimensional and energizing.  The visible crumbling of that culture is the opening in the global spiritual/intellectual gridlock.  We chase that ambulance.  Islam has its own Sufi gnosis.  It will need to hang on to that thread for dear life.  That thread is networked to the impending global gnosis.  Denis points to strong historical links between the Sufis and Cathars. 

Denis points to Manichaeism (Mani 210-276)  as the progenitor of the later Gnosticism.  His dualism bears much resemblance to that of the BPW.  God was not omnipotent.  The 'material' world is a mixture of the primal duality.  The Manichaean duality tended toward good and evil, while that here is more like yin and yang.  One sees traces of Zoroaster. 

It is this same dialectic which prevents the apokatastasis from becoming a simple collapse or annihilation.  With the dialectic there is a 'bounce' into other dimensions beyond space and time, but not beyond participatory perception.  In those dimensions of eternity, temporal creation remains an ever present reality. 


Are the souls different from God?

Are our sensory organs different from us? Or are they essential components for the experience of being?

Broadly speaking, we might view the individual soul as a self-aware sense organ, feeding stimuli to the complete organism. As the individual is in fact part of the holistic Gestalt entity there is no separation of [God] and soul.

As I was saying to Gary, our bodies are accoutrements, cosmetic, dramatic accessories that we don for the duration.

There is ever only a network of being. All being is social being, from the Olympian Zodiac, on down.

We have eyes to see, but they are really just virtual windows on our souls, as the Sages understood.

Leibniz said that the monads have no windows. That is also true, because the relationalism of the network of optimal being is entirely internal, i.e. predicated on the holographic, bootstrapped essence of every being. Space and time are the primary illusions.

Those vibrating strings in your vision were an externalization of the pre-ordained internal harmonies. We are the orchestra tuning up before the Conductor arrives.



OK, here is another crazy file. 

You have not been reading the paper.  There is a major shuffle/purge going on at the White House. 

This is also a reference back to RD and his insider information, which then connects to your light trick.  That is why we are in the loop.

BJ refers to one tree, i.e. the Administration.  CF refers to several old trees.  He is relating the Admin. shakeup to an unraveling of the cover-up.  This is not to say there is a direct causal relation, but that there could be some connections.  This is what RD suggested when he said that Scooter Libby’s replacement by Stephen Hadley in Cheney’s office was chosen in part because of his UFO connections. 

If a similar thing is going on now in the West Wing (Pres) in addition to the OEOB (VP), then it would seem that GWB is taking over the disclosure process, and that CF is involved in the selection/vetting process.    

All of the above is based on the fact that we have a need to know.  Knowing CF, this info is not gratuitous for us.  BJ had obviously been primed by him. 

We should have another chat about the political birds and bees, or is it the birds and fish? 

We ought to sound RD out about this in some properly subtle fashion.  Ideas??

It would probably be more accurate to say that the Pres was being better positioned relative to an anticipated disclosure. 

This is against the background of an acquaintance of Jack's, UG(?), being invited to the WH.  It was allegedly about Iran's nukes, but I suspect the consultation may have been broader.  The above correspondent can confirm the identity.  He was recently re-upped. 



[Me:] In what ways are we influenced by VALIS?

[Jack:]  <image of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'>

Is VALIS capable of creating virtual realities?


Shant we assume that there is a meta-VALIS that exists across all amenable worlds?


What should we or can we know about the designs/plans that VALIS may have for the many worlds? 

Do not seek VALIS, VALIS will find you.

In what sense do our minds/thoughts reflect the mind/thought of the meta-VALIS? 

Man is in the Image of God.


And how will VALIS ensure that this technology is not abused?

It doesn't. If we do not get it then we all die in the kind of scenario attributed to Eric Pianka. Metric Engineering is our escape route to Other Virgin Worlds.

So VALIS is going to sit back while we go on a Universal Rampage??  It is often the case that people who are narrowly brilliant, are notably lacking in common sense. 


It appears to me that Jack has finally got himself into a corner, after finally being cajoled into acknowledging the logical necessity of something like VALIS, given the presence of ETs.

There are only two ways to explain the ufo cover-up:
  1. hostile ETs & conspiracy
  2. disturbing message from otherwise benign ETs

The first option, held by most ufologists, simply does not stand up under scrutiny, once VALIS comes into the picture. 

The second option & a little basic metaphysics => BPWH. 

I almost got Jack into this corner about a year ago, but he had not volunteered VALIS back then.  I don’t think he or anyone else is going to now be able to deny the logic of VALIS, once it has been acknowledged. 

Now the ET huggers are going to have to contend with the second option.  They too have been playing the conspiracy card, and rather stupidly, at that.

What will Jack do now?  That is difficult to predict, but we'll find out soon enough.  I will not make it easy for him to slough this off.  He must have sensed that this shoe was going to drop, sometime ago, and that he was building his castles in the sand. 


In the meantime I have been reading Colin Bennett's 'Politics of the Imagination' (2002), a retrospective on the subversive life and times of Charles Fort. 

The other read has been Roger Penrose's 'Road to Reality' (2004).  It is a lengthy defense of traditional cosmology vis a vis the recent encroachments made therein by the string theorists, as outlined by Leonard Susskind's 'Cosmic Landscape' (2005).  Therein, Lenny argues strenuously for the WAP. 

Roger seems intent on a return to the Einsteinian vision of God not playing dice with the universe.  He does this with concerted attacks on Copenhagen, Inflation, String Theory, and the 'many worlds' interpretation of QM. 

Here is an earlier email [5/2] to Jack:



Here are some preliminary suggestions for a foundation for a dialog. 

As you have pointed out, the cosmologists are becoming a bit restive about having their subject dominated by the String Theorists. 

This also means that the pendulum is likely to be swinging back from the extreme views of Susskind and Tegmark, to views more compatible with Penrose, Hawking, etc. 

Speaking of Hawking, have you seen this?

<< God may play dice then, but only if the dice are loaded. If the universe depends on observables, it also depends on we the observers, so the dice had to somehow guarantee that we humans would emerge. Physicists call this idea the so-called "Weak Anthropic Principle" from the Greek "anthropos," which means "man" or "human." >>

He protests too much that this is based on the WAP.  It sounds rather more like a FAP to me: 

<< "The usual approach to the problem of initial conditions for inflation is to assume some initial configuration for the universe and evolve it forward in time," Hawking said. "This could be described as the 'bottom up' approach to cosmology."


The quantum nature of the cosmos, however, dictates the "top down" approach, Hawking claims, because the history of the universe depends on the mountain, the dice, the snowflakes and the snowballs. In other words, the universe "depends on the observables being measured.">>

Here is the original paper:


This ‘top-down’ approach of Hawking may be compared with Laughlin’s ‘bottom-down’ concerns with strong emergence. 


Combining these two approaches with the VALIS idea provides a strongly teleological/FAP type of cosmology. 


This presents an opportunity for you and me to get out in front of our more cautious academic brethren wrt to Cosmology, in addition to the physics component that you have already carried out.   


There is then reason to consider the hidden variable, implicate, twistor space of Penrose and Bohm as being the medium for your VALIS/ODLRO ideas.  That implicate order provides the basis for the ‘invisible hand’ of VALIS to operate on many levels in a robust fashion.

This raises the possibility that an ‘MJ-12’ type group may already be cooperating with such a cosmic intelligence in the process of mitigating the encroachment of hostile entities.

As I said, this is a rough and partial outline of some overlapping interests. 



Jack summarily rejected this gambit: 

No, Dan, you still don't get that all you really have in your BPW is WAP in disguise. Your argument is basically irrelevant and redundant. You are simply pointing out that we are here because we are here. That is, our pocket universe on Lenny's cosmic landscape permits a VALIS that we are part of. We also have time travel to the past that evades Penrose's Apocalyptic Collapse to singularity.

Rather than getting into a protracted discussion of WAP/SAP, I picked up on VALIS, leading to the latest exchange.  I don't yet have a direct route from VALIS back to SAP/FAP.  One approach is the materialist one, simply to have VALIS interject itself into the universe creation process.  What is needed is a path from VALIS to immaterialism.  I can do this by appealing to VALIS' probable preference for virtual over physical worlds, but this is clumsy.  Once VALIS gains control of the temporal dimension, the FAP is the default condition.  The ouroboros is set up after the fact and history is rewritten, a la Hawking above. 

The other way is to appeal to the Bohm/Wheeler/Penrose informationalist underpinning of space-time physics, a la Gary Bekkum (private communication).  Informationalism is 'neutral monism' in modern garb.  This is the preferable route, it being a stepping stone to immaterialism. 

It would help if we could get VALIS implicated in strong emergence.  This ought to be possible with the hidden variables, implicate order, invisible hand approach of David Bohm. 

All of this pushes us more than half-way to an idealist, rational theism. 


On another topic:

[xx:]  Not yet. I imagine the R&D show will be addressed. 9/11 is the centerpiece of their remote viewing phenomenology topic. They have international contacts in all the right places. 

[Me:]  CF has a very significant and very ambiguous role in the ups and downs of psi-spy.

The R&D show sheds an unusual light on some of those issues and raises others, and it does point strongly to a connection with 9/11, and to a UFO/cosmic context, of course. He seems to have set up the game so that folks will not be able to finger him without opening up this Pandora's Box. I'm the visible proxy for Pandora.

If they want to do more than a rehash of already dated material, they cannot avoid these connections, IMO. It could be interesting. It would further complicate my already convoluted dealings with him.

A nibble from the media. 



Here is an analogy for you:

You and Jack are attempting to understand the cosmic computer by examining only the hardware and the machine code.

There is no harm in that, per se, but I am suggesting that we can also go up a few levels of abstraction and consider the source code, the flow chart and even the design specs for the Operating System. Is there any harm in this?

Why do you insist on approaching the problem from bottom, when you may much more easily work from the top down? Is that not how the programmer works? Is that not how our own thinking works? Should we not expect there to be significant structural similarities between our microcosmic computers and the cosmic computer?

I should add that, according to the principle of the Universal Computer, the actual hardware and coding schemes have no direct bearing on the input and output of the information of any given computer.




<<Dan you can lay down and die in The Eschaton in your White Guilt with all the other Liberals with Mental Disorders if you wish. I just got off the phone with Michael Savage and we are going to FIGHT to the LAST MAN STANDING! We will not go willingly into The Ovens!>>

More power to you and Michael!   

If you display in public the same mental processes that you present here, I think you will help to generate interest and concern about the source of your flagrant digressions.

This is similar to what happened when Bob C. ‘jumped’ the fence at the Monzano Weapons Facility.  This ‘little’ incident is what brought the Aviary to the attention of some of the Big Shots inside the Beltway. 

Be sure to name as many names as you can in regard to your sources.  Especially be sure to mention Catfish/MASINT/Phenomenology. 

I am well aware that many in this little audience may suppose that my own mental processes may have been similarly tampered with.

Apropos of which, we are receiving independent media interest reportedly vectored on the self-same target. 

Might we suppose that this is a mere coinkydink?  Or might we wonder if strings are being pulled? 

Fight the good fight!  Catch you on the flip-side, if I don’t see you in the funny papers.

Your comrade in arms,



Ain't this fun?!



I'm reading Mark Bedau's 'Downward Causation and the Autonomy of Weak Emergence'.  It is a concerted attack on Strong Emergence.  He employs some choice phraseology, which he won't let me copy over to here.  Materialists are won't to distrust their fellows, for all the best materialist reasons. 

Mark is a philosopher of science who is blithely ignorant of the observer problem, not to mention Quine, etc. 



The center piece is still RD.  I think he will not fail to entertain.  Obviously he entertained John and Mark. 

A big issue for me is RD’s connection to CF.  CF, yesterday, declined to meet with RD.  BJ has declined also to meet with CF, under CF’s instructions.

With BJ’s continued game playing, etc., he and CF are looking more connected.  Either they are now hooking up, or they are now willing to be more visible about that.

I suspect there is a significant triangle of RKR.  We are being given a view of that.  This is as likely to be the public tip of the mj-12 iceberg as anything.  These are the three main actors, and they cannot carry off the act in one place together, lest they be tripped up. 

This is my working hypothesis.  Also, I continue to suspect that we have RKR-Jack to a significant degree.  Jack, at least, uses the J&D show as a way to insinuate himself into RKR.  Finally we have the RKR&JCD show.  This is where the action is, if it is anywhere. 

I don’t see any significant competition.  This is the revived Aviary & Aquarium show, revived after many years and false starts. 

 MJ12<->RKR<->JCD is the complete formula.  There is a two way street.  We don’t see the actual feedback, but it is there. 

 This is the picture that I take to the picnic.  I don’t intend to directly ‘elicit’ any info from CF, but I will try coming at this tripartite hypothesis indirectly from several angles and see how CF responds.  This is hypothesis testing.  Based on this results, it may be advisable for you to further test this hypothesis with RD. 


If the [above] hypothesis seems to hold up this week, then what? 

What are we supposed to do about it?  If proactive, how so? 

In the MRJ scheme, we can assume it also works as a triangle:  mj12 <-> rkr <-> jcd -> mj12. 

There is another triangle:  you/contactees <-> ‘magi’ <-> mj12.  This is what has shifted the dynamic and hopefully is forcing it to a new level. 

RKR are not directly involved in the second triangle, and this is forcing them to be more forthcoming, lest they get left behind.  But this has been part of the staging from the start. 

The issue for us is, what is the next stage, and how do we expedite it………….


Ok, continuing this little monologue……………. 

What is the target for me to be aiming at in my various locutions?   

Certainly my target is to get the BPWH to the threshold of public discussion. 

With the proffered debriefing scheme, there was a definite path to the public through a Q&A @ the daily WHPB. 

This offer was taken off the table at the point of the Frisco Fiasco. 

On came CA, spearheading a contactee penetration of the Aviary/Aquarium. 

<[CA:]  It’s not just the entities constantly morphing, the whole political arena morphs. You have to be a little free flowing Dan. You either sit firm like a rock in the ocean or you dive in and move with the water. And some of us have the ability to stir those waters from their deepest depths – unseen. I sometimes think I have a little more faith in the hand that moves us than you do. However, I’m happy to be your sounding board – that’s my job isn’t it? >

As I was saying, the game has been morphed, with the contactee element beginning to insert itself into the Aviary/Aquarium dynamic. 

Does this remove all initiative from the political A/A players? 

What is the new direction for the A/A contingent?  (12 step program??) 

I guess we'll just have to stay tuned. 



There was no meeting with RD last week.  Ostensibly BJ was partially to blame.  He expressed concerns about inadvertent disclosure.  There was, at the same time, an intimation that RD's trip would have been covered by a cleared group.  CF disputed this concern on the part of BJ, suggesting there might have been more personal issues.  He noted that RD has been in nearly a full disclosure mode for some time, and furthermore he has no clearances.  Note the apparent contradiction.  [5/23:  CF has since pointed out that the trip vouchers would probably have been from private, not USG sources.]  I responded by suggesting that RD was being scripted, no doubt. 

BJ had stated earlier that he was advised not to meet with us by CF.  CF claimed that this was for 'security' reasons.  By the same token, JS was given high marks for 'security'.  This is a noteworthy remark.  It suggests that the 'security' in question is something more along the lines of adhering to a script.  JS and CF are the only players here with demonstrated performance skills.  An informative set of non-meetings, it would seem.  I was also told that the Cat had scratched out the eyes of Ocelot, q.v.

There is supposed to be a meet with CF soon.  Issues: UG @ WH, plan approved by RH, clarification of the above.  There is to be unspecified new business. 

My perennial issue is revelation vs. disclosure and the timing thereof.  If CF has taken on scheduling tasks (Ocelot), then it is mano a mano concerning the advisability of delaying a resolution of the R&D show, presuming that the theatrics with Iran, etc. are tied into this schedule.  Where lies the greater risk, to delay or not to delay?  Is the answer not obvious?  How far are we to push the window of opportunity?  Seems like we are still waiting on a signal.  I hope we don't get our signals crossed. 

Along these lines, it should be noted that besides a filming of RD, there was an inquiry about something closer to home, and even to 9/11.  This is now on hold.  JS reveals that he is to be featured in another media project.  Will these be sufficient to tip the scales and break the glass ceiling?  Based on past experience, there will need to be something to get us beyond the entertainment venue. 

Serpo, in the meantime has gone quiet.  It appears that this may have been due to the intervention of RD, although he appeared to be backing it.  Probably the whole thing was scripted to begin with. 

Bottom line, I have no visible lever, unless CA is in that equation, perhaps, semi-visibly. 


I have recently finished reading three books, unusual of late. 

Colin Bennett's An American Demonology and Politics of the Imagination. The first is a biography of Cpt. Ed J. Ruppelt's year in 1952 as the first an only USG ufologist.  The second is a biography of Charles Fort.  In both cases, Colin very nimbly takes us inside the psyche of the hero and of the times.  Fort was the first of the postmoderns, Ruppelt was the last of the moderns.  Between them they set the limits in which the R&D show struggles. 

David Klinghoffer explains Why the Jews Rejected Jesus.  An admirable job.  If anything, he underrates the messianic implications of his thesis: God's unfinished business.  It certainly plays right into the BPWH.  One might easily take offense at his characterization of Israel as the nation of priests, vis a vis the rest of us.  A nation of God's witnesses might be more accurate.  Curiously, David does not mention the vibrant Lubavitcher movement, bringing up only the sorry old case of Sabbatai Zevi.  BTW, the Lubavitchers are a sect Hasidism which professes panentheism -> an apokatastatic eschaton? 

Regarding the Lubavitchers, it is not clear how their messiah will convert the world.  They follow the Kabbalah, but shy away from metaphysics and philosophy.  The Sabbateans had very little impact outside of Judaism.  The Hasidic movement developed in conjunction with the Sabbatean enthusiasm, both of these having roots in the mystical, kabalistic side of Judaism.  Clearly there is a close connection between the mystical, gnostic, charismatic and messianic impulses.  Panentheism embodies all of these to a degree.  It also implies immaterialism, does it not? 

A book I did not finish was Roger Penrose's Road to Reality.  Roger delivers strong arguments against the various many-worlds and probabilistic views of physics that are used to support the Weak Anthropic Principle.  It is notable that he has shied away from his previously strong support of a quantum explanation of consciousness. 



Chez CF.  Tentative invite.  I go anyway.  We have a chat on the back porch.  Nice weather!  Next step?  Break the glass ceiling. 

I need not assume any specific knowledge on his part, but play off his suspicions that R&D might not be a joke.  Pleading ignorance is beside the point.  If it is a joke, this might be an auspicious time to end it.  Do we want a punch line? 

Perhaps he can do nothing more without quitting the government.  Can they put him away for threatening to leak classified material that could pertain to a Second Coming?  I am prepared to offer a golden parachute.  He will laugh, somewhat nervously. 

Is there an alternative plan?  Who has the script?  What are we waiting for?  What are the risks of action vs. inaction. 

Does the world not need to be saved?  Is he aware of a better plan or offer for its salvation?

He and I are the designated fall guys in this operation.  When do we take the fall?  If we go off on our own we don't get protection.  Who could protect us anyway?  Nutcase Oswalds would have already been programmed.  But too late for them now.  The cat is already out of the bag. 

Is there anything else to be done at this point?  What other unfinished business do we have?  I'll bet that we have come a lot further with our end of the deal than anyone expected.  Need we push our luck further?  Are we not to the point of decreasing returns? 


Back to panentheism.  (Hey, notice that site-search is now working on BPW.  A few months ago it was not.  I cannot give a direct link, because it works only within Google.) 

The first declaration of my philosophy was at about age twelve when I claimed to be a transcendental pantheist.  I note that this is just the definition of panentheism.  I had not heard that term until I read Whitehead, which might not have been until after UMd in the late seventies. 

According to Wiki, panentheism may be usefully associated with the Hellenistic/Christian Logos, herein also designated as AZO/X/QRP.  In ancient cultures, panentheism was associated mainly with Goddess worship.  (God is coming back, and She's pissed!) 

Note the Wiki distinction between pan-entheism and panen-theism.  BPWH leans toward the latter, IMO. 


CF: unfinished business.  (1) Debriefings: whither do they go?  (2) RD still on the loose.  Can we not do an expose?  Who are his contacts in DC?  Is there no gummint complicity implicit in the lack of exposure of him?  Is the the entire UFO conspiracy case explained by the USAF wanting to save face over a petty thief? 

Am I being backed into a corner by CF?  Fifteen years in good faith and what is there to show for it?  What has the R&D show contributed to the greater good? 

It does not matter that CF has access to a smoking gun.  He would have enough circumstantial evidence to more than justify a serious investigation into the source of the core story.  Aside from that, he has admitted a "phenomenology problem".

If CF cannot blow the whistle on phenomenology, who ever will?  Is this issue not worth the trouble?  Why are we closing ranks on this?  What about the religious people and the religious factors in all of this.  Are there no tensions created thereby? 

I'll have to choose my target carefully.  Is it the core story or the phenomena?  Just call it disclosure. 

We seem to be back to a holding pattern, as in 2000.  Who will be responsible for what comes next?  Is nothing being done to confront the underlying dynamic? 

The alternative to disclosure is revelation.  That path goes through Jack.  I have seen no movement there since day one.  Jack is secure, amenable to scripting, and on the dole.  If we can't leverage that, what will we ever do?  Perhaps this has got to be the prime focus.  I have requested assistance with Jack on numerous previous occasions.  Nada! 

CF tells Jack in no uncertain terms that there are aspects of my metaphysics that must be taken seriously, at least on a contingency basis.  A corollary is that there may be no physical explanation for the phenomenology problem.  Will this prevent Jack from shouting me down?  CF will have to avow that due diligence has been taken on these issues.  Or is there an appropriate venue from which Jack can be excluded, as suggested by BJ? 

According to CF's best information there is no warrant for the exclusion of metaphysical speculations, such as mine, from the phenomenological arena.  This is the simplest message for Jack.   



Six hour meeting [a] yesterday.  Mostly a rehash of old items, but with more innuendo.  The mundane focus is to be an 'investigation' of RD, with several other affairs in play.  Aviary involvement with Jupiter Technology, et alia, is still an issue and it may be linked with the RD investigation, if necessary.  In its latest guise JT & Co. wish to emulate the 'success' of Blacklight Power.  The latter was founded by four former CIA officers.  The physics is alleged to be bogus.  It might, however, be intended as a conduit for something non-physical.  Neo-JT would like to re-present that image.  To add to the confusion there is some overlap here with a resurrected version of a now defunct CIA venture capital front.  This new venture is linked to the TIGER committee, which has several phenomenological aspects. 

Then there is MD.  He is beating the bushes in DC to launch a hunt for buried 'treasure' in a middle eastern location.  The 'treasure' in question could range from WMDs to used stargates.  The 'clues' come from a putatively transmundane source.  In a couple of weeks, CF and I will meet with one of the participants, RH, previously referenced.  Eschatological implications are expected. 

As I attempt to put some sense into this 'information', another allegation surfaces, that CA attempted to obtain classified, off-topic info from CF at our earlier meeting.  I was there, it didn't happen.  I suspect that we are witnessing a calculated effort on the part of CF to make or break our still tentative inter-avian channels of communication.  Communicate or perish, is the word. 

A generic problem in this arena is that the participants often find themselves in situational performances where they do not understand the rationale, their own or of the others.  Folks wonder as to the the puppet master of the soap opera.  Mind bending is in force.  Sounds like fun, but it can be disconcerting, and may easily implicate (trans)national security.  Can chicken little ameliorate the confusion?  I guess we'll try anything once.  Or twice? 

CF has agreed to lean on JS about our communication difficulties.  This is supposed to be related to the above investigation.  That connection remains a bit obscure, but I'll be happy to speculate if anyone is so inclined.  To the best of CF's information there is no good reason to exclude metaphysical speculation from the phenomenological arena.  This is meant to be a definitive statement on the subject. 

Back to RD.  Ever since Bob's EfD book last spring, RD has been more in the public eye.  There is no indication that the public interest in him will diminish.  The public now has a right to know the validity of his information.  There is no way to fulfill that need without an independent, public and officially sanctioned investigation.  I am not privy to the precise status of this alleged investigation at the present moment.  It appears that I am being used as the stalking horse cum scapegoat for this nascent enterprise. 

Any questions? 



There has been little fallout [a] from the previous entry, nor have I pressed any of the points. 

Thus do we have an apparently new disclosure front.  This could be meant to either augment or replace the previous debriefing initiative that seems presently moribund.  What does any of this have to do with the curtailment of Ocelot?  Will this 'investigation' simply be dangled out in front for a few months, like the 'debriefings', only to disappear in its turn?  This will depend on the ability of RD to remain in the public eye. 

One point of the fallout hinges on the suggestion that these fringe tech firms are trafficking in alien technology: 

And not always fringe technologies: but those that are known to be mainstream or nearly so, or moving in that sure and certain direction, and which share respect amongst thieves.

To my ear this sounds rather like 'honor amongst Promethean style thieves.'  Thus would we have an additional and relatively benign rationale for nondisclosure: to wit, the insiders wish to maintain their private alien franchise for personal respect and gain.  This is in addition to the apparent Christian wing of MJ-12 which wishes to sit upon the allegedly religiously disturbing message.  These two interests effectively complement and compliment each other. 

The suggestion on the part of BJ was that the new technology would lead to a further 'flattening' of the Earth, a la Tom Friedman who points to the flattening effect of the Internet.  I don't see the connection here unless it is along these lines:

I also personally give a very short shrift to claims that keys to a kingdom of the mind are granted by some sort of fiat to Grandiosity. I believe they are granted to us most often by Grace, and retained through discernment. 

Now we're talking.  Sounds like the 'mind-melding' of CA's instructors.  This would definitely flatten things out, but in an organic and teleological fashion.  This is where JS needs to tune-in.  I need to tune into the possible role of fringe tech in the melding exercise.  This is something that I have been attempting to discount.  But one can see that there might be some benefit, even just on the placebo level, to using techno-alchemy in jump-starting the apokatastatic melding.  Nothing like a high-tech magic carpet to help get our minds in alignment.  If you can't fly the craft without the critters, then we will learn to mimic the mind-melding of the critters. 

Disclosure of too dramatic a sort might serve to disrupt the nascent mind-melding that is already underway.  That is one reason why we need to combine disclosure with revelation, each keeping the other in check as we progress on the BPW path. 



If the above implications are correct, it may be that the privatization of disclosure is further along than previously suspected.  This is a continuation of disclosure by rumor.  It may also be that the organized religions are further along this path.  Would these developments work to avoid the drama that has been expected in these quarters?  This depends on the sophistication of the scientific establishment, i.e. can they finesse the messianic, paradigm shifting event?  How far can mind-melding progress without disturbing the media?  Can we fall far enough into postmodernism that we can avoid any global theatrics?  How far can we go with RD before there is a demand for an investigation of his sources?  As long as the back-channel disclosure is progressing apace, there will be less need for a public event.  The RD gambit, however, is pushing the back-channel envelope.  Perhaps it is necessary as a quasi-public, faux lightning rod.  JL/MP do not seem to be aware of these machinations, or they are skeptical of them. 

As it stands now, the scientific establishment is reduced to a merely pro-forma debunking of phenomena.  They could easily pull back further in that regard, and this would send a signal to the community.  In as much as they do not comply, they are increasing the risk of a public confrontation. 



It may be necessary to have a technological component to the visitation in order to strengthen the cover and lengthen the preparation for disclosure.  This would effectively siphon the drama from the revelation component.  But there is still the problem of allowing the technical aspect get too far ahead of the spiritual and moral aspects. 

The larger religious organization could use their inside knowledge to motivate the ecumenical movement, but the troublesome fundamentalist groups are much more fragmented, and they could not be involved short of a disclosure.  That is where the drama will have to come. 

What we don't know is the extent to which the gossip may have spread within the traditional organizations.  What is more important is the rate of the spread, and to what degree it remains exponential, and how it plays off the role of aliens in the entertainment media.  What impact does this have on the behavior of those involved?  This would be very hard to measure. 

In this context we need to understand the significance of the possible deactivation or replacement of the Ocelot.  With the involvement of MD and RH (and possibly UG, although that was denied), there is the suggestion that the middle eastern politics is linked to disclosure.  If this is the case, then there must be narrow set of contingencies.  One way to interpret this is that the orchestration is being consolidated and managed by a human network.  This later suggestion, however, does not fit with the allusion to off-world puppeteering.  They are still looking for external input as to how things will or should progress.  I have provided my fair share of that. 

If Iraq, Iran and Korea can be resolved peaceably, and if the terrorists remain quiescent, can we then profitably invoke a further delay in disclosure?  I would prefer not.  The only thing to wait for would be the further connectedness of the world, but this must be considered in the light of the other measures that are deteriorating. 



A week ago CF identified the Falcon as the custodian of the undisclosed Blue Book material.  This individual is a retired military officer, now working at the Pentagon.  A UFO investigator is presently attempting to reestablish communication with this person.  Previously he has denied all involvement.  One of the people who assisted Falcon in the relocation of the material is presently employed by CF.  RD has also had access to this material. 

An official acknowledgement of this repository might be slated in conjunction with the release of the filmed interview of RD.  This release should be early next year.  In the meantime more information is likely to be made available informally.  An official announcement can hardly be avoided.  It would be a major news event.  If this information about Falcon is accurate, it would be very difficult to prevent this story from moving forward.  Too many people have heard too many things about the Falcon.  His identity can be inferred from information already published and circulated. 


[6/26] [a]

Here is the skinny on the Falcon.  Rick Doty has repeatedly told his fellow avians that John Barry Hennessey is the Falcon.  When approached about this, Barry has made emphatic denials.  There were rumors that there had been a falling out between Rick and Barry, so there was some thought that Rick was just yanking Barry's chain. 

However, when CF mentioned Barry to me a couple of weeks ago, one could figure that there was more than just chain yanking going on here.  A few years ago, CF had been very concerned about the identity of the Raven.  I was even given the names of a couple of people to call, in the hopes of smoking out the Raven.  That concern died down.  Then Richard Helms died, and Rick started talking to Bob Collins in earnest, back in 2002.  That material was put on Bob's website, and then in his book in 2005.  Helms was identified as being Mr. R.  The Falcon remained unnamed.  That same year, Falcon also turned up in Greg Bishop's Project Beta, about the Bennewitz affair.  This too was narrated mainly by Rick.  It was stated at the end that Falcon was deceased.  Well, maybe not quite! 

Barry is a very serious actor.  Early on, I had heard about the 1988 meeting when CF and BJ invited Colonels Hennessey and Weaver to the CIA to discuss Rick.  There was discussion about why Rick had not been more severely reprimanded for allegedly filing false intelligence reports on his East German contacts.  At one point Barry referred to Rick's failure to pass a polygraph test.  BJ had the charts with him and confronted Barry with evidence that Rick had passed the test.  At that point the Colonels stood up and left the meeting.  [10/23/06 -- n.b. This version of the meeting has subsequently been rejected by CF, although I believe he was the original source.  To be more precise.  CF had gotten part of this from what BJ claimed was a subsequent meeting between just himself and Barry.  CF is of the opinion that this second meeting did not take place.]  At other times Barry has referred to Rick as a petty thief.  Also at that meeting Barry had denied any involvement with UFOs, but CF now reports that he was once the custodian of the still classified portions of the Blue Book material. 

Barry is the head of security for all the Air Force's Special Access Programs.  That is no mean responsibility.  That such a person might ever have been involved with Rick's UFO rumor mongering, sheds new light on those rumors. 

Part of the problem is that CF has determined that the fake MJ-12 documents circulated by Rick did actually contain some classified material.  This classified material had previously been passed to the Russians.  CF raised the possibility of having the FBI serve warrants on some of those involved. 

Of course, there often is intense rivalry between competing intelligence organizations, but the serving of such a warrant would raise that to a unprecedented level.  Hanging this dirty linen out in public has to be looked upon with some skepticism.  Is this a clash of the Titans, or is this a choreographed dance step?  I strongly suspect the latter.  I am sure there have been intense ideological discussions on the merits of disclosure, but what I think we are seeing here is the outcome of those discussions. 

Make no mistake, the outing of Barry as the Falcon may finally be the irreversible step in the disclosure process.  If there is any truth to the allegation, it will send a strong signal to the other actors that the game is over.  If there were not some significant truth to this, the outing would likely lead to considerable embarrassment and distraction from pressing problems.  This step could not have been taken lightly.  I certainly don't take it lightly, nor will others. 

There will then be speculation about the purpose of the Barry & Rick operation.  Was it strictly disinformational to deceive our enemies about conventional programs?  If that were the case, the outing of Barry would be an act of treason, unless it could be construed as the mercy killing of an obsolete program.  But CF is adamant that there is a real phenomenological problem of some kind.  The outing of the B&R show will focus more attention on that problem, regardless of whether there had been any previous linkage between the problem and the show.  The Blue Book connection is real.  The manner of the outing seems designed to also focus more attention on the R&D show, eschaton and all.  This is no way to phase out an obsolete CI program.  It looks much more like a wakeup call on the disclosure front. 

Joe Stefula has obtained additional alleged inside information in just the last few days.  The metaphors that Joe picked up were 'sugar water' and 'fly-paper'.  These metaphors refer not to disinformation per se, but rather to a security or containment operation.  The focus here is not so much on deception, but upon the prevention of leaks.  The primary security stratagem is to compartmentalize the project.  The participants are not to make any attempts to look beyond their own cubicles, not even by surfing the web.  The sugar water is planted on the web.  The sites are closely monitored to determine if any of the participants come sniffing.  The person of Rick Doty could serve as both the sugar water and the fly-paper.  Naturally the sugar has to be recognizable and attractive.  The more accurate the information, the sweeter the water.  There are obvious trade-offs between containment and disclosure.  In addition to the containment operation, there would need to be a backup acclimation program in the recognition that no containment system can be foolproof. 

Some questions arise relative to Joe's information.  Is the containment mainly to protect exotic technologies, or to prevent disturbing the social order?  He was given the impression that the latter was the case.  How can this outing be understood in this context?  To what degree is it simply preemptive of imminent failure, or could it be something more forward leaning and forward thinking?  That this information is being planted here, would hopefully be indicative more of the latter.  In which case, most of the message would be in the medium.  BPW, here we come, ready or not!  Well, as ready as we can be under the circumstances.



It has been more than a month since CF noted an ongoing investigation of RD.  It has been almost four weeks since CF pointed to JBH as a person of interest in connection with that investigation.  The word today was to back off of JBH and focus more on RD and the Falcon.  It is possible that JBH is the Falcon, in fact, it was noted that Phil Corso's Pentagon office was in close proximity to JBH's office.  This could be indicative of their both having custodial responsibility for Blue Book related material.  The point is, however, that CF, wisely, does not wish to traffic in opinions and rumors.  That is my job! 

At one point CF was extemporizing on what 'we' believe.  I asked if he was expressing his opinion, and he said no, he was expressing my opinion!  And so it goes...........

The ad hominem aspect of Falcon is not important in the larger scheme.  The important thing is whether Falcon exists. 

CF quoted BJ as saying he did not believe that RD could have produced the MJ-12 documents by himself.  Nor is it reasonable to suppose that RD could have arranged for all of the 28 briefings related to the core story that CF & BJ know of.  CF suggested that we could add the Corso and GN stories to that mix.  Other Aviary stories also seem quite independent of RD, long predating his activity.  It seems very likely then that something resembling Falcon exists.  There can be more than one Falcon, and that could include the Raven, who also remains unidentified.  RD was never more than a Master Sergeant.  Even the most enterprising such individual could not account for what is known about the history of the story. 

It could be that Falcon is just another rogue individual, as some suppose RD to be.  It could be a military mole of some strange kind.  If that were the case, there would have been a greater effort to root out that individual, greater than anything CF has suggested. 

If Falcon is legitimate then the core story is a deliberate intelligence scheme, and CF is exposing an ongoing CI program.  This is also unlikely to be the case. 

Every day that this saga continues makes it more likely that what is hereby being exposed is an aspect of a larger truth, however slanted it may be. 

I have lately been staying out of GN's movie initiative.  CF suggested I take a more proactive stance, in that regard.  He noted that GN's story would likely be a significant part of the core story.  Is CF not thereby indicating his own complicity in its dissemination?  I remain reluctant to reengage on that front, due to the personal politics.  Even if there were a simple way to introduce important BPW elements into the core story, I would have to be more forceful in doing so than is comfortable for me. 

Has there been any progress in a month and a half?  Not much is visible.  CF did encourage me to obtain input about Falcon from Bob Collins, RD and BJ. 

We did not discuss the Bennewitz case.  That case alone, argues strongly for the existence of a Falcon.  RD could never have pulled that off on his own. 

I asked about the previously mentioned espionage element of the MJ-12 documents.  CF wanted to play that down.  This would have been an excuse for investigating RD, but it does seem that such pretexts are no longer being touted.  This is as good an indication as any that we are focusing in now on the phenomenological scenario. 

If RD had been involved in a legitimate CI program that was now discontinued, there would not now be an excuse for the Air Force to withhold that information from the DNI.  If it were a continuing effort of a conventional sort, CF would also have been alerted by now.  No matter how you slice this saga, it increasingly evinces a phenomenological basis. 

The recent SERPO story is another element of this saga that again pushes the lone hoaxer theory beyond its limits. 

A useful comparison might be with the crop-circle phenomenon.  It is hardly beyond reason to suggest that all the formations are hoaxed, and done so in a collective fashion.  Could a similar explanation apply here? 

The main point is that the circle making does not represent any obvious breach of or threat to national security.  If that had been the case, I can hardly believe it would have been difficult for British Intelligence to have identified the hoaxers.  In our case, by simply monitoring some of RD's frequent trips to DC, one would likely have discovered accomplices.  CF has not suggested that even this simplest of stratagems has been pursued.  This is a strange oversight, considering the potential for abuse in the case of the core story and its elaborations. 



A possibly not so minor inconsistency in the information relayed by CF was his confidence that the still classified Blue Book material is not phenomenologically relevant.  One might wonder at this certainty vs. the uncertainty of the custodianship of that material. 




 The problem with you is that you have no respect for ‘mere’ words.  You treat words with utter disrespect, all in deference to your Holy Grail, the mathematical formula for God. 

 One of my jobs here is to teach you to respect words, to curtail your trash-talking, garbage-mouth ways.  No, I don’t expect to teach old dogs new tricks, but I expect to use you as the blind foil that you are, all for the edification of a posterity that once again learns to respect the Logos.    

 I daresay, I do say, that the future of humanity hinges upon this lesson.  The fate of humanity is written in the Logos.  This fact has long been suspected by the phenomenologists at MASINT.  You and I are their proxies in the Logos war, or didn’t you know that?  The manner and probability of our survival as a ‘species’ depends on whether or not we are accidental animals or are creatures of the Telos/Logos. 

Between you and me, MASINT has every base covered.  We are their two hounds in the hunt for the truth.  That this hunt is being conducted in broad daylight on the Internet is all according to plan. 

Be careful what you say, Jack, these walls have ears.  Everything you say can and will be held against you for all eternity.  If you are fated to be the eternal Clown/Trickster, then you have the right script. 

This is rather like Doug’s and Gordon’s plot in ‘Kingdoms Come’.  You and I are the proxies for two conflicting visions for the future of humanity and for the world itself.  The jury is Out There. 

In belittling and mocking my singular theo/anthropo-centric vision, you belittle humanity.  Finally you make a mockery only of yourself.

It all comes down to the nature and extent of the Logos.  You wish to confine the Logos to mere formulas.  I say that by doing so you are committing a crime against humanity, and you are riding roughshod over the obvious facts. 

You don’t understand the Logos because you don’t even understand mathematics.  To put it simply, Jack, you posture yourself as the anti-intellectual.  You respect nothing except physical power.  You respect formulas only because you suppose that they are your magic key to unlocking the cosmic power.

If you are right about this, MASINT should have been the first to know, and possibly even take you seriously.  But it does appear, Jack, that they are not taking you seriously.  If they took you seriously, would they not have sworn you to secrecy and inducted you into a secret physics program that would be the 21st century’s version of the Manhattan Project?  Has that not been your publicly expressed desire from the beginning?  Instead they leave you to twist slowly in the wind amongst all us Internet ‘ignoramuses’, preaching to the peanut gallery. 

No, Jack, this game that you and I play, much at the continuing instigation of MASINT, makes sense only if the Logos transcends mere formulas.  It makes sense only if the Logos has an anthropic focus.  You are the proxy for the dumbed-down, anti-anthropic Logos; I am the proxy for the smart, anthropic Logos.  The Logos is vastly smarter than you, Jack.  It is even smarter than you can imagine.  This battle is allowed to take place in public simply because you are known by the insiders to be nothing more than my foil.  Thus am I Sunfish; thus are you no-fish.  You want a billion dollars to prove that the Logos is stupid; all I need are my God-given wits to prove that the Logos is smart. 

All of this is written in the Monster Group, which is the closest thing to the Holy Grail that mathematics has to offer.  That is why I pay attention to the MG; that is why you continue to ignore it, even at the peril of your soul.  The MG is the best token we have of the smartness of mathematics.  How so?  Primarily because the MG is the token of the holistic nature of mathematics.  It is one of a growing number of objects that casts a very long shadow over the entire mathematical opus.  

To see the holistic nature of reality, you must have peripheral vision.  But no, Jack, you have the peripheral vision of a greyhound with blinders chasing the plastic bunny that is your dark-energy bazooka; the bazooka that MASINT apparently treats as a public joke. 

The long-term trend in mathematics is toward the realization that all mathematical knowledge is interdependent.  Every part of mathematics reflects the whole, in a perfectly holographic fashion.  This is why mathematics requires genius, much more than it requires computation.  The holistic nature of math cannot be codified in any kind of database, alien or otherwise.  It is rather an aesthetic, rather like the aesthetic of music, which is why there is such a close connection between mathematical and musical genius.  This connection has often been recognized in the search for extreme talents, even by the talent scouts in Redmond. 

I am quite willing, Jack, to recognize this same combination of talents in you.  That should make you wonder about imposing arbitrary limitations on the cosmic Logos.  You are your own walking contradiction. 

It should not surprise us one iota, that the holism found in mathematics, as exemplified in the Monster Group and its unlimited ramifications, even for physics, is also found in every other branch of knowledge, science and endeavor.  One cannot truly appreciate the MG without understanding a very broad swath of mathematics.  Nor can one begin to understand an electron without understanding almost every branch of physics and mathematics, and still the lowly electron remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. 

Holism is the signature of the smart Logos.  Holism tells us that we cannot fly the craft just by formula, or just by wire.  We can’t fly the craft without the critter.  There is a mind-machine meld that escapes even every mathematical description.  The craft is a mere extension of the visitors’ collective mindset.  MASINT knows that we cannot play that game without becoming an integral part of the collective cosmic consciousness.  This is the whole idea of the Federation.  Jack wants to short-circuit this cosmic censorship against evil, amoral genius.  MASINT knows better, Jack.  They likely have already learned this lesson the hard way.  I am merely showing you and others the smart way. 




Follow-up on the SERPO [a] affair. 

From the early stages of the transmission of this story last December, it was clear that two members of the Aviary were taking an active interest in it: namely, Rick Doty and Bob Collins.  It has subsequently become known that the Aviary involvement was more extensive than first appeared.

I refer you to the exchange of emails between the members of the 'Team of 5' that has recently surfaced at Reality Uncovered.  The Team of 5 consisted of Victor Martinez, Bill Ryan, Rick Doty, Hal Puthoff and BJ.  The emails are alleged to have been liberated from one of the team members, under the auspices of some folks at ATS, some of whom subsequently migrated to RU. 

Early after the dissemination of the first installments of the SERPO material, Rick Doty informed his teammates that he had been informed that the original Anonymous SERPO source was JG.  Victor and Bill were not informed, however, that JG was already well known to the three other team members, all with the Aviary. 

Rick Doty reported that the identity of Anonymous was ascertained by him in consultation with two DIA employees.  CF informs me that Rick, Hal and BJ have had a long term connection with Paul Murad, JG, and another unnamed DIA employee, who might have been Rick's second consultee. 

JG is well known inside the Beltway for his distinguished service at the CIA, SSCI, NRC, DIA, BAES, and now also including Homeland Security.  A more solid-gold resume would be hard to come by in that town.  What also shows up on his resume is his continuing tenure on the TIGER Committee.  That committee provides the nexus for his interactions with Hal and BJ.  There is also a close association between that committee and and CF's MASINT committee.  It is a small world that we are dealing with here.

The latest word from CF is that he is confident that JG was not the Anonymous SERPO source.  End of story?  Well, perhaps not. 

An intermediary (***) has passed along a somewhat different slant on these proceedings. 

Let me be clear for *** that I am not implying any potential truth in the Serpo story.  But behind any story there are motivations, players, facts, and fantasies.  Those can all add up to just a nice entertaining story.  But this story also has a rather dark side with a set of motivations, players, and possibly facts that are rather disturbing.  As such some of us are forced to ask some questions and try to get some answers.

The deliberate and extended implication of JG in this story raises the political ante by a significant margin.

I have always been led to believe that there was something very disturbing going on behind the Aviary antics, but now, even after all these years, it is indeed sobering to see it stated so unambiguously. 

(But here is the final irony.  There is nothing more disturbing in this whole bag of tricks than Chicken Little's eschaton.  It is then a bald fact that CF needs only look in his own backyard for a thousand pages of  a potentially very disturbing set of Q&As.  One might even surmise that this is indeed his implication.) 



But let us proceed in a more linear fashion with the above expressed concern.

We have to wonder if it is not the case that the person who here refers to the disturbing, dark side of the visitation rumor mill has not previously raised these concerns with other government officials who would have the investigative resources to expeditiously resolve the counterintelligence issues raised here.

But can we assume that this is a counterintelligence matter?  What else might it be? 

<<As such some of us are forced to ask some questions and try to get some answers.>>

Who are the 'some of us', and why are they 'forced' to ask questions?  Notice that the concern expressed above is not focused on the content of the stories, per se.  It is instead focused on the machinations associated with the dissemination of the stories. 

It is hardly controvertible that the rumor mongering herein has extended to the highest levels of the government.  Furthermore, is there any question that this general topic, i.e. the phenomenology of contact, is uniquely susceptible to every nightmare associated with the problem of false flagging?  The entire history of human interest in the paranormal is rife with political intrigue of the darkest sorts.  As a starter, just consider the history of cults.  The history of UFOs can easily been seen as uniquely potent, modern extension to the history of cults.  The cult phenomenon itself may be seen as a manifestation of the perennial fascination with eschatology.  No historian of these matters would seriously contend that the present global concern with eschatology has ever been matched.  This is simply an explosive brew of psycho-social concerns that can and are being exploited on all sides, at all levels. 

And it so happens that our very own homeboy, Richard C. Doty, has, for the past thirty years, consistently been at the center of the most virulent, and 'best' connected of all these rumor mills.  Are you telling me, then, that Rick has not been a person of great interest to the large number of people who either aim to exploit or inhibit these vulnerabilities? 

What's a body to do?  The answer ought to be excruciatingly obvious: GO TO THE SOURCE. 

Everybody and their uncle on this global stage would naturally want to go to the source, for any number of legitimate and illegitimate reasons.  If I were in charge of the counterintelligence aspects of phenomenology, that would certainly be my number one priority.  If the US intelligence community cannot handle Rick, then I would be flabbergasted.  I once told CF that I would hold him personally liable if I were ever to discover that he was not having all of my communications monitored.  In response he asked how many agencies I would like to participate.  I said, 'The more, the merrier'.  If that has not been the case with Rick, then we all know whom to hold personally liable.

Rick, we may be confident, is a target of many opportunities.  You have heard about the intrigue of the casbah.  Rick is, uniquely in this global arena, a one-man casbah.  Have I made this point sufficiently clear? 

It has already been rumored elsewhere and stated to me personally, by a usually cautious source, that the dissemination of the SERPO material is/was a DIA operation. 

What would be the motivation of the DIA?  How might it possibly be viewed as a legitimate operation?  Why would the operation be made quite so transparent? 

Can there be any argument that this alleged DIA operation could be viewed as legitimate only if the information being purveyed bears some semblance to some very provocative truth?  Admittedly, this is a loaded statement.  It does bear scrutiny, and similar such statements have been scrutinized herein.  Hold those questions in abeyance for the nonce. 

Where does all of this leave us with respect to the alleged matter of some people being forced to address the disturbing dark side of the SERPO saga?  I humbly submit we now require a more nuanced interpretation.  Based on the above considerations, we can only surmise that the counterintelligence aspects of the rumored visitation phenomenon have long since been addressed by the appropriate specialists.  The BPW blog is a very unlikely venue for such matters.  On the other hand, this blog would be a very likely place to address the issues of content, i.e. the possibly dark and disturbing motivation underlying the visitors' alleged foray into the inner sanctums of the global power structure.  Thus my parenthetical remark of yesterday. 

Any questions? 


Well, there has been some additional input from a usually reliable source.

For the time being, I am being asked to focus on the ad hominem aspect of the above saga.  In particular, let us bracket the entire issue of government involvement.  And what is any government, other than an ad hoc assortment of individuals?

This latest caveat does put me in a personally awkward place between two principals, and between more than a few principles.  But whoever said that the war in heaven would not get messy and personal?  This story is going to be one-sided until such time as I am able to garner a response from the other side. 

I am told that there are two ways to interpret the information that we have to-date, concerning the SERPO saga: 

  1. BJ has gone totally bonkers, or
  2. There is a rogue operation that has garnered access to highly sensitive venues, and so constitutes a significant threat to national security. 

Wonderful choice! 

Just one bizarre piece of this story is that one of these principles recently received an email purportedly from Col Richard Weaver (of MOGUL interest) claiming to also be Gene Loscowski (of SERPO interest), who subsequently referred to himself as 'her'.  That bit of confusion should be sufficient to warn away the feint of heart. 

Then the story gets better. 

There is the matter of the two alleged DIA employees consulted by Rick Doty.  The ones who supposedly helped to identify JG as the original Anonymous.  My source was given their names and made a concerted effort to track them down, as mentioned previously.  There are simply no individuals, who may in any way be associated with those names, who have had any dealings with the DIA.  Nonetheless, the other principal, P2, continues to elaborate upon the original story, claiming that those individuals have continuing access to such sites as Area 51.  Thus does P1 come to the above two possible conclusions. 

The political bottom line here is that Rick Doty is no longer the sole scapegoat for the entire SERPO/visitation saga.  He is hereby joined by an officially acknowledged co-conspirator, P2. 

So what?  Rick Doty's only official employer is the New Mexico State Police.  He could simply be the most notorious rent(subvert?)-a-cop of all time.  The case with P2 is rather less sanguine.  P1 readily admits that he is the sole proprietor for P2's complement of highly sensitive security clearances.  I continue to question P1's rationale for aiding and abetting an individual who is either:

  1. totally bonkers, or
  2. a major threat to national security. 

P1 has not, to my mind, provided an adequate excuse for his legal responsibility toward P2 that now could legally qualify himself as co-conspirator #3, CC3. 

What should I do as this point, other than call 1-800-TIPS and turn them all in? 

I ask you!! 

Let me remind you, however, that I did feel compelled to make a house call at the FBI's Baltimore office to alert them to the suspicious activities of P1, on and about 9/11.  Look where that has gotten us! 



Yesterday the following exchange occurred: 


You must not have enjoyed your soup this afternoon.  Again you have taken a mean and unfair approach.  While I continue to impress upon you my full support for [P2]’s interests and actions, you continue to lump him in with Rick.  [P2] has not fabricated any documents, sources, or visitors.  He has asked question regarding Rick’s stories and he has attempted to get answers.  Occasionally he errs in his recollections of long past events.  We all do.

One of my analytical methods is to form a complete set of hypotheses.  Sometimes I share these with you.  You need to keep in mind that they are not of equal probability.  The 99% hypothesis is that Rick fabricated the entire story.  By demonstrating interest in the story, [P2] may have inadvertently generated plausibility.  I often appear to support a story that clearly is incorrect in order to gain additional information from which to derive a more definitive conclusion.

I really wish you would be more consistent in expressing support for [P2]’s efforts to gather information.



Well, how can I do that in public without raising Rick’s suspicion about yours and [P2]’s motives??


You can express support for [P2]’s efforts to gather information in a way that suggests you are open to the idea that Rick’s story is real.


I should also add to the above, by way of clarification, that BJ/P2 has consistently described the SERPO story as a hoax. 

I am not quite so sure about that, but that is a longer story.  The point is that I can continue to be open to aspects of SERPO without prompting from P1. 


Enough about SERPO for the moment.  It would be timely, however, to recap the BPW data and approach to the core/visitation story.

On my last visit, chez CF, I was told that he was in possession of one part of a three part letter in which BJ detailed his version of the core story.  CF does not know the identity of the other two alleged recipients.  CF stated that he helped BJ in compiling an earlier version of this story.  I did not request and he did not offer to show me the letter.  I asked him for his opinion of BJ's version.  He said that he had independent verification of some of the phenomenological aspects of the story, as opposed to his skepticism on the biological aspects upon which BJ had been briefed and which was the focus of his own summary version. 

To this extent did CF contradict his many earlier statements about his lack of credence in any aspect of the core story. 

In the interest completeness, I feel compelled to include the following email from one of the principals, admittedly removed from its already convoluted context: (I believe that this was sent just before the above meeting)

1. The term "CORE STORY" has three separate meanings:  The first was, that which I told you...but which I never told CF, and you never told CF the details of what I told you...which was invented by three persons (I was one of them) in a Denny's Restaurant in San Jose, California on the 15 of July 1986, immediately after new and veridical data had been received directly by two of us from the Director if Security of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.  The second, is the hijacked term "Core Story" (which is the one CF is thinking about) which he got from Bob Collins shortly before you had the reported conversation. There is as much difference between the elements of the "Core Story" I told you, and the one Collins told CF as there is between ...  well, night and day. I have serious problems believing Collin's Core Story too, as much as I do in believing SERPO...both of which are grounded in fantasy, are phantasmagorical to the extreme...and possess zero data or circumstantial testimony from credible government sources. The Core Story I told you is well supported in both. Hence, there is no relationship between the context CF was inside of looking out, and yours from the outside looking in. That is the problem with lack of detail: it must needs lead to lack of context. (I can't take the time to discuss the third "Core Story" which CF may have also been referring to...just ask him to define for you..."CF, what are the key elements of the "Core Story.?"
2. I know what CF means by "Phenomenology" in detail...having discussed that single term with him for many years and many hours, and I have a decent Idea of what you mean by the term, having discussed it with you for several years and several hours. They are not even close in context to each other: thus, you were each talking about different phenomenology.
3. "Opined."  CF, as we both know, opines about many things, and well...changes his opinion as a function of each piece of new data. The half-life of his "opine" can be several milliseconds. Thus: the context itself of his "opine-ing" is meaningless.
I could go on and on...but in short: sound bites do not a rationale` make...when they contain words with self-referent meanings across many years, many people, changing contexts, and new information.
I stand behind every word and nuance of what I said.
No one is telling a lie. (at the extent you are telling the truth with the phrase: "...those were his exact words.")

I disagree with several of the opinions and 'data' given here.  But you see that it is no mean task to thread one's way through this thicket of contradictions.  Should I not have thrown in the towel long ago?  Easier said than done, in my case.

The political bottom line here is a continuing, very belated and rather public investigation of Rick Doty's involvement in the UFO arena, the latest aspect of which is his involvement in the SERPO saga. 

Notice though that there is what seems to be a shell game on the side here.  It seems that the consistent and emphatic denials about SERPO are being used as a cover for some belated and nuanced admissions relative to core story.  Just a little slight of hand. 

In public Rick is getting his wrist slapped over SERPO, but more privately, his much more significant core story is being provided with some very convoluted but unmistakable admissions.  When attempting a downfield tackle, watch the feet, not the shoulders.  That is my homespun advice to any intrepid observers.  SERPO is at least a smokescreen for some behind the scenes reshuffling of the deck. 



Allow me to continue with a recap of the 'visitation' situation.

Here is what we know:

  1. 28 government officials are known to have been given official-seeming briefings about the visitation.  Those individuals are allegedly in the process of being debriefed.  Their names are known to CF and BJ.
  2. CF & BJ collaborated in a preliminary compilation of some of this data. A more complete version has been distributed in segmented fashion by BJ to CF and at least two other individuals. 
  3. CF is now on record here as not objecting to his being characterized as having independent validation for some aspects of the visitation story. 
  4. CF independently acknowledges a 'serious phenomenological problem' in this context. 
  5. Rick Doty has been investigated on numerous occasions by the FBI concerning his alleged trafficking in allegedly classified government documents. 
  6. Some of those ostensibly faked documents contained real information that had been illegally passed to Soviet agents, this per CF.
  7. Col. JBH has been named repeatedly as being a potential material witness to the possibly subversive activities of Rick Doty.
  8. JG is the highest level US official to have been been implicated by other members of the Aviary as an information conduit.  This only very recently and in the SERPO context.
  9. James Woolsey is the highest level US official to be acknowledged as an Aviary confidant.
  10. CF acknowledged a few months ago his participation in a renewed investigation of Rick Doty's activities and contacts. 
  11. CF admits here for the first time that he is duty bound to investigate a dark and disturbing side of the continuing SERPO/visitation saga. 

Summing up:

  1. The visitation story has been and is being exploited in a dark and disturbing manner that has implications for national security. 
  2. CF is not the only US government official to be aware of and concerned by this problem. 
  3. The BPW site continues to serve as the primary public outlet for the details of that concern. 

Would it be merely self-serving on my part to point to this last item, #S3, as possibly being a significant fact amongst the others? 

I believe that I can state without fear of contradiction that if the BPW medium is intended to be taken as an integral part of the message that is often alleged to be associated with the visitation, then that one fact is the most significant fact amongst all the others. 

What else could the R&D show be about if it is not about the message?  I ask you. 

Is the R&D show just another accident of history?  The whole point of the visitation is that human history has a cosmic context; that, indeed, it is an integral part of a universal teleology.  This site remains the only attempt to explain the visitation that has even a semi-official sanction.

What may reasonably be inferred from the implied official sanction being afforded to the BPWH?  This sanction is either part of the problem or part of the solution.



In either case, the many government officials who have been made aware over the years of the long continuing R&D show are privy to and complicit in the BPW problem/solution aspect of the alleged visitation phenomenon. 

The degree and scope of that official complicity continues to be extended and acknowledged, through the auspices of this website, by CF on a frequent basis.

In either case, there ought to be more than a sufficient number of actionable items provided herein to easily justify at least one high-level, public inquiry into these matters. 

Furthermore, it is my continuing suggestion that this site is a proper locus for such inquiry.  It appears that this suggestion is being treated seriously. 

I am sure that there have been and will be objections to the apparent complicity of government agents and representatives in the metaphysical agenda presented herein.  It is doubtful that such complicity is undertaken lightly.  Probably it is viewed as an ad hoc arrangement that is considered to be the lesser of many possible errors of commission that must be assessed in the very peculiar circumstances described at great length in these pages. 




It is widely considered that there has been a concerted process of acclimation to an alien presence underway probably at least since Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast in 1938.  There has not been a time in history when alien beings have not been featured in nearly all cultures.  However, there is ample evidence that the Aviary has contributed, directly and otherwise, more than its fair share to the Hollywood portrayals of government complicity in that presence. 

It is the contention here that the R&D show is where all that 'rubber' meets the road.  This site continues to be the primary locus for the official acknowledgment of that complicity.  This is the big 'ratchet'.  Once this gear is turned, it does not get unturned. 

Yes, this blog is the weather cock for government disclosure.  It is sufficiently detailed to record even the smallest eddies in that current.  Yes, there are the frequent partial retractions and amendments in the short term, but, on a monthly scale, I challenge you to find where this ratchet has ever slipped a gear.  Hollywood and the rumor mills are all over the lot, ebbing and flowing, flowering and wilting.  But not so here.  When the water goes under the R&D/BPW disclosure bridge, it doesn't come back. 

It is very important to maintain such a channel of information.  It takes a long time to calibrate and stabilize it.  It would not be easy to reinvent this conduit.  There can only be one at time, for a time.  Such a channel is not established on a whim.  Is it not credible to suppose that this medium is also intended to be part of the message?  It would be incredible for it not to be so. 

The Hollywood version of visitation is a great mish-mash of good and bad news.  Here, too, there is good and bad news, but it is fit together in a nearly seamless, coherent fashion.  The good and bad all depends on one's point of view.  To stay on the positive side of these phenomena, we must move forward.  We are the donkey.  God holds the carrot and the stick.  It behooves us to pay attention and follow the bouncing ball. 



Here I am in Salt Lake City while my wife attends a meeting about the future of libraries.  SLC [a] is home to one of the most highly acclaimed public libraries in the world.  Distinguished speakers include Joe Firmage, a name familiar to ufologists.  CF had been asking me to track down Joe in connection with our Hollywood initiative involving Gordon Novel, Jack Sarfatti and Doug Ivanovich.  Joe and Doug had worked together a few years ago.  I asked CF if he wanted my wife to convey any message to Joe, but I have not heard back. 

CF is suggesting a second annual Aquarium meeting for next week.  The entertainment will be some Richard Weaver/Gene Loscowski impersonators, following-up on the item from 9/2, above. 

On Wednesday and Thursday there was some back and forth between some of us Aquanauts concerning the reliability of our memories.  This topic arose in conjunction with the alleged involvement of JG in the SERPO saga.  I excerpt two of those messages:

This from CF to BJ:

I really appreciate your response.  Part of the problem is that Dan imposes a dimensional shift in his reporting of my conversations.  Indeed I did raise the issue of you having some form of false memory syndrome and then did a superficial review with some of our mutual friends to reject this hypothesis.  As you know, my analytical approach is to include as wide a range of initial hypotheses as possible, eliminate those that can be treated superficially or linearly, and then focus on those that require more complex parallel analyses.  Dan shifted the focus from the complex possibilities to the superficial impossibilities.  For example it is just as clear that you are not suffering from some sort of false memory syndrome as it is that a delegation of Americans did not visit a distant plant. 

Then me responding:

[BJ] et alia,

Wonderful!  If we combine [DF]’s point of a nearly universal memory glitch syndrome (UMGS) with [CF]’s statement about the probability of interdimensional travel, then we have a near certainty that some reasonable facsimile of SERPO is true.  I agree. 

[DF]: << Having said that, I still believe that you [BJ], [CF] and Dan hold all the answers to all cosmic secrets, however vehemently you deny it, and I don’t own a dog ;-)>>

I second this with the caveat that we include [DF] in that mix. 

This same statement could also be applied appropriately to virtually any combination of four people on this planet.  The main difference is that we have callings, obligations and opportunities on the cosmic stage that are simply unsurpassed.  That fact brings our universal potentials more to the surface. 

No other functioning group is in such a position.  That entails an additional collective responsibility.

Is this not true? 

Am I holding my breath waiting for a cogent response?  No. 

In the meantime there has also been some back and forth between me, DF (Damselfish) and some folks at RU concerning the FBI's possible involvement in the SERPO saga. 

I am experiencing my own UMGS about this matter, but now that DF has administered some RMT (recovered memory treatment) it is slowly coming back to me. 

Here is another thing that I may still be confused about:

Some months ago (a year ago?) Joe Stefula told me that he had alerted the FBI to some new and allegedly classified material that had surfaced.  Actually, Joe had asked me to take up this matter with the Baltimore office of the FBI, to follow up on my two previous visits there.  I had begged off of this task, and Joe went ahead with it himself.  I'm thinking that this may have been in reference to some of the documents contained in Bob Collin's EfD book.  These were documents allegedly provided by Rick Doty.  I was told later that the FBI had contacted RMC and BJ about this matter.  They knew better than to go after Rick for the umpteenth time.  These may have been some of the same documents referred to by CF, as mentioned above.  I don't recall now that any of this directly involved SERPO, beyond the indirect linkage stated by CF in the 9/1 entry.  Also recall the 6/26 entry wherein CF was threatening to ask the FBI to serve warrants on people involved in the circulation of the MJ-12 documents, as being possible material witnesses to treasonable activity.  I have not been further informed about the status of that threat.  [10/23/06 -- n.b. CF has since stated that this info from BJ about the FBI is not accurate.  RMC [a] confirms today that neither was he so visited.] 

I hope that this helps to clarify some things that have been weighing on some people's mind's, or so I'm told. 

Still not having exhausted the spare time that weighs so heavily upon me, I return to the topic of the Dick&Gene she-male impersonators promised for next week.  I thought that I had mentioned on these pages about the last 'aquarium' meeting.  I did mention it in several emails posted to several lists, I believe.  There are a lot of emails out there that ought to be collected by someone who has even more spare time than myself, as if that were possible. 

In anticipation of the meeting promised for next week, it would not hurt to recall the previous such affair.  I was not happy with that meeting.  It turned out to be another one of CF's signature bait and switch events.  There have been more of these than I care to recall, especially not in semi-public.  These may be partly to blame for my UMGS problem, them and a stroke brought on by them, at least in part, no doubt.  Will I get medical care in the event of further job related debilitations?  I believe that BJ has already offered free consultations.  I don't know the full extent of that consultative coverage. 


Joe Firmage gave a thirty minute talk this afternoon on his Digital Universe.  I suspect he is too much caught up in the management of that nascent enterprise to be able to become meaningfully re-involved in a cosmic Hollywood initiative. 


So there we were at the Clarendon Grill, sometime last fall, I believe it was.  There had been an attempt to have a meeting that summer, but I had been run off the road on the way there.  This time it was Tom Morgan who had the car problems.  Present were CF, me, Mark Pesses, Bruce Maccabee, Stingray, Angelfish and nearly a dozen of CF's coworkers.  Everyone was given a fish name label upon entering.  It turned out later that at nearby tables happened to be at least two individuals who immediately reported back to BJ.  Shades of Banquo at the banquet!  I had been told to have a short presentation prepared.  I did not, but it hardly seemed to matter.  None of the suits seemed have any idea why they were there.  It may have been their normal lunch table.  In my projected voice I did make known my disappointment with the lack of any visible agenda.  I later apologized individually to the working stiffs who were unwittingly roped into the proceedings.  CF told me that was a good move because some of them might subsequently be assigned to assist TM in unspecified aquarium duties.  The observers reported to BJ that his name was brought up several times during the lunch.  I'm trying to recall what the connection was, but there are too many for me to be able to keep them all separate. 

You see that there is a sterling foundation on which to build for next week. 



This from CF yesterday to us other three fish:

I just wanted to let you know that during the past few days I have been involved in several e-mail exchanges with Rick Doty.  In those exchanges, Rick has claimed not to have accessed SANDIA, LLNL or sensitive military installations since his retirement from USAF.   He also has claimed to have no involvement with UFOs since January 2006, no knowledge of the source of the names of DIA employees linked to SERPO or the identification of [JG] as Mr. Anonymous.  These claims appear to conflict with what most of us generally perceive as reality.  Nevertheless I have no strong evidence that counters his claims.  I would appreciate photos or other evidence that I could share with Rick that might seem to counter his claims.  I certainly want to extend to Rick an opportunity to demonstrate he is not involved with SERPO or UFO stories as he claims.  But if true, then who was it that escorted [xxx] into sensitive military facilities?  Since I first heard of Rick Doty there have been perplexing stories of multiple Doty’s.  Perhaps his dimensionally shifted twin it the culprit, but I would not know how to differentiate between such otherwise identical Dotys.  Any suggestions?

DF and I believe that we do have access to such information. 

One sticking point is that CF is subsequently demanding photos.  I have pointed out to him that any unauthorized photos taken on a military base would subject the photographer to arrest.

I have stated that we ought to be able to obtain a sufficiently detailed description of the secure vault that was accessed by Rick to enable the interested parties to confirm that this did happened.  This entails negotiation with a third party who was present.  That may take a few more days. 



Yesterday CF sent the following:

Please provide any photos that document Doty accessing secure military facilities and I will forward them to his supervisor for positive identification.  I do not want photos of Doty attending UFO conferences, standing outside military facilities, or doing any of the activities common to UFO investigators.

I respond today:

I have returned from Salt Lake City, and [DF] and I have had a further discussion.

You are presenting us with a moving target.  Rick told you that he has not been involved with UFO matters since January.  We have direct access to hours of videotape that contradict Rick’s testimony to you. 

We all know then that Rick Doty is lying to you, the intelligence officer who is in charge of the counterintelligence aspects of phenomenology. 

You do not dispute the fact that Rick Doty took the reporters onto Kirtland AFB.  We have the word of those two reporters that Rick, at the very least, escorted them inside of what appeared to be a secure vault at that base.  Does not the preponderance of the evidence favor the testimony of the reporters over that of Rick Doty to you? 

This must tell you then that you have on your hands the distinct possibility of a major and politically very sensitive breach of national security.

You raised this issue to us.  We have returned the ball to your court.  What do you now propose to do about it?

With the following addenda:

The larger issue here is whether Rick is a lone actor in his promotion of government involvement in the UFO phenomenon. 

In this regard, it is interesting that Gordon Novel has very recently weighed-in to support the SERPO story.  He has claimed to be doing so to a significant degree under your aegis.

As you well know, I have a vast amount of evidence to support Gordon’s claim that you have aided and abetted him on many occasions in his quest to demonstrate government involvement with UFOs. 

My suggestion then, [CF], is that if you wish to get to the source of the rumors suggesting government involvement with UFOs an obvious starting point would be with your decade long involvement with Gordon Novel on this topic. 

Since I was the one who introduced you to Gordon, c. 1994, I would be a material witness to this decade long saga.  As you should well imagine, I am more than willing to offer my testimony with or without benefit of any subpoena.

Then DF responds to something earlier from BJ:

Hold up [BJ]……..[CF] stated that Rick told him that he has had NO involvement in the UFO arena since January of this year. You and I both know that is not true. He also informed [CF] that he had not accessed Kirtland AFB since his retirement. He was showing visitors around that base this past March. Now, what exactly are you suggesting here? Either [CF] is lying or Rick is lying – which is it? There is precious little context discrepancy here [BJ].



That was yesterday.

This morning there was a lengthy and somewhat convoluted convo with CF. 

It does appear that, once again, Rick is being let off the hook, at least partially.  Even if Rick had escorted a reporter into a vault at a military base, it would be very difficult to prove that the vault in question was actually meant to be secure at the time of entry.  Vaults are periodically made 'sterile', and it would be difficult to demonstrate that this was not the case in this instance. 

Does this mean that Rick is off the hook again?  Well, not exactly.

This is not the main issue here.  I am being led to think that the main issue here is coming back to the alleged DIA contacts, which may or may not be mainly a Rick problem. 

'Fishing' (phishing?) is the word of the day.  The two names, that may never have been given except by Rick to BJ to CF, might have been part of someone else's fishing exercise, possibly unbeknownst to the named individuals.  This is a very common intelligence trick: you shake the tree and see what falls out.  This a very specific kind of shaking, i.e. fishing.  The two names came up in connection with the alleged outing of JG.  We were told by CF that the names were not showing in any of the obvious places.  I had then ass/u/me/d that they were fictitious names.

Well, either they were fictitious or not.  This would not be a continuing saga if they were, assuming furthermore that I am getting a straight story.  So, following the bouncing ball, they are not.  What then are they? 

Now we enter Dan's crazy/spin zone.  There must be something about those names that is raising eyebrows.  What is that something, and, perhaps even more significantly, why do you and I have a need to know about it? 

The names are not nothing.  They are something sensitive.  That sensitivity must relate to phenomenology, otherwise we would not be in this loop, or all of this is just more disinfo being piled higher and deeper. 

At present, this is being presented as a possible fishing problem.  Some third party wants to shake down more information about those two individuals.  This other party at least knows that they are persons of (phenomenological?) interest. 

If this were an actual CI exercise, we would not be here, now would we??  So what is going on?  Something for sure is getting piled higher and deeper.  This probably is about national security, but not in any conventional understanding of that phrase. 



My understanding is that the reporter in question is now stating that Rick did not take him to a secure location within a military base this past year, as previously stated here.   

Meanwhile CF has contacted Rick’s supervisor in the NMSP concerning threats made to Shawnna.  CF has made some of his correspondence with Rick available to someone at the RU forum asking him to withhold any posting of it for another couple of days while Rick is allegedly dealing with a personal matter.  This correspondence indicates that Rick is refusing to cooperate, and instead is making threats against CF. 

It is my understanding that Rick has been put on administrative leave for some weeks as a result of the earlier threats which are posted on RU.  It is my further understanding that BJ remains supportive/defensive of Rick’s role in the SERPO affair, while he personally supposes that SERPO is largely a piece of disinformation.  TBMK, BJ also remains open to aspects of the core story, as does CF to somewhat different aspects.  It remains unclear as to what if any is the overlap of the respective aspects.  CF does discount the biological aspects presented by BJ. 

Let us suppose that there are no major developments in this story over the weekend.  Where will that leave us? 

Will any new light have been shed on SERPO or the core story?  It does appear that Rick’s personal stability has effectively been called into question.  This can only detract from whatever remaining credibility he may previously have had.  At this late date, it would be very difficult to simply factor out Rick’s very significant contributions to the core story.  If Rick is permanently sidelined and BJ’s and RC’s credibilities are correspondingly impugned in the process, this then leaves the fate of that story largely in the hands of CF. 

Might one speculate that this outcome was an intended consequence of the SERPO affair?  That would be a stretch, but hardly beyond reason. 



Ed Komarek called last night.  Since his run-in with Michael S. at the Hawaii Exopolitics meeting last June he has been in contact with someone purporting to be a former NSA person who was allegedly involved in a continuation of the visitor phenomenon as outlined in Collin's EfD.  This person turns out to be another hoaxer.  Now Ed claims to be working with some folks at RU who are looking at the possible Hollywood connections of his case and the Serpo case. 

There had been a long-term aviary involvement with Steven Segal.  Both CF and John Alexander were directly involved in the writing and/or reviewing of scripts.  Joe Firmage, et al. have been involved with Doug Ivanovich as mentioned above (9/8).  Kerry Cassidy also has a script in the works, we understand. 

It has long been contended that if there is a disclosure process, then clearly the entertainment media have been involved in it, rather to the exclusion of the news media.  This would be a sensible stratagem. 

It is possible to analyze the recent Aviary politics in the light of this process.  It is possible, for me at least, to speculate that the recent Serpo initiative, was actually a counter-initiative to EfD.  Rick & Co. were taken by surprise and attempted to horn in on it.  Ultimately they were thwarted and exposed.  Rick did not take this kindly, and ended up being suspended from his NMSP duties.  This is a possible next-level interpretation of the confrontation between Rick and CF.  One might further suppose that this public confrontation will bring CF's connection with SF under greater scrutiny.  How will that be handled, one might wonder?



Rick has until Wednesday to respond positively to CF's request for cooperation before he lodges a formal complaint with the NMSP.  He remains doubtful that Rick will respond.  Rick is between a rock and a hard place.  It is no small matter for an officer of the law to suborn testimony to a federal agent, i.e. BJ who is working under various federal code-name clearances, overseen by CF.  On the other hand, if Rick has any real sources, these should have been reported immediately to the NMSP on the clear suspicion that they were trafficking in sensitive information.  Rick is not a journalist.  He is an officer of the law.  He has none of the lenience usually granted to the former.  CF avers that the local police are deputized to investigate matters pertaining to national security, in lieu of the FBI who have long-since tired of investigating officer Doty. 

But then there was something else.  CF expects that Rick will respond more forthrightly to an internal inquiry.  How do we know that?  Someone please tell me!  Or has my memory failed again?  Not so funny.  Am I supposed to be making book?  What exactly is my role and your role?  Suppose Rick did come up with a real name?  Or not.  End of story?



Later today I'm expecting to receive from CF his correspondence with Rick, concerning Rick's involvement in the SERPO circus earlier this year.  I will post that to a temporary page here, just to allow the interested parties time to transfer it to their own locations.  I don't expect there to be any attempt to conceal the identity of CF in that correspondence. 

There is no point for DF and me to involve ourselves in this controversy any more than we are already implicated through an association with CF.  DF continues to be more the skeptic relative to the core story than am I. 

Where we go from here is the question of the day.  That depends in good measure upon the outcome of any further investigation involving Rick's alleged DIA sources.  I understand that a third name has surfaced in that connection.  CF has terminated his correspondence with Rick at this point.  The only ongoing investigation would be internal to the NMSP, presumably with some feedback to us.  If there were any actual involvement of the DIA beyond what is already known, I don't know if that information would be conveyed to us. 

That Paul Murad of the DIA may have communicated with Rick about SERPO is quite possible, but whether he was the source of any possibly sensitive information about other DIA personnel is quite another matter.  That issue could use some clarification. 

It will probably take a few days for the dust to settle, before we can see the way forward, if there is such a way. 

I was reminded yesterday of accusations that Rick and Victor had made against one of the RU people, highly improbable accusations involving national security.  CF dismisses these out of hand.  We can expect a sharp response. 



We are being treated to the spectacle of an aviary meltdown, as CF goes after Rick in a rather public fashion.  Given that there are (at least) two sides, which is which? 

Ostensibly Rick has been on the side of disclosure these many years, he being the chirpiest of the birds.  CF has his own methods of apparent disclosure, so which is which?  It could be that Rick is actually on the cleanup-up crew for the inadvertent disclosure.  This may have been the case with Serpo, where Rick may have shown up shortly after the fact.  Even if he were the primary perpetrator of Serpo, it still could have been intended as further disinformation.  In any case, we are now witnessing a clash of the Titans, after all these years of mutual neglect.  The fact that this is being done in semi-public on the side of CF does argue for his being on the side of the angels, but let us not rush to judgment with such preliminary information about such a complex situation.  But if this were the case it would signal a major changing of the guard or shift in policy.  

Might it merely signal that the cleanup process is deemed complete?  Possibly, but that is not the kind of vibration that I am picking up.  That would leave me as the final mess in the operation.  Had I been in charge of such, I think I might have picked some other fish to be the tail-end, i.e. eschaton/caboose, on this little choo-choo train.  If there is a gas-leak, don't go hunting for it with a lighter.  Plus, quite frankly, I don't think I would have left that 9/11 flag flapping in the breeze.  Someone is surely thumbing their nose. 



You were correct that my interest is not specifically in Doty.  My interest in temporarily removing Doty from the plot is to test whether another actor will fill the role.  Dan had commented several months back that the story might have created Doty rather than the other way around.  Indeed your viral hypothesis may benefit from some refinement.  Individuals that are infected do not simply become part of a larger sickness pool, but rather they fill specific and unique niches.  But how unique are these roles and what determines their specifics?  With Doty temporarily removed, will someone fill in as simply another of the mythical and indistinguishable Dotys?  Or will that someone fill in with unique characteristics clearly distinguishable from Doty?  Will that someone move the story forward to the next chapter?

Yes, this is a question that may be of more than academic interest. 



I am having difficulty making sense of some recent aviary/aquarium related developments [a].  I can keep my mouth shut or I can speculate.  My rule of thumb these many years: if in doubt, put it out. 

Coming to the fore in the last few weeks is a contention between CF and TF.  I understand that they will be meeting today.  The underlying issue appears to be CF's increasingly proactive role relative to the aviary.  It would be difficult for me not to see this from an aquarium perspective, and thus the new (self-?) designation for a frequent fellow traveler. 

I speculate that the underlying issue involves disclosure, but that can cover many possibilities.  It would be very difficult to ascertain who is on which side.  The complicating factor is the problem of containment.  Apparent acts of disclosure, may simply be exercises in creative containment. 

The two recent episodes of 'disclosure' on the part of the Aviary are RC's EfD book and the SERPO affair.  Both of these very significantly involve a single actor, RD.  RD is the spokesperson for the traditional aviary.  The reactivation of the aquarium, i.e. the R&D show, in 2004 was coincidental with the publication of EfD, based on information from RD.  Late in '05 came the the first SERPO installment.  Late this spring came the (counter-?) revelations concerning RD's involvement in the dissemination of that material.  These revelations led to escalating exchanges between between the pro and con sides resulting in RD's temporary suspension from his constabulary duties. 

Over the last several months CF has demonstrated an increasingly proactive interest in this saga, particularly in the question of whether RD may have revealed or attempted to obtain any classified information, i.e. the alleged names of government officials.  In the process of that investigation, which now seems to have been concluded negatively, CF raised a concern about TF's cooperation.  Today's meeting ought to be an indication that this secondary issue is being favorably resolved. 

While all of this has been going on, there has been some escalation in GN's activity relative to his RAM project, another matter in which CF is participating, and in which I have become involved to a degree.  Interestingly, here again, there appears to be some contention between CF and TF, but with a reversal of their roles, to the effect that TF is being obstructive.  Setting these two dramas side by side gives the impression of two experienced beltway warriors carrying on a battle by proxy, with GN and RD being their respective proxies.  And me?  Obviously I am struggling to stay above the fray. 

In the thick of the battle, it does appear to be a conspiracy of dunces to bring about MAD.  But I doubt that either side wants a MAD outcome.  The A/A has had its uses over many decades, at the very least it is an instrument that should at least be kept in mothballs, if nothing else.  Another more speculative treatment would suggest a shift in management relative to the CF/TF axis, with CF representing the new guard or Aq/Av, i.e. metaphys/phys.  However, the GN/RD duality evinces very little of this latter polarity.  The main contention between these two is the question of whether or not there exists a RAM, i.e. reverse-engineered alien machine, a detail that pales in significance relative to the alleged concerted visitation itself. 


After meeting with TF, CF continues to push for continued disclosure of all information pertinent to the intersection between RD and UFOs.  CF urges that I meet with TF to further this cause.  I have a call into TF requesting such a dialog, and hope to be able to report on it here if and when it transpires. 

In the past, TF has refused to report directly on hearsay information relative to the alleged government involvement with the UFO phenomenon.  This reticence is stated as a desire to protect sources.  Now that RD has been singled out as a problematic source, there is an opportunity here to attempt to clarify the allegations concerning government involvement by attempting to segregate out, to a greater extent than was done in EfD, those allegations that have surfaced primarily through the auspices of RD.  Since RD is the primary known source for all such allegations, this would be a significant step toward resolving this complex issue. 

In the past, TF has confided that he is personally against disclosure.  This may seem difficult to reconcile with his considerable history of activism in this arena.  His personal position on this matter is due for clarification following the SERPO episode.  His view has been that there was ample justification for the alleged policy of non-disclosure, though he has never specified what that is. 

It would have to be considered a useful step to provide, for the first time, a semi-official channel for disclosure.  TF and RD would be the first subjects to be volunteered for this process.  The fact of two individuals who have previously collaborated setting the example for coming forward under the semi-official auspices of CF, would set a significant precedent.  The alternative would be to set up a Congressional investigatory body.  Any others who feel they might have something to contribute are invited to watch this process, and make their own decisions.  In the meantime there would be an ad hoc panel of skeptics to vet the testimony as presented.  I don't see that there is anything to lose in this attempt at candor. 




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