I had three days of discussion with Jack in San Francisco, which were helpful.  I have a better idea of the central role of the strong anthropic principle vis a vis science.  This is where Jack has shown the greatest flexibility.  It is a point of leverage. 

In a few days there will be a meeting with CF and two others on the topic of the briefings.  I will press the point that the fact of the briefings presents a major counterintelligence vulnerability, which must have already been resolved, and so let's move on to the discuss the most likely resolution, i.e. that there is an unresolved problem about the visitors, probably relating to the 'disturbing' message.  CF will strongly resist this shortcut.  I hope there is not a stalemate.  I speak of 9/11/08 as a deadline for disclosure.  D-day could come this winter if we put our minds to it.  We just have to arrange that the eschaton cart is firmly harnessed to the disclosure horse before the barn door is opened.  That should be fairly easy if CF & BJ are the prime sources.  They just don't want to have there necks out too far.

If the CI vulnerability could not be closed, each side of the cold war would have been exploiting it.  Probably they did.  The paranormal exists as a black hole in any intel organization.  What would be the covert function of a ufo hoax?  It is just a game of bored people like dungeons and dragons.  No one can obtain the authority to stop it.  Someone would have to enforce the rules.  And what about the lights in the sky?  Why would we now be abetting the game by extension?  This would not end it.  How much money might it consume?  Some serious people would have to be seriously involved.  I would like to see the analysis of these scenarios.  Would CF have permission to dabble without some real motive? 

While in SF I discussed with some folks about getting professional assistance with this website.  It is much needed, and will not be cheap.

Back to the atoms.  How do we get from the zodiac to atoms?  Atoms are the end point of a long process of objectification. 

Atoms are a logical necessity given disparate substances that are able to interact in a logical fashion.  They are particularly important in biological processes.  The question arises as to the mutuality of substantiality and atomism.  From a relational and functional perspective, there must be interactions of many kinds.  Atoms render these interactions local and reduce the need for programming. 

Substantiality comes from the habituation of cycles.  There is a mutuality of cycles and time.  Linear time comes from the breaking of cycles.  Atoms and the zodiac are the limit cycles.  The problem of normativity is inherent in cyclic phenomena.  Does this prove that the phases of the moon are mental?  There is the problem of identity in difference. 



The identity problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are no exact cycles even in the physical realm due to the linearity of time and other peripheral changes.  The cycle has to be distinguished from the background, and this calls for normativity.  It is this collective normativity that is integral to the anthropic principle.  Counterfactuality is another form of normativity.  This relates to the functional directness of our perceptions.  The perception of absence points to the pleromic quality of reality.  Even absence is functional.  The manifest image is not gratuitous.  The perceived and the perceiver cannot be finally distinguished, and this is made clear in the quantum atom.  Atoms may not be ontologically distinct from letters.  Note that we can see a sentence without seeing each letter. 

Is electronic equivalence normative?  It may be when we consider its purely mathematical basis.  Mathematics is unavoidably normative.   The relation between spin and statistics is part of the Anthropic Principle.  This goes along with the Monster and the Mandelbrot.  These are the essence of atoms. 

We have the network of being.  Now we are asking a question about the internal structure of that network.  How are some of its nodes connected?  The AZO/X/QRP archetypes are supposed to provide the overall structure.  X is the nexus and the atom and zodiac/ouroboros have to reflect each other.  Not sure how the math and zodiac connect. 



I recall that Monstrous Moonshine was related to the Golay code and the Leech lattice.  Coding theory might provide another connection between mind and atoms.  Perhaps Godel's coding comes in here.  I may have to read up on combinatorics.

I'm looking at the stability of atoms and the world and how that might arise from anthropics.  It is not apparent that coding theory has any special philosophical significance.  There is also the distinction between discrete and continuous mathematics.  The twentieth century saw the ascendancy of discreteness in math and physics.  The discreteness of the mind is hardly a given. 

Meanwhile the meeting is shaping up.  Will there be an innocuous reason given for starting an investigation so late in the game?  Is it not too little and to late to impact the mythos?  If it were a Soviet or a money making plot, it would have caved long ago.  All the initial plotters would be long dead.  If it was anti-Soviet, same deal.  There are many people still keeping oaths.  Is it to protect the technology?  That is weak.  What will CF say?  How much will BJ cooperate.  This cannot just be a history exercise.  It does not look like damage control.  What does the Schnabel book tell us?  His Dark White is recommended.  This is a skeptical view of abductions.  Same as BJ.  Jim states it is not an ET phenomenon.  I can agree with that. 



Dark White focuses on Bud Hopkins and Linda Napolitano.  Jim Schnabel's debunking technique for crop-circles and abductions, for whatever it was worth, would not be effective against the core story.   The main issue is going to be BJ's cooperation.  How could it be obtained?  How forthcoming will be CF on his investigation of the other briefings?  How was he tasked or motivated?  Are we beating a dead horse?  Response to Collins' book?  How is that justified? 

I would argue that this is the government's first official step toward disclosure.  How would CF know that the story was a hoax?  If there were not already certainty about this, the the proposed investigation would be sufficiently risky to require a high level of sanction.  What could account for that certainty, and why did it take this long to arrive?  If not certainty, then the establishment would want to leave bad enough alone.  There does not seem to be any new degree of public concern about this issue. 

Recall that it was alleged that BJ did not make much of a case for UFOs in the earlier meeting.  It was mainly a personal account.  What could he have been his intent?  A second version makes more sense, and a third makes even more.  It would be very difficult to prove a negative at this late date, especially w/o the aviary being aware. 

The first order of business would be for SG and MP to question me, but before that I should question P.  We do not have our signals straight for this meeting.  Should I make an issue of that?  I'll go through the motions only if we have a definite plan.  His naiveté will have to be challenged early on.  We both knew this day would come.  Why pretend to fool each other?  I don't think it is useful to spend time lending weight to the N&B version of the core story.  How many times has P told me that satisfying curiosity has no place here?  That is not in the job description of Intel.  This can only be a public relations effort.  To which end?  Can I in good faith be a party to any such?  The whole point of my being here is to cut through the fog.  I cannot suddenly suspend that trait.  Can I afford to opt out of this political process?  Who then will hold my coat?  Can I be cut loose this late?  Perhaps this is a test.  If I'm expendable here, then I'm in the wrong place.  I should have put my foot down sooner, but better late than never. 

He would have to have some educated guesses about my place in the larger scheme.  I sat through too many tiger meetings to be able to carry on in that mode.  Keep silent as a protest.  This feels to me like another tiger meeting.  I see too clearly that we are going though the motions.  I am nothing without my candor and my insights.  This hits too close to home, for me to sit still.  He's got my number.  He'll call if he needs me.  I don't need any more tigers.  My tiger is dead.  If and when it become necessary to address the eschaton, I'll be available.  Seek ye the message.  That will not drop out unbidden. 



A note was sent this am to two participants, and this may allow me a bit of an opening tomorrow, i.e. let's drop the charade. 

I find Maldecena's article 'The Illusion of Gravity' in this month's Sci Am to be provocative.  This is the first I have seen of this principle as an 'explanation' of gravity, how did I get so far out of this loop?  These ideas are definitely evocative of some thing I am trying to say about the illusion of space and time coming from Stan Tennen's bounding singularity.  I'll be giving it some thought.



I'm waiting now for the interlocutor to come up with a list of briefees.  Not sure if SR will be available next week.  There were protestations from TF who had surveillance at the meeting.  He complained about noisy and nosey fish.

What I wish to say to Jack is that he is the poster boy for Aspergers.  In the age where we can push a button to blow up the world, why can't we save it the same way, or a least save ourselves? 

Jack wants to build an escape machine, a transcendence machine that will solve all our problems with the push of a button.  The Magi tell us that it will involve the whole person.  It will require total commitment.  It will require a new level of interpersonal communication and trust. 

So why am I preaching to the Aspergers?  Initially they/we are the most vulnerable.  The problem of modernism lies with the scientists.  Does this mean that we turn against technology?  I am against transhumanism where technology is transformed from a means to an end in itself.  There is a place for technology, but for to many of us it has become an idol.  Time is running out for the ascendancy of the technicians and technocrats.  My background in physics is not incidental to my migration into metaphysics.  There underlying discipline is similar. 

In this still premillennial regime there is a tendency to revert to tribalism in the forms of fascism and fanaticism.  The main shift will be from Gesellschaft to Gemeinschaft, or from society to community.  These communities need not be geographic.  Each community will have an organic function within the whole.  The early Christian eschatological communities are a good model.  Ours will now be apokatastatic communities, which would be more oriented to the universalism of the latter. 



I point out to Jack that his physics initiative does not make much sense against the background of the visitation. 

Still need to see how the atom is linked to the ouroboros.  How do we get from abstract logic to tangible atom?  Is the only connection mediated by the cycles & logic?  Atoms are the commonality of the various cycles.  The logic of the atom is necessary for the mutual coherence of the different cycles.  Can we hold this without completely reifying the atom?  Can the atoms in our bodies have a different ontic degree from those in the stars?  These are two very different and disjointed sets of appearances to be accounted.  Sunburn does impact the body.  Can we distinguish between photons and atoms? 



On Monday will be the meeting with SR.  It could be characterized as the first official disclosure event.  In the meantime, there is no headway on the physics vs. metaphysics front.  The few who favor immaterialism oppose theism.  It is very hard to advocate a quasi-physical presence.  It is neither here nor there.  The story of an exchange program further obfuscates the issues.  Focus on the briefing phenomenon, and hope to some bandwidth in that disclosure.  Perhaps I can use that as leverage for the metaphysics.  Will need to discuss that with the sources.  That will meet with contention.  Who am I to prevail against the strategy of the visitors?  Patience will be the primary edge.  This is all tied up with the handling of the eschaton.  This might delay the public impact, but probably not change it.  I'll need to find an inside source.  But how could such a source be held up against the peripheral ones?  What would the Y2C plan be? 

The disposition of the physics and the technology may be critical here.  The issue of mind and matter will then come to the fore.  We need a quick determination of Jack's business.  Will need access to briefed scientists.  A successful technology would be much harder to conceal.  What would be the global and longer range strategy?  Any hegemony would be quickly squandered unless backed by massive force, incompatible with progress.  It would mimic our problems in Iraq, and that might be a reason for that.  It would be a quagmire for the visitors.  What is their exit strategy, other than a quick conversion to the metaphysic?  But how?  A power shift is hard to implement without an application of power.  Need instant access to media.  Any power that survives the disclosure will take immediate steps to neutralize its potential opposition.  Can there be a bully pulpit without a bully?  Something like the Dalai Lama.  Be a marginal figure.  Testimonial.  Indirect phenomena. 


[12/14] [a]

The meeting with SR was last Thursday.  It was mainly a theological discussion.  The briefings issue did not come up.  BJ was not even asked about this.  CF stopped by to suggest a follow up meeting with RH.  Yesterday that meeting was put on hold.  BJ knows of eight people who have been briefed.  There is a written message from CF stating that scientists, engineers, economists, etc. have been briefed.  These names would be recipients of the 'hundred' briefings that he knows about.  Either one of these lists could motivate a substantial question being put to Scott McClellan at the daily WHPB.  Should we suppose that this eventuality is in the bag?  We are just waiting for the right time. 

Yesterday my interlocutor was asked about the linkage between disclosure and global politics.  He pointed to the former Canadian Defense Minister as a possible example, but I was thinking about the Middle East and Far East.  Online I suggested that the Middle East might be a collusion on the part of the theistic interests to set up the Chinese Tongs, for example, in an international sting operation concerning what might be their special arrangement with the grays, as opposed to Ebens that presumably are more aligned with the former interests. 

The Serpo story has been making a splash in UFO circles.  It is said to be coordinated by people at the DIA.  This could refer to MASINT.  The orbital physics of the planet is said to be anomalous.  The indigenous technology is also sketchy.  This could point to a UTH over an ETH.  Hopefully this story is part of  the push for disclosure.  Perhaps it would displace the R&D briefing show.  That could be OK as long as it lends credence to the UTH. 

What then would be the political development upon which we wait?  Is it just a winding down of Iraq?  Will the Tongs be allowed to save face with a private slapping of the wrist?  That would be for the best.  What about Israel and Iran?  Will that subside before or after D-day?  It would be a major event to see both Iran and N. Korea stand down.  That could be arranged to coincide.  It could also be used to provide some initial cover for the Scott scenario.  I still think that one goes better with a briefing question.  It is asked in a briefing, after all.  Serpo is just over the top in the present context.  It will come soon enough. 

Another issue raised by this scenario of global politics is that many more people would have been informed.  This would probably have occurred post-9/11.  This does lend credence to including 9/11.  This larger number would accelerate the time-line, making it less flexible.  The Tongs could not fail to have found out.  Are we concerned that they might fail to deliver NK at the appropriate time? 

This way the Pow-t-Be can appear to be more pliable than they would really want to be on these issues.  That gives them some extra bargaining power as we negotiate the NWO.  The Bush apology might have been so timed.  This might also relate to the imbalance in global trade.  This is how the Tongs help. 

But then how do folks know that the US will not try to steal the NWO?  What sort of guarantee can be given.  The trade deficit may also be used as leverage in that regard. 

How likely that there could be another year's hiatus?  That would put more pressure of the 2008 election.  It would leave the escalated ME pot boiling for a long time. 

It occurs that the Pakistan arms dealing was arranged as a guarantee of our good faith.   That is why the Plame affair is so convoluted.  Supposedly she stumbled on that operation.  How would the neo-cons have put up with that?  It was done mainly with Clinton.  Iran and NK might wonder if the whole thing was a white elephant.  Tomorrow's election may be the first solid piece of the new paradigm or the new conspiracy as the old dogs attempt to learn the new tricks, on the double.  

If things are really going this well, and this many countries are already in the loop, then the longer we can postpone D-day, the better off we'll be.  Perhaps this is the game plan.  But then what about the X2-event?  How long can that be delayed?  Then we come back to the impatience of the Islamist radicals.  If they are in the loop, could they not blow the whistle?  Perhaps not if they don't have the goods.  It would then be up to the Visitors to enforce a deadline.  What would be their criteria for the best time?  What might they now be waiting for?  Another terrorist act?  No point in that.  If in doubt, put it out.  Also, the US would probably not want another country to take the initiative.  Why not last year?  What was the delay?  Just waiting for the dust to settle in Iraq. 

Also the environmental problems are another reason for being expeditious.  Why did we have to mess with Iraq if Saddam was already in the loop?  We needed to test our limits after 9/11.  We are back in a more pliable state, and we are more fully engaged globally.  We are tired of going it alone.  We have discharged our 9/11 angst.  Things are in better balance now that various issues have been addressed.  Any other old business to be aired before D-day?  All systems are go?  Am I supposed to do something more constructive than jump the WH fence? 

Why did the Anderson column come so early in this game?  Was it premature?  Was it meant to be a time capsule?  It marked the beginning of the final phase.  When did 9/11 come on the radar?  Was it always there?  If the days of tribulation were not cut short, none would survive.  But we are already out of the woods, politically.  It would be hard to identify that period. 



A logistic problem with a bigger loop is the provision of confirmatory evidence.  However, as ufology demonstrates, personal experience can make up for much secondary evidence.  So we would take a very pragmatic approach.  As the network gets bigger it can become nearly self-sustaining.  There develops an ad hoc secret society of world leaders. 

The biggest development in this arrangement was the shift in focus to the US after 1947.  Prior to that time there may not have been such a focus.  The cold war provided the means for the US branch to consolidate its position on the global stage.  The collapse of the Soviet system was then a mere formality.  Prior to '47, there probably was a European focus, mainly between Britain and France. 

How did Japan break in?  That would have been part of the shift west that would ultimately include China.  And before Europe?  That would have been the various religious centers.  This is where the grays would have been most effective.  They would have a lot of leverage.  The mythic entities may have mostly been just the shape shifting grays.  Or perhaps they are just the latest hegemony for the end game with the Ebens.  The hominid from would likely be the most prevalent in the other Mb worlds. 

What was the role of HK in internationalizing MJ12?  Was this part of his China initiative?  That would have been in 1979. 

We might wonder how much of the present dysfunction of the WH might be attributable to the problem of insiders vs. outsiders within the WH and the top echelons of the government. 

I did ask about Rick's confusion as to whether the interview with the ET he saw was in person or on film.  Why did he have so much trouble keeping the story straight?  I was told that he had two stories, one for insiders and another for outsiders, but that partly as a result of the blogging effort here, there was increasing confusion as to which was which. 

I had been pointing out that I could not believe that I would be the first person to investigate the briefing phenomenon.  That pretext for the meeting with Stingray was summarily dropped.  The consequence is that CF can no longer plead ignorance concerning the validity of the core story.  And that does appear to be the case.  The meeting was billed as a turning point, and it was, but the point turned wasn't the one expected.  It was more than expected, but also it required an increase in credulity on my part, in order to read it as a semi-official endorsement of the R&D show.  Perhaps the meeting with RH will now be seen as redundant, something I usually resist. 

Would we be ready for a statement in the State of the Union?  What things are left to do on this end?  The networking here is in poor shape, but that is not likely to change short of an announcement.  Would the SU be a better initial venue than the WHPB?  That is debatable.  An SU remark would have to be cryptic, and might only cause confusion.  There would be no opportunity for second guessing on the response.  There is an informal meeting this weekend for us to talk to TM concerning his activity as 'program manager'.  Has any one seen a program to be managed?  Where is Proxmire when we need him?  Why does TM not return calls? 

What about the two Georges not talking?  Is it possible that GHW 41 is not cleared?  Too gregarious?  Or is this just a cover for a secret confab?  Why do we need to know that he only talks to mom?  Or is he angry about not being forewarned?  Not a pleasant trap.  As Clinton used to say, it is the crown jewel of the federal prison system.  How will GW get along after D-day?  Will that be worse?  Worse than for Dan Quayle?  A lot of pols will not be happy.  Dog catching looms large. 

Would it not make things easier just to have me go into the closet?  There's a thought!  Maybe that's where I am.  Why couldn't that work.  That the X2 event could be posthumous is not a new idea.  Why the website, anyway?  I'm already in full stealth mode, without even trying.  Could Rick not just pick up his marbles and go home?  Would the ufologists go on strike?  The main problem would be the Islamist activists.  Can they not be bought off?  What then about the larger loop?  Relegate that to fiction?  This is contrary to the whole networking of being.  We would be back to square one.  Too much water under this bridge.  Les jeux sont fait

We would be operating in UN mode.  This would an interesting reform scenario.  But how do we avoid a Vatican syndrome?  How will the churches continue to function?  There has to be some structure.  We are not waving the black flag. 

We could migrate to the alternate worlds, or will they be dissolved also?  The barriers will be broken down.  3-D living will be increasingly optional, along with its accessories.  Diversity and options will continue to be enhanced.  Biology will be a big issue.  We already see the glimmers of that.  And where will all the atoms go? 

I've just added a concatenation of all the pages on the website up through 12/3/05, donated by an anonymous volunteer.  It is a 3 meg rtf file.  It is strictly WYSIWYG.  I'm sure you'll want to carry it around on your Ipod.  Don't leave home without it! 

I see no way to avoid a significant drama in the near term, nor how R&D will not be caught up in it almost from the start.  Do I stick by the large loop theory.  These folks would consider it very unfriendly not to have been given a heads up.  The gains outweigh the possibility of premature disclosure, which did not happen.  Why would not an Arabic newspaper pick up on this story?  What would it have to lose?  But what would they do with the X2 stuff?  If just the technical side, it would only build up the US.  There is a miraculous degree of self-containment.  This is part of the teleology.  There are Thom 'catastrophes' in the phase changes of the paradigm.  Those are the X-events. 



It should be high time for some resolution.  We can't keep Charlie waiting forever, apropos of an R&D confab tomorrow.

We have a big choice.  We can have a little chit-chat with Scott McClellan and/or a chit-chat with the Prez.  And, honest Injun, I won't tell a soul, only my diary.  In other words, we don't have to wait until March.  That was meant only as the drop dead date. 

We and the Prez need to talk a little Filawsofasi.  It won't have to hurt too much.  It's just that Rene Descartes made a little booboo.  He tried to put asunder that which God has always kept joined together: mind and matter.  Now the three Magi have come to set that aright, making the way straight for our little apocastatic rendezvous in the happy hunting ground.   Any questions?

See how easy that was!  No sweat, no broken heads.  We could ask Scott and Gus's friend to sit in with us and then we'd all be prepared for the next day's WHPB.  Q: Scott, you and I were both privileged to attended an informal briefing for the President yesterday.  It had to do with some philosophical issues and with our so called 'Visitors'.  Is it correct that the President will be addressing these issues in a public forum in the near future?  A:  There will be more information about that, soon; and that is all I can tell you for now. 

A small step for a man, a big step for humankind.

Will my interlocutor resist taking this step?  Yes, but who are we to stand in the way of progress?  We are just the messengers.  They don't shoot messengers any more, do they? 

A few years ago it might have been possible for us to work through the chain of command.  But perhaps even then, you were already too much the goldfish to be able to work the back channels.  The R&D show was already untouchable back then.  Now there is no other door, but the front door.  But perhaps we could meet with John and your friend Porter first.  We certainly don't want to leave them out.  Anyone else at this late hour?  George and I might both be more comfortable if his Auntie Nancy were there. 

The WHPB Q&A should come ASAP after the SotU message. 

I don't see any less obtrusive way to discharge our all too evident phenomenological responsibilities.  Do you, Mr. Phenomenology? 

How about them apples?  Then more resistance.  Do we have to go back and play briefing, briefing, who got the briefing with everybody?  That could take a month of Sundays, and who's got that kind of time?  No one will tell me that rock has not been turned over more than a few times already.  Who are we waiting for?  Godot?  Known to be tardy, that one.  So it's been 2K years.  Is another one going to kill us?  No, maybe just NYC.  If those days had not been cut short, none would have survived.  We could wait for the price of sweet crude to hit a hundred bucks, then no one would give a f*** about the end of the world. 

Suppose there is another plan already in place.  Perhaps the talk about the briefings was only meant to keep me on my toes, prepared for this other eventuality.  Is this the only reasonable alternative explanation?  How long could that bluff be maintained?  Why not just say, look, it's going to be another couple of years?  The Serpo stuff seems to be a 'get ready' signal.  I wouldn't keep my mouth shut, and nobody would stand for it. 

If, as RD says, the Serpo stuff has already been noted at the big house, there may be another plan not overseen by CF.  They may want to avoid my shtick entirely.  That would have to come out well down the pike.  The jockeying would be getting rather intense.  What can I do to help our team.  Where is the aviary in all of this?  Can the aviary be avoided?  Not really.  It's still the core story.  They'll still have to start with that.  But if Serpo is gratis the DIA, as it probably must be, then our team has a big foot in that door, anyway.  All roads lead to Rome.  It is difficult to avoid the obvious.  All we have to do now is step up to the plate. 

Suppose we do get the go ahead.  Can there not be some last minute consultations with various folks in various fields?  Would this go against administration protocol?  Are they going to black-ball this? 

Louise mentioned that Peter Gersten was on CtoC a couple of days ago.  He seems rather into immaterialism, but not much theism.  Most of his material is outsourced. 

I don't see how the WH could maintain significant control in the disclosure process.  Even MJ12 would have trouble.  Where will people turn once they are sure that there is a problem?  Unless the media have been carefully briefed, it will be very hard to establish authority in the absence of visitors.  And even they would have their own difficulties.  Has the path ahead been surveyed?  How will the Telos kick in?  People are waiting to be pulled, not pushed.  Easy does it.  This will be the most critical phase.  If we're not ready by now, we never will be. 

RC's Monzano escapade and my WH gambit were both on the pushy side, and they are both part of the historic protocol.  What protocol was 9/11? 

How big an issue can TM be?  What is the tasking?  More likely to be a distraction.  Not returning calls.  How could this relate to getting to the big house? 

How many months till our next meeting?  Briefing business has been dangling since September before last.  It can't still be an issue since the meeting with SR.  What about DIA, Serpo and WH?  If it is all RD, then give us the info to smoke it out.  He says he knows who the principals are.  If this is a rogue op, what better time to confront it?  The briefings have not gone away, but they are no longer just our problem.  If more investigation is needed, who needs to authorize a priority tasking?  Tom and I could finish that off in a few days, but now we need the names up front, and we need BJ to show good faith.  If getting this issue resolved is not the program, then what is?  But now I have to surmise that it must only be a formality at this point.  If there are no major problems with the briefing data, then it is time to make it a public issue.  Has he been instructed not to?  Why was I deliberately misled about the SR meeting?  Is he now trying to cover for a change of heart higher up?  When this is so unresolved, why bring in Tom?  That is my only real point of leverage tomorrow.  So what if there is a problem between TM  and MP?  Why should that be my problem?  They can get over it!  This year's initiative has to get a commit or not.  What exactly remains unresolved?  Is it the Prez?  Are we going to get another four years?  Says who?  What can be assumed about the depth of CF's data?  Has he put his cards down?  Am I going to hang around another four years?  If these issues were unresolved for him, would we be talking to Tom?  Tom surely is not going to resolve them.  Is CF the only one who cares about this stuff?  The Serpo stuff is only going to make the mess bigger.  I need to know why the other meeting was a switcheroo.  Do I bring that to Tom?  Is he starting from scratch?  When do I brief him?  He would have a very steep learning curve.  I got the impression that he knew nothing.  I can harp on that.  Should TW come by with all this up in the air?  It might only get CF off the hook.  Naively it would appear that we are now back on hold.  Any reason to think differently?  When was that meeting plan decided?  How am I to interpret the result?  What does it imply about the briefing issue?  Is it dead or resolved? 

The briefing problem has been taken off my plate.  Should I not wonder about that?  Will something replace it?



If RD's got his guy at the WH, then it looks like it's time for R&D to pay another call over there. 



Tomorrow I meet Jack and AC in SF, and possible others. 

People have stayed away allegedly because of my so-called religious agenda.  This will be nothing compared to those who will be upset by the anti-religious agenda.  The BPW hypothesis should be a no-brainer.  Who would not want to live in the best possible world?  There cannot be a BPW without a minimal cosmic coordinating creative intelligence (MCCCI).  Who would want to live anywhere else? 

I see this meeting as a final preparation for a disclosure event, which I still suppose will be a Q&A at the DWHPB sometime before the end of March.  This will depend simply on CF releasing the names of the briefees, preferably into my custody.   

While in SF, I want to go over the various scenarios for the events subsequent to disclosure.  There will be two main tracks, the physical and the metaphysical tracks. 

Most of the emphasis at first will be on the evidentiary problem related to the core story that was outlined in the briefings.  In as much as significant evidence is not immediately forthcoming, attention will turn to the politics of the disclosure and non-disclosure.  This politics will be seen to hinge upon the how and why of the visitation.  The existence of the Yellow Book will the focus of much speculation.  Within that book, the focus will be on its alleged depiction of the x-event. 

On the question of how a visitation was possible, attention will focus on Jack's, Hal's and various other physical explanations.  These are likely to remain inconclusive.  There will soon arise the ET/UT question, and so the Serpo material will come to the fore. 

Much attention will be paid to the Aviary phenomenon.  That focus will gradually shift toward CF and also to R&D.  That is when the fur will really begin to fly.  That is when everyone's crystal ball begins to get cloudy. 

In SF I'll be rehearsing my lines for the R&D showtime.  There will be some last minute networking opportunities to consider and discuss. 

An issue that frequently arises concerns the negative encounters with ET/UT entities.  These would especially include abductions and animal mutilations and also hostile interactions with the military.  My response can only be multifaceted. 

  1. There may be rogue/demonic elements.
  2. There may be competitive factors. 
  3. There may be survival issues involved.
  4. There may be a psy-op aspect.
  5. There may be psychological testing. 

Whether some alien entities actually have a biological need for animal products, I don't know.  I would suppose that there are hybridization issues, but that the biological aspects reported are likely to represent metaphysical processes primarily.

The BPWH is an optimally coherent distillation of many old and new ideas.  I challenge anyone to find something better.  On the theological side it emphasizes minimalism.  On the messianic issue it posits an anti-savior, not in the sense of an 'anti-christ', but in the sense of an anti-hero.  A Millennial regime is strongly indicated, and will be anticipated by many as an autocratic NWO, but that is not what is envisioned herein.  The Millennium will likely be significantly less the apocryphal thousand years, but its duration will be largely be tailored to our needs and desires. 

An issue that needs clarification is that of my motivation concerning the minimal messianism indicated herein.  My basic claim is that I have acted responsibly in accord with the inputs and resources provided to me.  To be less forthcoming would have been a dereliction.  Here I stand.  I can do none other.  The thesis is pinned to this door. 

Upon returning from SF, I go to CF and request some names.  A protocol would be agreed upon as well as a way to release the initial data.  If delays become significant, I would request that some public pressure be applied, particularly from people on the mailing lists.  There would then be more discussion about arranging for the DWHPB.  There would also be discussion about obtaining the cooperation of other members of the aviary.  If not cooperation, why not? 

Also there is some question as to why it was not until this late hour that anyone took seriously the messianic implications of the BPWH.  Whose fault was that?  Who was not doing their due diligence?  Whoever said, 'surely thou jest'! 

Will there finally be a messianic support group?  What might be its rationale, if not simple agreement?  There could be varying degrees of sympathy and plain old curiosity.  There could be overlapping agendas and personal connections. 

Two conceptual issues of great importance are the strong anthropic principle and non-reductionism.  Both of these relate to the priority of the mental with respect to the physical. 



Even just a SETI style of contact would easily constitute the most significant event in human history.  It would reveal to us our place in the cosmic order and it would shed much light on our future prospects.  Additionally, if there were any significant metaphysical implications in this contact, they would have to be viewed in the context of the spiritual traditions.

On the other hand, the pantheistic tradition posits an ongoing saga of intercourse with ultra-terrestrial entities.  Further consideration would be needed to assess the significance of a given contact within that context.  However, the physical presence of a UT would probably be rivaled only by that of the Buddha within the historical record. 

If we add the anthropic and teleological aspects of contact, there would be theistic and eschatological implications that would require that a messianic scenario be considered. 

Jack and the Nuts&Bolts contingent of ufology are very much opposed to any religious muddying of these waters.  Thus are they specifically opposed to the prospect of an R&D style of disclosure.  If the R&D process does move forward, the N&B folk will do what they can to overshadow that interpretation of any data that is forthcoming. 

Any concession on their part to a purely physicalist interpretation is seen by the scientific folk as a capitulation to the reactionary forces.  This puts the debunkers into a very tight corner.  They cannot let a single anomalous phenomena slip through their net.  By contrast, Jack takes nearly the opposite tack.  He wishes to use dark energy and non-locality to explain virtually everything under the sun. 

What Jack cannot explain is survival.  Belief in the continuity of an aspect of the person is basic to every tradition.  The only workaround is to appeal to the technology of a virtual reality.  There will be pressure on the N&B folk to move in that direction to accommodate this universal impulse.  A VR world is a big step toward the BPWH.  People will find it quite strange that Jack can explain everything except survival. 

It is quite amazing that it took Jack & Co. nearly a decade to realize that R&D was no joke.  He did not understand that the BPW was a package deal.  Is he now not willing to play an ancillary role? 



"Dan's crazy file"

Once again I feel that I must appeal to your boundless patience while I indulge in my next favorite pastime, next that is to trying your patience.  I’m sure you’ll understand. 

To quote Jack Anderson, ‘Global affairs can sometimes hinge upon small items.’  It is fair to say that we have judiciously put ourselves forward as such a hinge. 

This week another small item has hogged the news over here: Dick Cheney shoots hunting partner. 

Well, guess what I’m going to do with these two dots! 

You do recall that prior to going to SF I did pen a ‘threatening’ email to Dick, somewhat under provocation from RD.  Jack got upset about it. 

Several things happened last week.  On Wednesday I got an email from ‘Zep T...':

<< I have a question for you if I may; Will you be updating the blog on your website? I note that the last entry was the eleventh of January. I am looking forward to 'seeing' your thoughts on the site. Also, I find your opinion on the 'Serpo' saga very enlightening.>>

This is an unusually specific unsolicited request.  The only previous such request came directly from CF a few months ago.  Zep makes reference to the Serpo file, about which I mention on the site RD’s information that it was being circulated in Dick’s office.  

On Thursday I call CF to see about our meeting him.  I mentioned to you that he sounded quite negative.  On Friday I purchase your ticket to DC.  On Saturday Dick shoots his friend Harry.  On Monday CF calls, sounding positively enthusiastic about meeting you. 

I’m sorry, but do you see my problem here?  It is a small world, is it not? 

I have mentioned to you about how all six women in my life have been adversely affected by the forces that must be in play here, while directly with me it has been like water off the back of a duck.  You are a sensitive.  You have more or less volunteered to be the battle ground here.  There is a struggle for your allegiance.  You have allowed me the upper hand, but I know that I must hold on for dear life. 



There is supposed to be a dinner meeting with CF this evening.  It is billed as nothing more than a social event.  Let's recap and pick up from a previous such meeting a few weeks ago.  Recap: yes, Virginia, there is a phenomenology problem.  Pickup: the core of the problem includes anomalous interactions with anomalous intelligences.  Most scientists would agree that such phenomena, if taken seriously, would warrant a radical restructuring of our worldview.  We are afforded the opportunity of rethinking, if not recreating, our world while adhering to certain boundary conditions.  This recreation will probably include ample reevaluation of the past.

In order to initiate such a broad discussion one needs a triggering scenario, which optimally would include a prototype package solution.  In this particular context, there seems to be little challenge for the BPW package at this time.  Given the package, we need to road test it, and then create a triggering event.  This latter, might be accomplished on the Sarfatti website with a minimal level of new input.  The road testing might best be accomplished on a short notice and an ad hoc basis through personal connections.  Such is my possible input for this evening.  As I recall the last meeting, there was only a general expression of support, without any specifics offered. 



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