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[4/18]  A significant breakthrough came about two weeks ago when I recalled the topological similarity between the Mandelbrot and a drawing done for the original website.  That clinched the point for me that the Mb could be exploited in a new pedagogical initiative.  Thus I began working on the power-point presentation.  In that process I decided to put the original 'Aquarium' website back on-line.  Soon I discovered that many of the pages had apparently been saved directly off of the site, and so there was a mixture of hyperlinks, that is still not completely resolved, and there appear to be some missing pages, as well. 

There are some 460 files listed in the Aquarium folder, without any attempt at a unified table of contents or site map.  As time permits, I will attempt to correct that here.  Front Page has a tool to create a site map, but it seems too general to meet this particular need.  Eventually some expertise will be required. 

Virtually all of the pages are dated from 1997 thru 2000.  There are one or two earlier relics, going back to '93 that were distributed via the electronic bulletin boards that predated the web.  I was aided in this by Don Allen, moderator for the FIDO UFO conference

The significant previous breakthrough was the switch from a many worlds hypothesis to a one world hypothesis (OWH) and the to the Best Possible World hypothesis (BPWH).  This is what motivated the inauguration of the present website after a hiatus of over a year that included 9/11.  The Mandelbrot explains the breaking of the zodiacal symmetry of the original drawing of the cosmos. 

[4/20]  However, please note the OWH showing up here.



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