VLAA is the Very Large Active Array.  It derives from the VLA in Socorro, NM that figured in Carl Sagan's Contact.  It is a follow-on from the CPN, Civilian Phenomenology Network, an offshoot of the Aquarium.  The VLAA is also the Earth based counterpart of VALIS; it is actually intended to be our uplink to VALIS.  It is our Global Brain.  It is our Noosphere.  It is our Psychic Early Warning System, PEWS.  It is wired via the Internet, of course.  In as much as it needs a control center, the BPW website is the temporary public aspect of that 'control'.  It is also the precursor of the Global Portal that will be the Eschaton Live. 

SDP?  Well, that is the protocol under which the VLAA operates: Sleeping Dog Protocol.  Yes, this is the radar system that flies under the radar that is the SDN, Sleeping Dog Network, e.g. the 'news' divisions of ABC, CBS, NBC....well, you get the picture.  The entertainment divisions & Hollywood, etc., that is quite another story, don't we know. 

Walk softly and carry a Big Array, those are the Aquarium marching orders, as near as I can tell.  None of this is new, of course; it is just being reiterated at what may be a critical time for the aquarium. 

And we have all heard about smoke and mirrors.  One thing to bear in mind is that where there is smoke, there is going to be more smoke!  The smoke will get thicker.  Don't let the smoke get in our eyes.  It is being used for multiple purposes.  It is the chaff that helps to shield the VLAA from the SDN.  But it is also used to send smoke signals, and for network analysis and maintenance, e.g., RAM/Jupiter/Serpo, etc.......  Consider the case of BLP, Black Light Power.  Was it only a money making scam?  I submit, not.  I submit there were ulterior motives.  There always are.  There always will be. 

Master the possibilities.  Look for alleged government, insider connections.  Some may be real.  Some of those will be dimwitted, others won't be.  Cash will flow, virtual and otherwise.  Some goes toward buying Jaguars, some may go deeper.  Contacts can be made and broken.  The public trough will have antechambers wherein serious deals may go down.  It's the peeling of the onion.  Try not to cry, and don't let the son catch you napping.

Is this perfectly clear? 

Command and control.  Presidents have been known to go bonkers with this stuff, or lose parts of their head.  It can happen to the best and worst of us.  The show must go on.  Recall 20 + 8.  Make that 20 + 15.  15?  We're talking secretarial and above.  1/3 dead, 1/3 retired, 1/3 active, 2-3 repositioned.  That is slim pickins.  So, ok, we pick up the slack.  Network redundancy?  Of course, just like the Internet that we feed off of.  I'm here today.  Gone tomorrow.  Fret not.  There are plenty of chips off the Ol' Block.  Just remember where you came from, and, trust me, it weren't from no primordial soup, pace Julia Childs, the intel brat herself, and friend of Carl's.   

Speaking of which, I'll be out of the loop for a few days for some spring training down at the Fort, a la O's and Bosox.  Don't let Art sell you any reptoids while I'm gone. 



The following is a concatenation of emails to Ray and Jack composed this morning:


Theory of mind:

<< It will contain math, yes.  But will it be strictly math? I doubt it.  Holism would not allow such a thing.>>

Ok, so far, so good.  But then it cannot be said that the mind is physical, because everything physical is strictly reducible to mathematical models. 

Jack, the cussed fool that he is, will not even admit this much.  When he gets to this point in the argument, he just starts screaming and throwing a tantrum.  It is not a pretty sight!   

If the mind is not physical, then what is it?  You wish to say that it is a System, but what kind of Beast is THAT??  

<<System Theory IS a branch of science that deals with emergence and wholeness, rather than reductio ad absurdum >> 

Wonderful!  I love it! 

But is this, ipso facto, Science?  I would humbly suggest that this is engineering, since there is no theoretical superstructure. 

I have absolutely nothing against engineering.  What I object to is when scientists, like Jack, inflate their theoretical ambitions to the level of a Metaphysic and then postulate that any other kind of Metaphysic is somehow illegitimate.  If Jack were just a fool, it would be ok, but Jack is an arrogant and extremely mouthy fool, and that is much less tolerable.  But also more amusing, in this long run-up. 

The question before us, then, is whither Systems (Theory)? 

Systems, par excellence, are biological.  The (biological?) system that stands out, in all of nature, is the human mind.  What are we to make of that System?

<<If it weren't for the fact that the possibility of science providing a better and better description of mind totally upsets the apple cart of your worldview, you would be jumping on Systems Theory and indeed Systems Engineering for the simple fact that it denies the eternal reductionist credo that you disdain... and it further embraces understanding emergence from the interrelationships of disparate elements. >> 

Please, Ray, be my guest.  Work your heart out to advance the disciplines of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. 

I have (an) other fish to fry.  I’m a prophet.  I’m telling you what you will be discovering.  Does this make me a Spoilsport?  Perhaps.  I do spoil Satan’s sport. 

Let’s cut to the chase.  Is THIS all there is to life??  Often, and seemingly for most or many of us, who do not own Jaguars in SF: nasty, brutish and short?  OR, are these simply the times that TRY our souls? 

I would much suggest the latter.  Even for those of us who do not have to compete to survive on a daily basis, a life lived in the Shadow of transcendence is infinitely preferable to ten lives lived in the pursuit of TOYS in the California sun.  No??  Anyone care to disagree?  Better speak up now, because where we’re going, there ain’t no toys!!  

What is there of a System that is transcendent?  How about my Compaq?  Is it transcendent? 

My Compaq is a dream within a dream: an engineering dream, if you will.   

I don’t expect anyone to believe this off the bat.  You will, like me, finally be forced, by the dint of everything coherent about the world, to accept the overwhelming logic that the world is more like an idea than a mere ‘mechanism’.  But don’t take it from me.  See for yourself. 

I compare my Compaq with a Symphony.  It is a vision in motion.  It has only a functional/aesthetic reality.  Otherwise it is rusting metal on the way to being recycled, or a cacophony adding to entropy and global warming.   

Yes, our minds have two overwhelming impulses: to analyze and to synthesize.  Modernity is just the overweening of the former.  With postmodernity, the balance begins to tip in the other direction. 

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is just to seal the deal of postmodernity with a Metanarrative.  Nay, with THE metanarrative. 

But, hey, don’t take it from me.  See for yourselves. 

Yes, I speak of the Soul of the Machine. 

Thousands, nay, millions have worked their hearts out, just like Ray, to put this symphony in glass and steel right under my fingertips. 

And now I am using that ‘symphony’ as an instrument to fire the Cadenza that will be heard around the world, or work my heart out, trying.  How many Jaguars do you think it would take to pry this Compaq away from my Near Death Grip/Trip?  Ask Debbie or Ron. 

We all struggle all the time to become one with our Function in the Symphony/System we call the Cosmos.  We struggle always to find our souls.  Yes, to keep body and soul together!  Religions, and Science, usually try to pry them apart, and that is 90% of our struggle, i.e. compensating for the cultural forces of dualism. 

Religion & Science is the Judgment of Solomon.  Each bargained for half of the Baby, and so Both were shown to be counterfeit parents of the Truth. 

Here, for the first time ever, you will hear the Whole truth, so help me, God!  If you don’t believe me, google it for yourselves.  This is the only metanarrative that can make sense.  It is the story of the Best Possible World, from Alpha to Omega.  I own the domain: .com, .net, .org.  As my baseball coach once advised, if you’re gonna make a ‘mistake’; just be sure to make it Big.  Don’t be a pussy with the Truth.  Yes, this is Dan’s Folly!

And, yes, there is that of this Compaq (and a Fifth of Beethoven) that will be going to Heaven with me/us, on the Glory Train.  We cannot take our toys with us, but we can take their spirits.  Thus the paper Jaguars that adorn our grave sites around the world.  Yes, and that makes me a Paper Tiger. 

And if I can keep typing at the speed of light, the other bloggers will still be lacing while I’m racing.  But is Truth a contest?  I don’t think so.  We don’t own the Truth.  There are patents only for the little truths, only for the toy truths. 

Instead, we become the Truth.  We become One with the Truth, which, by anyone’s definition, must be God.  That is the apokatastatic rapture.  Let Jack stick that in his Formulas.  This is the struggle/meaning of life.  You can play it again, Sam, but only on your own nickel.  God goes around but once.  Despite the many appearances, Nature abhors redundancy.  The same person who brought us the Best Possible World (BPW) also brought us the Identity of Indistinguishables (II), Wilhelm L.  They amount to essentially the same thing. 

There is only one electron, it just keeps being (a la Dirac) shuttled back and forth in the cosmic Warp and Woof.  The same is true of our Souls and of our Toys.  There is finally only one Soul and one Toy.  We are God’s Toy in the cosmic Dialectic of Alpha & Omega.  She is our Toy in the Aeon of the Rapture. 

I play God.  You will, too, and much sooner than you think, nay, much sooner than you can possibly imagine!  

Do I speak in aphorisms?  It is the prerogative of philosophers, and certainly in the tradition of Ludwig W. 

The Physicists can stand the Truth only when it lies etherized upon their Mortuary Slab, and under their Scalpel.  I am their worst fear: the self-resurrecting Truth.  God is coming back, and is She pissed! 

Yes, the Ballyhooed Theory of Everything turned out to be 10^500 theories of almost nothing.  Yes, they learned more and more about less and less, and now the Whole Truth comes back to bite them in the Arse.  Do I rub their noses in their own myopic intellectual arrogance?  Were they asking for it? 

Back to Ray.

Yes, you are absolutely correct.  The Cosmos is a System.  Like every System it has a Function.  I am merely the first to spell out that Function, here on the Internet and in Real Time.

So what?  What does that make me? 

If my rendition of the True Metanarrative is even in the ballpark of the Truth, that makes me, IMHO, the Second Coming of the One who was and still is the Truth and the Light and the Life.  Would anyone care to dispute, ooops, discuss this?

So what?  That and what else will get me a cappuccino on Capital Hill? 

Yes, there is some value to being the firstest with the mostest.  All you messiah haters can think of me as the least possible one of your many fears.  There is blood in the water surrounding the body of Modern Scientific Materialism.  Jack is one of the Sharks, and there are many others plying these same waters.  But if you, little ones, hate the Messiah, think how much more the PtBs must hate Her!

But they could see the Visitors’ handwriting on their Wall.  Being pragmatists to their cold little cores, they decided to cut the best deal they could in the hopes of pulling one or two of their chestnuts out of the fire.  I am the child of that pact made with the Devil.

In most people’s (religious) eyes, if I appear as anything more than a cipher, it will be as the Antichrist.  That’s to be expected.  It will all be over then, but the shouting.  And to that end, the only good saint is a Dead Saint. 

Was I ever given a real choice on this path?  It sure doesn’t seem like it to me.  There, but by the grace of the cosmic System, went you, and you, and you….

But, finally, their can be only one Alpha and Omega in the Cosmic System.  Individually we have, necessarily, pursued every possible path, and the Best Possible World is just the Least Action Sum over all of our individual (quantum) paths. 

So there we are.


Any questions, comments, discussions……..???


As I said at the beginning, Systems Engineering is not a Science because it lacks a supestructural Hypothesis. 

If, however, you add the BPWH to SE it will become Systems Science.  And, IMO, nothing less will suffice.  Nothing less will provide it with any coherence. 

In fact it will then be the Queen of the Sciences; all else will be relegated to footnotes.  Eat your heart out, Jack!




Only rich folk give money.  Their heirs give of themselves.  I do have some continuing, low-level ‘commitments’ from which I regularly struggle to disentangle myself.  Thanks for the thought, however. 

1.)  <<Since we see fractal progression/regression all around us in the universe, would it not be a reasonable assumption that the human mind could indeed be a functionally fractal substructure to the human body?  I think so.>>

2.)  <<Quite honestly, we don’t need “aliens” nor “global warming” to act as some explanation for an upcoming ELE.  It seems clear to me that any closed ecosystem (such as ours) not only has a specific “carrying capacity”, but that Nature has ensured (by design) that it shall be self-regulating.  And all this leads to the “what do we do about it?” question.  Well, that is what leads to the first principle of spirituality (as I see it):>>

These are two very important points. 

As time permits, these are the points that must be pursued. 

I shall be doing so in what follows.  Please chime in as the Spirit moves…………..

1.)  <<Since we see fractal progression/regression all around us in the universe, would it not be a reasonable assumption that the human mind could indeed be a functionally fractal substructure to the human body? >>

Of course. 

And then there logically follows the Amazing Twist:  the human body may also be viewed as a functional, fractal substructure of the Human Mind. 

That is the Missing Link of the entire Cosmic Puzzle. 

Is there any good reason to suppose that the Cosmos is not a System? 

If it is a System, we must ask ourselves its function. 

Every other issue in the world becomes subsidiary, and, in particular, the ELE issue becomes subsidiary to the Functional Issue:

2.)  <<Quite honestly, we don’t need “aliens” nor “global warming” to act as some explanation for an upcoming ELE.  It seems clear to me that any closed ecosystem (such as ours) not only has a specific “carrying capacity”, but that Nature has ensured (by design) that it shall be self-regulating.  And all this leads to the “what do we do about it?” question.  Well, that is what leads to the first principle of spirituality (as I see it):>>

ELEs?  [Extinction Level Events]

Where then would ELEs fit into the Cosmic System? 

They do fit into our Gaian system, evidently. 

Notoriously, it was an ELE on the reptilian side that paved the way for the mammalian/human domination of Earth.

That was functional for us, less so for them. 

What then would be the function of a human/mammalian ELE??


What kind of System is that?  I’ll tell you, it is the Pendulum/Oscillator System. 

So where is the intelligence, where is the software?  The IQ of a pendulum is simply 0. 

But wait!  If the Cosmos is a System then we must be an integral part of that System.  No? 

The cosmic software is VALIS, and since humans have a near hegemony on the Gaian software, we must assume that we are an integral part of VALIS.  Nothing else would make the slightest bit of sense. 

Where does that leave your precious ELE? 

I’ll tell you exactly where that leaves your ELE…………

The only known function of past ELEs has been to increase the Gaian IQ. 

A future ELE would clearly fail to serve that function.  Or would it? 

<<Steven Hawking would agree with you Jack. He recently stated that the only hope for survival of the human species is to move out into the cosmos. A great number of global catastrophes await us beyond the current human produced one. Let’s get those mother ships built and start colonizing. There are many traveling ET species out there, lets hope we can negotiate our way into joining them rather than being harvested by them. Certainly we want to leave behind the idiots that got us into the current scenario of destruction. >>

Evidently it is the PROSPECT of an ELE that can now serve to give our Gaian IQ a swift kick in the butt!!

But what kind of kick is this?  Is it random or is it directed?

Steve and Jack certainly understand the direction of the kick, i.e. we are being kicked out into the cosmos. 

But wait!  Is that not much too literal and linear in their thinking??

Think back to the Dinosaurs.  What happened to them, really?  Did they just die off?  Of course, not.  They were TRANSFORMED. 

They were transformed into birds and they took off into the sky. 

So you see that Steve and Jack are no smarter than the Troglodytes. 

What are they missing?  They are missing VALIS. 

They are missing the TRANSFORMATION. 

The trick here is to think outside of the Troglodyte Box, to think outside the Jack-in-the-Box. 

The Key to that is VALIS.  Jack does know about VALIS, he practically invented it, along with Bohm (Implicate Order), Wheeler (Participatory Universe), Tipler (Omega Observer) and PKD. 

BUT, he has not quite absorbed the Spirit of VALIS.

Jack is Avian, I’m Aquarian. 

Our assignment, if we choose to accept it, is not to sprout wings (a la Steve), nor to become worms (a la Jack).   

Our assignment is simply to uplink into VALIS. 

This is what the Aquarium has been about since Day One: VLAA/SDP…….


Any questions??




Yes, evidently I was mistaking you for Judy in this regard, but just now that is neither here nor there. 

There is a conversation that will have to happen about this atrocity, if there is ever to be another chapter in the BPWH. 

I have made only a few mentions of this on the website.  Nor am I a student of the extensive literature on the deontology of the Holocaust.

So I don’t know if I have anything new or helpful to say on this subject, but this is one way to find out. 

I choose to think that I was a victim thereof.  Will you hear me out?  Weren’t we all in one way or another?

But I am being more specific.  I’m talking reincarnation, and the fact that I was born late in ’43, for one thing.    

Am I trying to exploit evil for personal benefit?  Hear me out. 

I have not had a single flashback of this sort.  When I hear and see depictions of that event I am moved, as should be anyone with a grain of empathy.

I suppose it is somewhat in the spirit of JFK’s ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.’, and ironically so. 

Oh, yes, BTW, my other sister, now in Montana, is a Holocaust denier, but that is another story for another day.  She has afforded me every opportunity to attempt to think constructively on this topic!   

I am likening the Holocaust to an historically unprecedented mass abduction.  How else could it have been carried out without giving away the whole show?

It was precisely to test, and to educate a very specific and closely bound cohort of souls for a future mission.   

That mission is just beginning to unfold now.  This is the return of that Bird Tribe. 

You get the gist of it.  Need I say more?




As I said, there has not been a single flashback.  Nor need there be, nor even should be. 

Dare I say, that is the ‘beauty’ of it?!

We need never know precisely who was what.  We need, though, to master this Possibility. 

Everyone is allowed to think, Ich bin ein Auschwitzer

<< Personally I do not believe that people must suffer to become educated, or more human. Fact is that the victims of abuse often become  later abusers themselves.

Any god who would want to test his creation with pain can go to hell! >>

Well, you will recall that Jesus was alleged to have done precisely that, for precisely this reason. 

And yet we do suffer, and yet you do believe in a divine plan of some sort. 

Some things we can learn the easy way, some things many of us can only learn the hard way. 

A minimal degree of suffering is unavoidable.  Has there been on Earth any more than that minimum?  According to the BPWH, there has not been. 

I will discuss that point here for as long as is required of me.   

Fact #1: we are mortal!  Most of the suffering in the world revolves around that simple fact.  Why must there be mortality in the BPW? 

We could never have accomplished our mission, the Recreation of God, without the circumstance of our mortality. 

This is the double message of the X-event.  God dies so that we may live.  We die so that God may live.  Think communion, think vicarious atonement, etc.    

My sister? 

She has her reasons, so does her partner, e.g. he was pilloried and sent to jail by the AMA.  Are these good or adequate reasons?  I think not, but I was not there, in Montana.   




I do not believe in general reincarnation. However, the fact that so many people remember 'past lives, points to something rather curious: perhaps memory  is stored outside our minds( brains)  and  the access to it   occasionally becomes possible. So, your 'memories about your past life, could be someone  else's  life. And if it means anything, I would like to point out,   that Deuterium is the most memory retaining element in the universe. 

< We could never have accomplished our mission, the Recreation of God, without the circumstance of our mortality. >

God should be able to  recreate himself.  So, if we need to recreate anything, this cannot be god.  But what?...




I would maintain that the best possible God is not an omnipotent God. 

Consider that the worst curse possible is to be self-sufficient.  That would be tantamount to the curse of solitary confinement. 

We surely are not that.  If we have been created in the image of the Almighty, then God cannot be almighty. 

Consider the simple fact: there cannot be a Creator w/o a Creation.  God could not be God without us. 

The BPWH implies some form of Panentheism. 

The BPWH implies a bootstrap form of Creation.  That is the Ouroboric cosmology. 

God creates us, we Recreate God.  We are God’s recreation. 

There can be, need be no redundancy here.  There is One best world.  There is nothing to be gained from a second best. 

There is that of Creation that is eternal.  That is the best part.  It is the Akashic Re-cord.  It is also the Akashic Cord that is the bootstrap.

Need I go on?  Is this not all just excruciatingly obvious?  This is just the doing of Sophia.  I’m just the translator. 

Deuterium?  It is actually an isotope of hydrogen, not an element.  Well, according to the Homoeopathists, water does retain the memory of its solutes, indefinitely. 




Let's suppose that the President were advised that there appeared to be an ongoing disclosure initiative hereabouts, and that he wished to put and end to it.  What might happen?  I don't think that much would happen any differently from what continues to happen hereabouts.  I have sufficient reason to believe that the President does not have veto power herein.  There is more than one player here who has sufficient information, and quite probably the motivation, to override any such veto, should one materialize at this very late juncture.  And that override power would indeed be exercised, by one or more of these actors.  'Termination with prejudice' at this point would only hasten this unraveling. 

Is this a boast or a challenge?  I should hope it would not be taken as such.  It is merely a sober assessment of much accumulating information.  And I say this particularly in light of the alleged and abortive disclosure initiative of 1991. 

I am taking pains to consult with several less involved individuals to check my assessment against theirs.  If there is a significant objection to this assessment, I will post it here within a few hours.  In aeronautical terms, then, we have, with some authority, passed the point of no return in this process. 

The remaining issue then is whether some unforeseen event might truncate this process.  It would have to be an event of some very considerable magnitude, and therefore probably of an ad hoc kind.  That such an event might even be allowed to occur, would then count strongly as prima facie evidence against the BPWH.  That is a challenge directed specifically at the CPtB, e.g. VALIS, etc.  Or, make our day!  



The following paper (c. 2003) has been brought to my attention: 


The author is Colm Kelleher.  He has authored two books: Skinwalker (12/05) and Brain Trust (2004). 

Another source tells me that an MJ-12-type document circulated c. 1986 made reference to  a very specific genetic link to dementia that did not appear in the scientific literature in 1998.  However, the import of the alleged anachronism was not grasped until a similar reference was found in one of the Serpo documents.  This alleged Serpo connection has not been confirmed at this point.  There is a related rumor, however, that some of the SOMs are/were being treated for dementia. 

Kelleher (2003) proposes the following explanation for the epidemic in his fictional Brain Trust.  The disease agent for kuru was imported from New Guinea:

Nevertheless, it can be unequivocally stated that the importation of dozens of kuru brains and their storage at Fort Detrick, Maryland together with subsequent infectious testing in multiple species at NIH during the 1960s, represented a huge introduction and spread of infectious TSE’s into the United States. Primates (Chimps, Gibbons, Old World monkeys, New World monkeys), guinea pigs, mink, goats, sheep, mice etc were injected with human kuru brain extracts. It is intriguing that the first documented case of CWD appeared in 1967 at a Colorado State University wildlife research facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, within a few years of this intensive cross species kuru testing that originated from experimental facilities at Fort Detrick and Bethesda.

Kelleher also points to the likelihood that BSE and CJD related epidemics are being vastly underreported especially in the US. 

In that same paper he dwells at length, and with much data, on the geographic and temporal links between incidents of cattle mutilation and outbreaks of the BSE-type.  He concludes that the visitors are testing for the spread of the disease and, at the same time, attempting to warn us of the growing contamination in our food supply.

A less benign connection might well be made.  This is the Andromeda Strain scenario.  A disease vector was accidentally or deliberately injected into our biosphere by the Aliens.  They are now trying to contain it and warn us about it, or they are facilitating its additional spreading and are leaving their inimitable calling cards in the process. 

These problems and speculations were brought to the attention of CF, at least several months ago.  He appears to have taken no action.  When I recently asked him about this, he cited insufficient evidence as the reason for his inaction. 

It seems now to have fallen to the UFO community to do a follow-up investigation, and some preliminary work is underway.

I'm having difficulty with several aspects of the above information and speculation. 

If this were a serious problem, known by MJ-12-types, at least since the '70s, why this very belated bit of whistle blowing, just now, and why be dumping it upon us UFO-types?  By now irrevocably contaminating this potentially very serious public health menace with UFO speculation, the net result will only be to further delay a much needed scientific study. 

At least two other possibilities come to mind.  This a real but perfectly mundane problem that is out of control, with no foreseeable solution, and the decision is simply to lump this in as a sidebar to the larger ufo disclosure process which is already in its late stages.  Or there is, in fact, considered to be a real, undeniable link, and so the problem cannot be publicly addressed, independent of disclosure, anyway.  In either case, the epidemic could be helping to drive the disclosure timetable. 

Or finally, the whole scenario has been concocted as a scientific hoax intended to be interjected into the disclosure process, either to derail or further delay it by muddying these already murky waters. 

I would advise that we keep our powder dry. 


Back to the politics, if you please. 

If what I said two days ago is correct, then we should suspect something like the usual conspiracy theories that link the Bilderbergers to the ufo cover-up.  After all, those folks would have a greater need to know than any given President.  What then might be the connection between the 'Bilderbergers' and the Aquarium?  Am I supposed to be their mini-ME (anti-X?) mascot?  Or could I be the unwitting front for a Christian cabal, out to subvert the 'Bilderbergers'' plot for an NWO, with its own KC/BPW scenario?  Is there even a difference?  Who the heck knows?  I'm sure I would be the very last to know!

With all the potential for internal bloody strife, one ought to wonder why things seem to be proceeding in a relatively orderly fashion.  Is that a sign of hope, or just a sign that nothing really is happening? 

For those of you keeping score, the number of known briefees, recently reported here as 20, has now been expanded to 200.  Anyone for 2,000? 



The problem at hand is to firm up a timeline for disclosure. 

We are talking about disclosure becoming a political process.  At some point it will have to become integrated with the political processes around the world.  The logical place to start is here in the US.  This is based in no small part on the 'repositioning' described above, where, at a minimum, four of the main Intelligence officers have, at the least, been well briefed on these matters. 

Just connecting these two dots, we should plan for a public disclosure prior to the primary elections starting in January.  And the sooner the better?  Well, let's see. 

What needs to happen with the VLAA/SDP prior to the wakeup call?  Basically, all we need to do is finish is the decommissioning of the inside control groups by D-day.  Most of their functions would need to be transferred to outside control soon thereafter.  We're not talking about doing this enmasse.  The decommissioning has to be thorough and on an individual level.  MJ-12/Bilderberger personnel could be recycled into the fish tank only on an individual basis.  Of course, more outsiders would be brought in at the same time.  Say what?  One-third insiders, two-thirds outsiders, maybe.  And we're talking about a part/full-time staff of maybe 100 by January.  That would keep us all plenty busy. 

Recruiting efforts would be extended to existing organizations.  To some degree, existing outside groups could simply reorient themselves toward one or more aspects of an expanding aquarium agenda. 

By January, at the latest, there ought to be, say, one hundred reasonably coordinated, mostly volunteer staff ready to participate principally in the state Primary elections. 

Is that too much?  Too little?  Too late? 

We turn a leaky old fish tank into a steam ship in a few months.  That would be mainly my responsibility.  My primary tool will have to remain this old blog, plus a lot of Skyping.  Would there be any budget?  I wouldn't count on it for the first year or so. 

Whatever was on the inside has been run as a tight ship.  We will have to accommodate that fact during the process of decompression.  The fish-tank will have to serve as a hyperbaric chamber for those who were in deep and wish to be cycled to the surface. 

Our shakedown cruise will be occurring as if in the middle of a hurricane.  There will be no ports-of-call. 

I note that Open Minds Forum has another thread going on these latest posts.  I suggest that as good place to start for those with questions about these topics. 


Back to Mad Cows and other delicacies.

My sources are suggesting that Mad Cows are a great way to introduce the Best Possible World!  I kid you not.  Might lead out of the gate with the scary stuff, and then its all upward and onward. 

The bad news is that our brains are turning to mush.  The good news is that they are just for decoration anyway!  I'm pulling your leg, right?  Well, not entirely! 

Remember, according to the BPWH, our bodies are really just for decoration.  Yes?  And our brains are part of our body.  Recall the cases of hydroencephaly where the patient is found to have water on the brain, or just a little bit of brain floating in a lot of water, with the patient having a perfectly normal IQ.  And take me, for instance, a quasi-stroke victim, and you'd never know it, right?  Right! 

Here's another way to look at Mad Cows.  According to the BPWH, Creation is quantitatively finite.  There are no more than about 10^10 souls, i.e. humans, humanoids, angels, demons, etc., etc.  The starry sky?  Another decoration, just a backdrop for the main stage which is right here on Terra Firma.  Am I hopelessly pre-Copernican?  You bet your bippy!  I'm a postmodern, virtual reality, Matrix fan.  A horseback estimate should tell us that we 7x10^9 humans make up a goodly part of the spatialized component of the cosmic mind. 

Cutting to the chase, we humans are to the cosmic Self as our 10^10 brain cells are to our individual selves.  It's all a cosmic Metaphor, as above so below, microcosm/macrocosm, etc. 

The whole point of Creation is for the Cosmic Mind to recycle/rewire/refresh itself in an ouroboric fashion.  It actually happens only once, since the Omega is looped back to the Alpha, as a singular teleological time loop.  This is just the BPWH in a nutshell. 

In out final phase of spiritual evolution, our Gaian mind, Noosphere, Global Brain is being rewired right here on the Internet, and through our collective unconscious/dreamscape, etc.  This macrocosmic rewiring is being reflected in our microcosmic brains, as we all, hopefully, participate in a pandemic of Aspergers Syndrome.  I.e. we all become functionally specialized genii in the global brain, the way our neurons have specialized functions and connections in our our own heads. 

If we get this rewiring project messed up a little bit, instead of Aspergers, we'll all be developing autism.  And if we screw up a lot, our brains will all turn to mush. 

There you have it.  The spooky juxtaposition of BSE/CJD/Mutilation cases is just a friendly reminder from our Visitors of what our options are at this Millennial juncture in our Gaian sojourn. 

And, yes, our MJ-12 buddies just wanted us to know that they know there is a drop-dead date for disclosure. 

I'm guessing it's in the next six months, but, hey, I've been wrong before. 

It's probably fair to say that in the Millennium we'll all become much more interdependent, integrated and specialized than we are now.  I don't think this prognosis augers well for robber-baron capitalism.  What's the alternative?  How about a Holy post-Roman Empire?  How about a Global Guild system?  You name it, but we won't be in Kansas anymore, Toto! 


Before I forget again, and while we speak of Decoration, if you are a student of etymology you will know that the cosmos is just God's cosmetic.  That's how we know God is a woman!  And that also explains the whole BPWH in one sentence. 

In this connection, be sure to see Indra's Pearls/Net, etc. 


[3/31] [a]

Yes, I have been following the chat on the above OMF link.  A junior forum member, 'Smokey', has suggested that I'm being M-Fed by my sources/handlers (S/Hs). 

This latter point became a heated topic of discussion between us, just in the past hour.  We agreed that I would summarize our discussion here.

The discussion boiled down to this one point, IMO: either my S/Hs must continue to attempt to characterize me in public as being another Bennewitz, or they would have to concede that, most likely, I am Jesus.  Is there truly any middle ground in the argument?  My point is that there is no longer any middle ground.

Off the top, it is conceded that I don't seem to be in the same ballpark as a Bennewitz case. 

The issue then is about the Jesus connection.  Why, she wonders, can't I just be another messenger, like a lot of people in this arena at present? 

My answer is that this is a long story, going back with me for thirty years, which has been amply covered in this blog.

Then she asserted that it is not logically possible for me to be Jesus.  That was where things became heated.  The argument also become somewhat technical and theological. 

Here is my thinking on that topic.  Mind you, I'm no theologian, but do bear with me, folks.  This is where, finally, I maintain, logic trumps even traditional theology. 

I turn the argument right around.  The logical first question is not whether Dan is Jesus, but whether Jesus was the Messiah. 

The technical point is that Jesus was not the Messiah.  Jesus, as the disputable story goes, was developing such a large following in his ostensibly Messianic mission, that the PtB decided they would have to put a wrench in the works, and allegedly nailed him to a cross.  End of story for the Jews.  The Messiah was supposed to be a human who would conquer the world on behalf of Yahweh.  No way, Jose.

Then along came the Christians claiming, among other things, that Jesus was the Messiah.  To every self-respecting Jew, that was, prima facie, a silly claim. 

So now we have two different definitions: ...........


I'm talking to Jake Reason.............


Now I'm trying to get through to David Gladstone through Jack, but I'm having no luck.  We are trying to sort out the Messianic issues. 

Is there a Rabbi in the house?

Everyone has deserted me now. 

Where were we?

The last issue being raised was whether the Messiah's Kingdom was supposed to include gentiles as well as Jews. 

I'm not sure why this is even a question.  Are all the gentiles supposed to roll over and play dead?  I don't think so. 

Tell that to Gordon Novel, coauthor of KC, and he will come and break your leg. 




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