History & Nature 


Within the monism of immaterialism there is a duality between history and nature.  History is the foreground, nature is the background.  Nature exists as a sub-narrative to the Metanarrative that is our history from Genesis to the Eschaton.  That latter span is the extent of real or linear time.  That span is significantly less than the mythical cycle of the equinoxes.  

The primary story line of the Metanarrative is our long march into materialism.  This is an unnatural move away from the cosmic spirit.  It is our nearly completed separation from God.  By our own efforts we have stretched the spiritual spring out too its maximum extension.  In the Millennium we are able to simply coast back home, as it were. 

The very unnatural stretching of the spirit is made possible by Nature.  Nature exists in two virtual  dimensions of nearly unlimited space and time, which complement the relatively real and more modest dimensions of our earthly sojourn.  Nature comes with its own coherent sub-narrative that is our scientific cosmology.  Nature is the frame on which history is stretched. 

The nearly complete harmony of History and Nature comes about through their shared Telos and as part of the Alpha/Omega bootstrap.  This includes the scientists who diligently and naively weave the illusory depths of space and time out of the depths of their own spirit, and also with their wielding of spades and grinding of lenses.  Thus is God spared the Easter Bunny role of planting fossils, etc.  It's not that she is lazy, she rather goes along with that flow of 'male' inquisitiveness.  Will the scientists be aggrieved to learn that they were 'tricked' into feathering their own nests?  I think they'll get over it, mainly because their hard won talents will not be peripheral to our encounter with the eschaton.  They'll just have to learn how to turn their telescopes around.  It's part of that little gestalt switcheroo. 

Creation is not a trick, so there was no need for a cover-up.  The Alpha/Omega loop is complete cycle.  The supporting spokes of which exist in our unconscious dream work, and other interdimensional channels. We don't have to understand every last detail of creation in order to navigate the eschaton, which is our first order of business. 

God has been concealed mainly by our own attention to detail.  This is not wrong.  It is nearly the whole plot.  We have the whole Millennium now to put everything back in order.  The role of the revealer is correspondingly easy.  It's just to turn a little valve to begin to reverse the flow of spirit. This is what the intellect is for.  

The continuity of the world is maintained automatically in a relational metaphysics.  The work of the scientists is involved in the pushing of the necessary continuity to is logical, atomistic limits.  Our approach to comprehending the logical completeness of the infrastructure of nature is a portent and aperitif of the ensuing spiritual completion. 


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