Explaining Science (part 1)

A Just So Story 


A major challenge for immaterialism is to rationalize both science and nature.  The Darwinists, in attempting to explain 'How the Leopard Got Its Spots', provide a model of explanation that we will be extending to the whole experiential world. 

The Darwinists have identified a survival mechanism to explain the taxonomy of the organic world.  With immaterialism there is much less distinction between the organic and inorganic, and we replace their survival mechanism with a somewhat similar bootstrap mechanism.  

The bootstrap is the cosmos' sky hook.  Logically prior to time and 'before' there was a world, there was just Possibility.  There was Potency.  Then there was self-actualization through various forms of self-posturing.  All of this is happening on the experiential level.  Materialization is partly the result of circular processes being stretched out so as to become habituated cyclically as the dimension of time emerges.  The cosmic potency actualizes itself by building its own relational network of cycles and sub-cycles.  There is a zone of alignment of the constant background of virtual chaotic experiential elements or felt meanings that are always holistic in a microcosmic fashion.  This process is ongoing in the human subconscious and through dreaming.  Out of these elements and this process there 'emerges' the Metanarrative that is world history.  

The Metanarrative is constructed with the simultaneous formation of an Alpha and Omega, as one might construct an expandable suspension bridge, not only across a void, but, in this case, within a void.  It is no mean engineering feat.  Experiential space and time are the flesh for this skeleton. 


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