Only One Show? 


Yes [, but do see below].  There is but one world.  There is but one show, and that show has but one showing. 

If I am correct, I have more right to be skeptical of this historical singularity than anyone, which leads to another slight digression. 

If I am even half-way right about the world, and I am even half-way successful in putting together a unique and coherent website, then yours truly is deliberately flirting with a rather specific and obvious messianic possibility (Y2C?).  Even if not me, it is likely to be another equally obscure soul in a similarly fortuitous place on our wired planet.  

Now consider the singularity of history from the perspective of this poor devil.  Imagine, if you will, the plaintiveness of her asking, 'Why me Lord?'  One would suspect that even just the subliminal anticipation of such a question is more than enough to keep this particular deck rather clear.  But this does not answer the original question.  

To maintain sanity in such a situation, consider this setting: a heavenly arcade with the always amusing 'messiah' game.  After some cajoling, I was just dumb enough to put my nickel in the slot.  The rest of you out there are just the wiser onlookers, feeling rather more sympathy or pity than anything else.  This is how most of us regard JC1, the original X-event, after all.  

Our singular history can be experienced and re-experienced in every possible way for all eternity.  It already has been.  There need be and can be no bigger or better game out there, remembering that you've hardly remembered any of it yet.  

More to the point is to recall that each of us is just a very small facet of the infinitely cohering cosmic omniscience.  We are the microcosms of that cosmos.  It is that to which we so hesitatingly awaken.  

Is there then nothing new under this Sun, or through this Son?  Doesn't God get bored?  No more than we ever do. 


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