The Relational Self


To exist is to relate, lest we forget.  Those five words need to be taken with the previously mentioned six, concerning coherence, as the basis of reality.  There is no escaping the resulting personalism.  Somehow the pantheists miss the nodal structure of the world.  But it is not nodes all the way down. 

No, no, no.  There is the even more fundamental dialectical dynamic, alluded to earlier.  There is Buber's I & Thou dynamic.  There is also God & Atom/Adam.  And how do we characterize this ultimate relational, personal dynamic?  How else but as love?  Imagine the poor bloke who first comprehended that!  

This is the only coherent alternative to atoms swerving in the dark.  If the postmodernists ever tire of incoherence, watch out!  The sky will soon be falling, like on the church of the nativity, or did that just happen?  Did you see that apocalypse?  Who, me?  Was that 11:11 or TX11?  Do we care? 

Coherence is the substance.  The self is the glue ball, and love is the glue.  Have you got a better idea?  Is this insufficiently precise to predict the tides?  Maybe, but if the tide don't float your boat, the eschaton surely will.  Not a threat, just a promise. 

As in the monadology, every node is a microcosmic hologram.  The cosmos is the holograph.  The preordained harmony is the agape betwixt the Alpha and Omega as produced in the X-event, not far from the above mentioned church.  

What more can I say?  What more is there to say?  Why don't we let it be?  When will we let it be?  We will let it be on Internet time.  


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