The Millennium is the wrapping up or rolling up of history almost like a carpet into the vortex of the eschaton.  The stretched spiritual spring of our materialist sojourn is relaxed along with its frame that is Nature.  Linear time turns back to cyclical time.  We return to the dreamtime from whence we came. Its allotted thousand years may be shortened by the diligence of our preparations.  

Once our respective tasks become clear to us, it will be relatively smooth sailing.  There will be the inevitable initial jockeying as we revision our situation.  Let no one fall into the easy trap of allowing cosmic ends to overwhelm human means.  Let the role of the mini-messiah be an object lesson in the power of cosmic minimalism.  Go with the flow of the spirit. 

If there ever was a time for management by objective, as opposed to management by directive, this will be it.  The metaphysical, extraordinary nature of the eschaton will simply be a challenge to everyone's imagination.  Every one will rise to the challenge.  We were born to boogey, as they say. 

My poor imagination is being taxed in just these few pages and paragraphs.  You all will be leaving my imagination in the dust, pronto.  Just don't look back.  And don't look down. 

Let me just say a couple of words on logistics.  As I look back, I do recall a concern with demographics, and not for naught.  It may be that right about now is our demographic max.  It does seem that we have, as suggested, gone forth an replenished the earth.  Eschatology brings us to a new regime.  We replenish heaven, but certainly not with anyone's blood.  We redirect our fertility to the quickening and fruition of the spirit.  Perhaps the sutras will play a role. 

There are about 10^10 souls associated with earth history.  There is no other history nearly as populated as ours.  They may participate in that history by the sharing of lives and memories whenever and wherever they need or want.  No problem.  There will be ample opportunity to experience the Millennium.  As they complete their desired experience they can become observers.  There will be sufficient persons to complete the wrapping up drama.  That is the end of linear experience.  We will all  have been there and done that.    

I don't foresee any particularly difficult political problems that would require anything more than this sort of minimal, mini-messianic intervention.  Even at the end of this pre-millennial regime, we are close to being able to muddle through.  Once this gestalt switch begins to percolate through the world, the remaining obstacles will disappear.  In other words, there is no big blueprint for this period.  The spirit freed from the intellectual shackles of materialism will carry the day. 


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