Mind Bridges & Portals 


This is a continuation of the thoughts from the previous page, being motivated in part by a discussion with Jack Sarfatti.

Back to basics and a recap.

There many kinds of non-local, irreducible phenomena:

More controversially there are parapsychological and paranormal phenomena:

It is not terribly controversial then to posit some sort of mind-field to tie these phenomena together.  Currently we are calling this field, VALIS, after PK Dick.  Jack may equate VALIS with his Destiny Matrix. 

The BPWH posits that a self-generating VALIS is the foundation of all being, thus equating it to the Cosmic Ouroboros.  I am not averse to a close identification between the ouroboros and the Telos or a Destiny Matrix.  I may also refer to it as God or panTheos. 

All being is interconnected via this Cosmic Mind Bridge, to add another phrase to our collection for the All-in-All. 

Where Jack and I presently differ is in his more dualistic and my more monistic view of the CMB.

The difference is most readily apparent in the matter of portals or star-gates.  Jack supposes that these portals are necessarily technological artifacts.  I suppose that portals are simply a more or less spontaneous sort of mind-bridge.  This difference may be traced to our differing conceptions of space and time. 

In the BPWH, space and time are functional projections of VALIS. To put in most succinctly, space and time are God's way of keeping everything from happening at the same time and place.  It is God's necessary filing cabinet, if you will.  It is partitioned in various ways.  In particular, it is partitioned between individual minds and individual worlds.  This is to say that reality is naturally a unit, and it takes some doing to stretch it our over time and space.  We creatures supply most of the scaffolding and glue in this cosmology. 

Keep in mind, however, that the space-time of the BPW is purely phenomenal space and time, it is not the deep space-time of modern cosmology.  Physicists strain mightily to save the macro and micro appearances.  They find themselves in nearly the same position as the Ptolemaists before the Galilean revolution, i.e. they have to keep adding epicycles on top of epicycles.  This great edifice is about to come crashing down on their heads, almost literally, as we experience the ontological inversion between mind and matter, i.e. the world turned upside-down and inside-out. 

The apokatastatic Telos is the natural, relaxed or 'collapsed' state of the world.  This is where the ouroboros bites its tail, where Alpha = Omega.  We creatures, like Atlas, struggle to keep the sky from falling.  And me, well, I'm just Chicken Little.  Don't mind me!

As the Millennium proceeds, the natural and spontaneous portals here on Earth will expand to the point that the entire Earth is just one big portal.  We are well on our way to becoming the cosmic crossroads.  That A/X/O marks the end of our linear history.  This is the Emerald Cafe of Star Wars.  This is Douglas Adams' Restaurant at the End of the Universe. 

My answer to Jack & Co. is that we have no need to go there.  They are much more anxious to come here.  Talk about 'broken borders' and 'illegal aliens'!  You ain't seen nothin' yet, my friends! 

The apocalypse is the parting of the veil of nature.  That is our omega-portal to eternity.  Talk about rush-hour! 

The problem is not to build more portals, but to keep the existing ones from bursting at the seams. 


So here we are at the cosmic cross roads, with the whole cosmos knocking at our door.  What is truly going on?  Since when did we volunteer to become the cosmic traffic cops? 

Do we man the barricades with our dark-energy, quantum bazookas?  All that we would manage to do with our big guns is rip more holes in the space-time fabric, which is becoming increasingly threadbare, just on its own.

The question we need to ask is, 'What's the big attraction??'

Well, they can hardly help it.  We are at the center of cosmic gravity.  The Earth is metaphysically the 'densest' of all the worlds.  Everyone is dying to come here, and come back again.  If you can't come by the natural/biological route, you'll break down the doors of our perception and be our incubi, etc., etc.  Once they've seen Paris, they won't want to go back to Kansas or Serpo. 

Is it just the bright lights?  Is it just our women?  Perhaps.  What marks us out, more than anything, is that we are the only planet of choice, to quote the Council of Nine. 

To put it another way, the aliens come here mainly to experience our alienation!  Why?  Because they know as we know, that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  At this cosmic center of spiritual density, we are at the bottom of the totem pole.  We are all pearl divers.  We dive here to find the pearl of great price.  We come here to find that which makes us closer to God than the angels. 

The visitors come from their respective aboriginal dreamtimes to be thrown down into our hard rock cafe.  They partake vicariously, or otherwise, of our heaven and hell on Earth.  They come to find out where they will be sitting on the glory train of our apokatastasis.  This is the eschatological Grand Central Station.  This is the great wedding feast of our Hierogamos.  All roads lead to Rome. 


Jack says:

<<The low entropy of the early universe at the ALPHA POINT is the PAST EFFECT whose FUTURE CAUSE is at the OMEGA POINT de Sitter ultimate FUTURE HORIZON for all of us observers. This is all a NONLOCAL TIME LOOP where the high entropy at future OMEGA pays for the low entropy at ALPHA setting the direction for the ARROW OF TIME of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.>>

This seems to be a partial substantiation of the ouroboric style of cosmology. 


[12/8] [a]

The Collapse of the Space-time Manifold

I don't envy Jack in his present position.  He is so near, yet so far from his Copernican de-revolution, a la the BPWH.  That's where I was in 1980, when I had my immaterialist epiphany while reading Masquerade by Kit Williams. I realized then that nature and art could not be that far apart, in that there must a ubiquitous intersubjective intentionality.  Nature art or super-realism, if you will, is just the surfacing of the Jungian uCs.  There is no room for accidents.  Is this a pro-life paean against nature's abortions?  Yes and no.  It is a metaphysical statement, not a political statement.  This is the beginning of teleology or 'retro-causation' to use the infelicitous phrase of the physicists.  It also reopens the door to eschatology, in a rather serious way: how can there be a telos without an eschaton? 

It is the beginning of 'pronoia', if you will.  This new attitude built upon my Sophia encounter and led up to a series of incidents in June of 1991 that led me to call MUFON, to delve into the British crop-circle scene and finally to call Ron.  Who else to call, re. the eschaton?  You can't just dial 911.  9/11 would come later. 

How can we spare Jack the agonizing fall into Maya/immaterialism/idealism.  For a physicist, the collapse of the space-time manifold is like a trip to the dentist where he tells that your teeth are fine, but the gums have got to go!  How can we cushion the impact of this revelation.  So near, yet so far!  How do we explain to Jack about jumping over this candlestick?

What does Jack now have in his armamenta?

The collapse of the space-time manifold is the subtext of everyone of these items. 

We live in a projective, holographic world.  This world is a self-generating, time-looped, informational complex.  The conformal point at infinity collapses into the eternal, shining Present.  This is the Aquarium's version of the immanentizing of the eschaton. 

The still unsolved mystery of Mach's Principle is symptomatic of the conformal immanentizing of the 'fixed stars'. 

This is the conceptual precipice at whose edge I stand vicariously with Jack.  What do they say about leading a horse to water?  Jump on in, the water in the Aquarium is great!  Where is the blindfold?  We're trying to lead him out of the burning building.  That's all that's left of the old, alienating worldview. 

If Jack were to make this jump, it would make a nice splash.  Jack is a big frog in a small pond.  This mini-tsunami would be felt far away. 


Quite possibly I'm missing some neat little physical argument, a nice little push, that would make this jump easier for Jack and his comrades.  If Jack can figure out this argument, that would surely set him up for his Nobel Prize, the last one for physics as we used to know it.  If not, we may be standing here for awhile.  There will then have to be some phenomenon that will push us over.  This would be a less desirable, more shocking outcome. 


[12/11] [a]

This recently from a usually reliable source:

She [Sophia?] says you are so very close but you were partially blinded by the light,  but your vision will finally clear. There is one pearl you still seek to complete the string…it is coming.

You cling tightly to the coat-tails of two men – one is a lifeline, the other is falsely conceived.

This next coming year will be the way of unveiling but also silent contemplation. Significant dates will be January 24th  - May 17th and August?

More listen than speak in your defence – they wait for the tide to turn.

There is a man of influence who watches closely from the wings…You don't know him but he will make himself known to you.

Interesting.  The two men are likely Jack and CF.  'Falsely conceived' is ambiguous.  Does it mean deceptive or mistaken?  And which would be which?  I'm not sure I would want to bet my life on the answer, but I may have already.  I have always presumed that CF was a mixed bag relative to disclosure, and a perennial source of disinformation, mixed with information, of course.  That's his official duty as an intelligence officer, only actually beholden to the President.  Even the President is served only on a need to know basis. I may have a greater or lesser need, depending.  A particular issue with CF of late is my (non)support of GN.  The issue used to be the positive, but now it has become the negative.  What has become of 100+ billions allocated to MJ-12?  Perhaps CF has no personal slush fund.  JS is under the impression that he is on an inside dole, as was GN up until his falling out with RS. 

I was told that the pearl and the unveiling probably refer to the same thing.  One might suppose that this is also related to the turning of the tide.  How much of this hinges on my silent contemplation?  Are we talking about a formal meditation?  That has never been my style.  So is the pearl mainly something internal or external?  Is it something more conceptual or intuitive?  More of a scientific, social, or metaphysical insight? 

There continue to be the exchanges with Jack.  His coming around comes in fits and starts, but mostly fits, especially in what he gives me.  Might something of substance emerge in that exchange?  One might hope it is not all wasted. 

'Blinded by the light'?  I wonder.  Does that mean I am too focused on the One, and not seeing important particulars?  Am I too focused on the 2nd Coming?  Focusing on the KC project was one way to avoid the latter, one might think. 


[12/12] [a]

This from Mario C: 

My question is this: If the presumption that the soul goes onto a higher stage of being upon one's death, and if we presume that all those that have passed have reached the next level which we will attain after the eschaton, what would be the hurry, or even the need, for those that are living on this planet to attain that next level while still alive? Unless we insert the concept of purgatory as a "parking lot" where all of the souls await until judgment day, I cannot see the logical reason to eliminate this "middle existence", if you will. Why not let every "body" continue to cycle through all of the steps? Where am I going wrong?

Mario, excellent question, and thank you for asking.  The answer may be implied in various of my scribblings, but it does need to be explicitly emphasized, because it is important, as you well realize. 

Here is the deal as I see it in conformity with the general theme of the BPWH: 

Although we may suppose that the BPW is qualitatively infinite, we may presume that it is quantitatively finite in every respect.  Why?  This is because Creation must be limited to a finite number of souls.  And why, again?  The whole basis of theism is a personal relationship between each individual creature and the Creator, referring now to us humans.  This fact is emphasized particularly in the incarnational X event.  If Creation were infinite in time and space, then an infinite number of creatures would be infinitely removed from that X event.  The only remedy would be an infinite number of X events, but any such infinite cosmology would fly in the face of the whole concept of a Best Possible World.  There would either be an infinite redundancy, or there would exist every possible world.  There would be no feeling of our belonging to a personal Creation.

The issue becomes for us simply the question of the optimal number of souls.  I am supposing that the answer is c. 10^10.  I would argue that this provides us with the maximum of diversity and with a minimum of redundancy. 

In a Mandelbrot style of cosmology, there could be an infinite number of worlds, each represented by one of the bulbs.  I suggest, though, that there would be a practical cut-off at some minimal population per world/bulb.  In keeping with the Zodiacal schema, there would be twelve principal worlds.  Serpo, with about 10^6 souls, would be a principal one of these.  There would be a rapid drop-off in the population of each such world.  There would be, could be, no uninhabited worlds, with the possible exception of a few Jurassic Park/caretaker worlds.  We remain the only Planet of Choice, and the only locus of a salvific incarnational event.  That is why all the other souls must visit here to partake of this singular salvational history. 

Mario, it is important to recognize that I do not foresee a dramatic, rapture-style eschaton.  The drama, rather, will be focused on the imminent messianic event.  This will become a media event, perhaps soon after the death of the designated individual.  (The best saint is the dead saint?)  That will be our Great Awakening, and from that point on our attention will turn toward our reunion with God.  Our mundane business will be wound-down, accordingly.  In particular, our baby-making business will taper off, more or less rapidly.  This will be our promised Millennium.  The optimal length of the Millennium might only be a few centuries at the most.  The souls finish up their business/education here, and migrate on to other dimensions of non-linear space-time.  Coming back here would then be possible as time-traveling walk-ins.  You and I might be such ones.  Any messianic-style pretensions would simply be attributable to our prearranged cameo/video-game appearances.  'You pays your money and you takes your choice!' 

The fate of the Earth?  It goes back to something like the Disney/Edenic/conservation park it might once have been. 

Having established the background of the BPW cosmology, I should return to the specifics of Mario's question.

What is the hurry?  What about a purgatory?

There has always been in christianity the believers exhortation, 'Hurry, Lord!'  The inference is that life here, even for the believer, cannot be as good as life in the direct presence of God.  There must always be down here an existential alienation or deprivation.  This would be true even, or particularly, in the Millennial Kingdom, which could hardly be much better than any purgatory.  In the Millennium/purgatory we would be more aware of what we are missing, than we are now. 

Beyond the spiritual impatience, there is also the fact of finiteness.  Given an optimal number, c. 10^10, of souls, we eventually finish our education, and are ready to move on.  This global readiness is apparently being underscored by the various material and spiritual crises that presently face us.  I submit that these will not be solved without a messianic intervention.  That will necessarily be a pre-millennial intervention.  That inaugurates the winding down, wrapping up of our history, as just described. 

The only alternative might be for us to colonize the universe.  This, however, is an illusory notion based on the false premise of physicalism.  It is rather the case that the other worlds have already started coming here to participate in the BPW/geocentric eschatology. 

Have I satisfactorily answered your question, Mario? 


Thank you for your response, Mr. Smith. It is deeply appreciated.

In order for me to understand the logical sequence of the BPWH, I have asked myself these questions:

If before the Big Bang there was nothing, and this "singularity"/the universe was created by God's mind, then obviously God created all of the rules. It was, after all, His dream.

What was God's motivation for making the existence of our present situation finite?

Was it merely capriciousness? Judging from the orderly result of His creation He does not appear capricious otherwise.

From what the astrophysicists tell us, the Sun will lose it's ability to continue to function in its current form in a few billion years. As a result, the expansion of it to a red star will consume the earth and all within it. So there is, apparently a definite timeline which makes our earth/host relationship finite.

But why the need to have a pre-eschaton eschaton? If God included the near-future upcoming eschaton in his Dream/Creation what was his reason? There was already one built in to the scheme of things.

Do we need to release all of those souls from purgatory a few billion years ahead of the end of the earth? Does God need our transcendence in order to fuel the Cosmos? Himself? Something else?

You have opened whole new avenues of thought for me with your hypothesis, and I am very grateful to you for that.



Mario, I think now I see the problem.  What you are doing here is mixing the materialism with the immaterialism.  This leads to incoherence.  The basic premise of the BPWH is that deep space and time is just an illusion.  It is just the logical extension of the veil of nature that separates us from the cosmic intelligence.  I am supposing that actual linear history on Earth extended back only perhaps twelve thousand years or so.  There need be no actual barriers in space or time, just an attenuation of normal, linear consciousness as one approaches the limits.  It is just a fact that astronauts do tend toward more altered states of consciousness as they depart the Earth.  This problem has been covered up by NASA as per my CIA informant.  Thus the plan to return to the Moon, rather than extend to Mars. 

The Big Bang and extrapolated Big Crunch are just appearances.  There are other worlds from which our visitors come, but they are just scaled down version of our own dream-world. 

Hi Mr. Smith,

OK, I see what you are saying. Let's invalidate my comments regarding the fate of the earth in a few billion years. If we presume no built in time system in place due to all of that belonging to the material folks, we are left with the eschaton built in by the Creator at a time of His choosing.

Is His choice in this the point at which we start to lose our personal relationship with Him? Is this due to the number of souls reaching x?

Would you agree that the alleged visitors have a vested interest in the eschaton?
Would that cause them to help it along in some way? Perhaps by helping us to lose our relationship with our Creator? Perhaps by helping us reach population x?


More good questions. 

The eschaton comes at the time of God's choosing?  That tends to oversimplify a complex process: 

There are many factors involved in the optimization of the spatio-temporal dimensions of the world.  Creation is a very complex system that is replete with time loops of all dimensions.  Thus is it a very strong feed-back, self-stabilizing system, and so it is impossible to distinguish between cause and effect.

The 'tribulation' we experience leading up to the Millennium is a necessary conclusion to this, our long march into materiality.  The sweet and the sour become very entangled in these latter-days.  The pain is part of what awakens us, along with the messianic event itself. 

The role of the visitors?  The visitors have been with us since the beginning.  They include both 'angels' and 'demons'. 

Like Narcissus, we fall in love with our collective and individual material images.  We almost literally fall into and are ensnared by this world.  Angels can help to alleviate some of our problems; demons, among many other roles, ensure that our attempts to escape are generally futile.  The Powers-that-Be are also interested in keeping us down on the 'farm'.  They sometimes collude with the demons, to that end.  But finally, certain of the visitors (the three Magi?) help to prepare for the messianic event by negotiating an offer with the PtB that they cannot refuse. 

And continuing:

When you state:

* The spatio-temporal dimensions of the world are optimal from everyone's informed point of view.

I interpret that to mean that the near-future is crucial to the timing of the eschaton due to the optimization of the spatio-temporal dimensions of the world.

I can't remember who sang this song: "When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius"

If so, who are you referring to when you say that this information is coming "from everyone's informed point of view"?

Mario raises several interesting points here.

The Age of Aquarius was performed by the 'Fifth Dimension' back at a time when physicists were just beginning to expand their dimensional horizons.  Now they are up to eleven, and still counting. 

The Zodiac plays a 'stellar' role in the BPWH.  I could go on at great lengths about that, and I have, throughout this website.  It is one of the seven major archetypes, collectively designated by AZO/X/QRP, q.v.  This is part of the timing of the eschaton.  See De Santillana's Hamlet's Mill for more information about how this mythos impinged upon history.  In short, our cosmic calendar is written in the stars, as one might well have expected. 



I have been asked to elaborate on the above passage:

<<Angels can help to alleviate some of our problems; demons, among many other roles, ensure that our attempts to escape are generally futile.  The Powers-that-Be are also interested in keeping us down on the 'farm'.  They sometimes collude with the demons, to that end.  But finally, certain of the visitors (the three Magi?) help to prepare for the messianic event by negotiating an offer with the PtB that they cannot refuse.>> 

A great amount of speculation is packed into this statement. 

You might wish to familiarize yourself with the gossip about the Aviary and Aquarium on the Internet by combining those words with 'UFO'.  The Aviary grew up around the allegations that the US government has been visited by Aliens, starting with the Roswell episode in 1947.  There are alleged to have been three principal visitors, EBE1-3.  The Aquarium, which is a spin-off of the Aviary, bases itself on the possibility that the historical role of EBE1-3 is similar to that ascribed to the three Magi, in that they came to expedite a messianic advent. 

These Magi I would count amongst the Angels, although they are alleged to have come from 'planet' Serpo, a world not unlike our own, but with a population of less than a million.  I do not draw any major distinction between the good, bad and ugly, when it comes to the visitors.  They all have their functional roles to play in our psycho-social development here on Earth.  With a few exceptions, it is they who come here to interact with us at this center of spiritual gravity.  Our more robust physicality leaves us as targets of their often seeming parasitic advances.  Their 'technology' is mostly just an advanced form of magic.  Their disks operate more as flying carpets, than anything else.  Their ingress here is mainly on the psychic level, but in an immaterial world there is no great distinction between the psychical and the physical, certainly not to the degree we are wont to believe. 

Like the parasites in our guts, they usually perform beneficial services, but they can get out of hand if we don't watch them and keep them on a short leash.  How we do that is very situation dependent.  I would not entirely discount the rumors that there have been pitched military engagements with certain of these critters in conjunction with their underground portals. 

The coming Apokatastasis is participated in universally by everyone of the c. 10^10 souls, including those in the outlying dimensional worlds such as Serpo.  The Earth has been designated aboriginally to be the center of the Apocastatic action.  This is the cosmic crossroads, and it is from here that the Glory Train departs, the way station on the path to heaven, if you will.  If all goes well with our immanent Millennial Kingdom, the uploading process can be stretched out over one or more centuries.  The Tribulation need be no worse than what we have already been experiencing.

The doors of heaven, i.e. mainly the portals, will be thrown open.  Up to now they have been guarded on both sides.  We might suppose that the initial primary cohort of émigrés will be our senior citizens, but as this process becomes culturally integrated, a more general population will participate, and our biological fertility will abate accordingly, until the Earth is gradually returned to its Edenic/caretaker regime.  

I hope this brief elaboration can help.  There is no real trick to performing such speculation.  It is just a question of becoming familiar with the basic percepts of the BPWH, and then gradually filling in the details in the most coherent and expeditious manner possible.  You do not have to be a card-carrying soothsayer to perform such a task.  Just keep a level head! 

There are those who have likened our spiritual matriculation to a kind of hatching out.  JC Pearce refers to the paranormal or altered-state visitations/excursions as the 'cracks in our Cosmic Egg'.  Our synchronized hatching in this millennial regime will afford us a protection of numbers over whatever predatory spirits may linger by the wayside.  This model does seem to presuppose some kind of 'purgatorial' holding pen for the dear departed and for the new souls.  N.B. that the BPWH is not at all averse to a reincrantional logistic for such souls.  And that would include a 'video-gaming' faction of walk-ins, possibly including yours truly, to put another spin on the notion of incarnation.   

Historically, it has been the priestly castes who have been the regulators of our cosmic intercourse.  It has been their task to prevent the visitors from upsetting the social order.  In particular, they must be able to monopolize the prophetic/oracular/magical functions.  The advent of scientific materialism has significantly undermined the role of the priests, leaving the modern societies actually more vulnerable to the trepidations and trespass of wayward spirits.  Scientific materialism found its symbiosis with the Protestant belittling of the phenomenal realm.  To a significant degree, our latter-day 'ufologists' have attempted to fill the gap.  To the extent they are allowed by the scientific establishment and the media, they try to establish a techno-social niche for the visitors.  Support groups are built up around the various kinds of experiencers.  New Age gurus hawk their wares.  Psychedelics must be closely regulated with the imposition of harsh penalties for infractions. 

These social machinations inevitably soften the underbelly of the establishment for a messianic advent.  Our three Magi, redivivus, are the coup de grace for a materialist establishment that has been running increasingly on its own intellectual fumes.  Its medical and communications Techne remains potent, but it does not hold us in the thrall it once did.  The Internet overcomes NASA to power our inward/phenomenal turn.  The three Magi are at once a Trojan horse and tar-baby to the establishment.  The global intelligence community has been penetrated and compromised with mere trinkets from the visitors.  The only effective defense will be disclosure. 

Will we then be able to avoid the establishment of a new priestly caste?  The aboriginal Xian communes afforded a partial reversion to an open shamanic/charismatic society.  The Protestant tradition attempted to extend the life of these communes, until it was waylaid by the capitalist ethic.  The winding-down (withering?) of capitalism will be a principal feature of the Millennium, pace Marx.  A gradual, peaceable exchange of material capital for spiritual goodwill will be a measure of its success.  Mind you that it will not be about Simony. 

The attendant hedonism should also be allowed to burn itself out.  One might imagine that the problem of latter-day hedonism will be particularly acute in Islam that is now by far our most repressive society.  The often violent fanaticism we see therein is an initial paroxysm of this burning-off as the psychic pressure is released.  The rapid devolution of that mindset presents an enticing playground for the wanton spirits.  That is a hot-house version of what will transpire globally in a less intense fashion, let us pray. 

The trinket of most economic interest is the portable power supply, a kind of crystal battery that has powered any number of rumors, and perhaps a few mundane appliances.  If it is a storage medium, it appears to operate in a self-replenishing fashion.  Does this spell then end of our fuel shortage?  I remain skeptical.  Perhaps the greatest hold that materialism has upon us is through our addiction to fuel consumption.  An unlimited supply of heroin is probably not the way to cure any such addiction.  I would speculate that the 'crystal battery' is likely powered off of our attendant psyches in what may not be a wholly beneficial fashion.  I would opt for solar power to tide us over into our matriculation.  We may want to enquire, however, as to the infrastructure of the Great Beyond.  Are there hot-water showers and garbage removal?  There may well be metaphoric equivalents of such mundane systems, but this is not something I have yet attended to.  We might first enquire as to the Physis of the Beyond.  There are often reported to be varying stages of ersatz 'physicality' with whatever infrastructures might be attendant thereto.

It has also been noted that our psychic effervesces down here are likely to be useful as a fuel somewhere else.  We could be the powerhouse of the of the Ouroboros, a kind of psychic dynamo whose passions keep the cosmic juices flowing.  We will be living off our own fumes to some significant degree.  If we can't stand the heat, we get out of the kitchen.  Well, I just hope I'm not assigned to the cosmic Con Ed, if that isn't already the case. 

Two more questions.................

You state: "Will we then be able to avoid the establishment of a new priestly caste?"  Do you have some doubt, or if not doubt, then are you allowing for some possibility that this model could still "go south"?

Does your model allow for any possibility that the visitors are devoid of the same type of soul that mankind possesses? In other words, if "man was created in God's image" they are missing something that we have?

Doubt?  Who, me?  Usually folks on a spiritual path have emotional certainty and intellectual doubt, but with me it usually seems to be the reverse.  In my case, the happens to be rather more to doubt than with most people on such a path.  When doubt arises, a just have to go back over the logical options, and ascertain that there are still none other. 

The related question is how bad might things get before they start getting better?  I keep hoping that the worst is over, but realize that this hope puts me among a small minority of optimists.  How much of a downturn could my beliefs sustain?  I sure don't want to have to find out. 

Visitors' souls? 

I have been rather cavalier about souls.  Our own souls are the most real things we can experience, save an occasional mystical encounter with the cosmic soul.  I suggest that the self was the model for the Greek atom, as something indivisible.  I further suggest, however, that there is an Aqua Regia for our souls and that is the cosmic agape.  That is the basis of our eventual hierogamic apokatastasis.  The visitors' souls are simply less well formed or individuated.  They have a tribal/animal/communal/hive-like existence and consciousness.  They 'hybridize' with us in a latter-day attempt to vicariously partake of our Earthly grist mill.  This is just Hamlet's Mill, refining the salt of our souls over the eons or, at least, the millennia of our mundane sojourn. 

This only planet of choice is the Great Attractor, the finishing school for would-be souls.  The souls are fired to their diamond essence, at which point they are ready to be dissolved back into the oneness.  This in not unlike the Hindu notion of Nirvana, is it not?  The only real difference is that our nirvanic salvation can be vicariously expedited, just as we can vicariously expedite the transmigration of the visitors.  This has everything to do with the quantitatively finite cosmology of theism. 



I am reminded, in essay by Russell Targ, that Bohm's 'implicate order' works on a holographic principle.  Jack had earlier dismissed the speculation of the elder Bohm, but that is what Jack is now coming back to, in adopting the notion of VALIS.  The IO/HP, or IHOP for short, is the backbone of the BPW.  It is the flesh of the Ouroboros.  It is the locus of the Akashic record and personal memory.  Is it not also the aqua regia and repository of the residue of the spirits? 


I ran into this at the Stanford library while researching Berkeley (due to your remarks).

Would like your comments if you have the time and inclination.

<<<Thus, although there is no material world for Berkeley, there is a physical world, a world of ordinary objects. This world is mind-dependent, for it is composed of ideas, whose existence consists in being perceived. For ideas, and so for the physical world, esse est percipi.

So, when I say that my desk still exists after I leave my office, perhaps I just mean that I would perceive it if I were in my office, or, more broadly, that a finite mind would perceive the desk were it in the appropriate circumstances (in my office, with the lights on, with eyes open, etc.). This is to provide a sort of counterfactual analysis of the continued existence of unperceived objects. The truth of the counterfactuals in question is anchored in regularity: because God follows set patterns in the way he causes ideas, I would have a desk idea if I were in the office.

Unfortunately, this analysis has counterintuitive consequences when coupled with the esse est percipi doctrine (McCracken 1979, 286). If to be is, as Berkeley insists, to be perceived, then the unperceived desk does not exist, despite the fact that it would be perceived and thus would exist if someone opened the office door. Consequently, on this view the desk would not endure uninterrupted but would pop in and out of existence, though it would do so quite predictably. One way to respond to this worry would be to dismiss it—what does it matter if the desk ceases to exist when unperceived, as long as it exists whenever we need it? Berkeley shows signs of this sort of attitude in Principles 45-46, where he tries to argue that his materialist opponents and scholastic predecessors are in much the same boat.[19] This “who cares?” response to the problem of continued existence is fair enough as far as it goes, but it surely does conflict with common sense.>>>


Mario, what I take to be most 'real' are the 'natural'/biological/phenomenal cycles.  Linear human history is superimposed upon that cyclic background.  Thus are human artifacts added to the mix.  Manufacturing is composed of artificial cycles, combined in some rational manner.  The desk then is a kind of hologram, made interactively real because its manufacture and use is a coherent combination of natural and artificial cycles.  Over human history, the artificial cycles are modified in a gradual and teleological fashion. 

The desk is real as a node of a great semantic web we call the 'modern world'.  A visitor, fresh out of a UFO, might walk right through your desk or the wall of your bedroom, because she belongs to a different semantic web.  It takes time to integrate these webs.  That has been going on throughout history, but the integration is speeding up as we approach the apokatastasis.  [1/19/07 - I am reminded that there are many reports of ball-lightning (orbs) going through walls, and behaving in other paranormal/psychic ways.] 

You, too, could walk through your own desk, given the proper semantic indoctrination of dis/re-integration.  The paranormal is replete with such incidents.  As we move forward into our eschatological dreamtime, the incidences of mind over matter will become more commonplace and controlled.  The process must be done gradually and deliberately lest the semantic web suffer a collective psychotic break or tear.  That would be the nightmare scenario.  There will be increasing amounts of that on the fringes, which will help to keep the rest of us on a coherent teleological path.  

It should be noted that the Internet and virtual realities will likely play a very significant part in our dis/re-integration. 

Let me restate that first sentence.  Your walking through a wall could happen through your induction into an alternate semantic web, say that of a group of visitors.  Having an individual psychotic break would likely only land you in another part of our existing web.  You would end up in a room with padded walls. 



In a typical abduction experience the body stays behind.  It is an out-of-body experience; yet, the experiencer is probably not aware of being bodiless, and is not, in the relative sense.  Any potential witnesses left behind are likely to be put out of commission.  This is the phenomenal limbo between worlds.  The experiencer comes back here to the densest and the home locale, by default.  The visitors come deliberately and in groups.  They are excluded from staying here by the prime directive, shyness effect.  Generally it is like oil and water.  Then there are the exceptions like the Magi and possibly Serpo.  These require a great deliberation on both sides, with a very strong teleological pull. 



The occasional Big Foot type of appearance is a traditional, cameo role, signifying nothing new. 

A physicist might well scoff at the notion of (de-) materializations, due to the equivalence of E = mc^2.  There should be a very major release of energy accompanying any such event.  This is not a trivial problem for the phenomenologist. 

I can only suggest that the thermo-nuclear events are parasitic upon the phenomenology of the Sun, and upon their chemically explosive, phenomenological cousins.  Is there a logical necessity for fire?  Is fire parasitic upon metabolism? 

Atomism is a logical adjunct to reproductive cycles.  Nuclear physics is an adjunct to atomism.  Nuclei are not phenomenological necessities, but atoms would look funny without them.  They are both resultants of the quantum dynamics, the sine qua non of any physis

The logic of high-energy physics kept me personally, and modern culture, on the straight and narrow track of scientific materialism for at least a couple of generations beyond what would otherwise have been possible.  There has been a teleological necessity to the prolongation of the materialist hegemony into the phenomenology of the Internet.  This has been no mean feat.  The advent of the Internet will greatly expedite our global eschatological logistics, by greatly reducing the need for external intervention.  This is one more reason for the delay of disclosure.

How do we know that there will not be additional reasons for the prolongation of the materialist hegemony, without the benefit of hindsight?  One does have to look carefully at the tea leaves.  Nuclear proliferation is one of those leaves.  The clash of cultures is another.  The end of physics and near miraculous efficacy of the Internet are hard to ignore.  Postmodernism and the rise of fundamentalism figure significantly. 

I refer you back to 12/11.  There remains the emergence of some significant piece of the eschatological puzzle.  Should this be the final piece?  I would suggest that the glass ceiling is that close to cracking, that any such emergence would be adequate for finishing the job.  It would have to be something on the conceptual, political or disclosure front that would directly accrue to the Aquarium.  The coming around of Jack in connection with the KC project might qualify.  But there is the implication of a visionary pearl.  That sounds more conceptual.  Is there a neglected aspect of the BPWH?  A missing link in the logic?  A more substantial connection back to physics, for instance.  Such linkage could sway Jack in the above manner.  There have been times when I felt that I could almost taste such a link.  Something further along the lines of VALIS and the implicate order, IHOP, implicate holographic ordering principle, related to Jack's ODLRO, off-diagonal long-range order of coherent quantum systems.  Perhaps we just need a more complete teleological explanation of the quantum, or a new variation on the e/pi theme, or some related piece of numerological, 'monstrous moonshine'. 

Silent meditation.

The quantum is a kind of numerology: the interplay of the analog and the digital, especially as in e/pi.  We see this in the zodiac.  Likely I do not understand the full meaning contained in AZO/X/QRP.  The power of complex analysis comes into play.  The monstrous moonshine is an extension of that power.  The anthropic principle also applies to mathematics.  How does this relate to IHOP? 



Hi Dan,

I noticed that in your blog you wrote:

"Is there a neglected aspect of the BPWH? A missing link in the logic? A more substantial connection back to physics, for instance."

From a layman's point of view there are lingering questions. For example:
As I think I have said to you before, the average mind struggles with the necessity of letting go of the perceived universe, material objects, distances, times, etc.

In order for it to "play in Peoria" there must be a very strong link made between the theory and the absolute NECESSITY for there NOT to be a real, solid universe with other worlds and great distances PLUS inter-dimensional space and the 11 or more dimensions that the material physicists have said exist.

The key, I think, is in why did the Creator need to make ours an immaterial existence? Could He not in his infinite power and wisdom have devised a material existence, a multidimensional universe, and a quantitatively finite journey?

A very strong case needs to be made for most to abandon the old concepts and sign on to it being mutually exclusive to have what I described above and have a material universe at the same time.

The alternative is innovative and interesting but IMHO it fails to resonate in the ears of Peoria at this time.


Mario, you raise several issues here.

There are three ways to proceed:

  1. mass entertainment initiative
  2. find a new conceptual link between the BPWH and a domain of science
  3. insider cooperation

Each of these initiatives is presently being pursued.  It is not clear which one will have precedence.  According to the message above, #2 will have precedence. 

I do not dispute that the modern world is still under the thrall of materialism.  But materialism is extremely vulnerable to a variety of serious insults.  Except mainly for molecular biology, it has already outlived its conceptual usefulness.  Philosophers and theologians have entertained dualism for the past three centuries, without making any progress.  The only alternative is a radical immaterialism.  The BPWH is the only coherent version of immaterialism.  It is 'Us or Rust'.  I certainly do not expect the Perorians to be on the front lines of this battle, but I do expect that there will be a finite fraction of them who will be captivated by various aspects of the BPWH, given a serious presentation of that only coherent cosmology.  In social movements it is all about the 'Big Mo'.  The BPWH will have no rivals in that regard.  Thanks to the Internet, our wired globe is extremely vulnerable to new ideas. 

Materialism is necessarily nonsense, given the mind-body problem.  There is no problem than looms larger for science. 

<<The key, I think, is in why did the Creator need to make ours an immaterial existence?>>

The answer to that question is the foundation of the BPWH.  It is all about monism (google: monism site:www.bestpossibleworld.com). 

It is not possible for there to be an entity that can create a logically impossible world.  There cannot exist separate realities, as per the logic of the semantic web, etc.; no more than God could mandate that 1 + 1 = 3, or create an unobservable world.  The logic of atomism leads to the absurdity of unobservables, that is the single most pernicious bit of nonsense that has become embedded in the collective psyche of us moderns.  Transcend that piece of nonsense and the future is ours. 

<<The key, I think, is in why did the Creator need to make ours an immaterial existence? Could He not in his infinite power and wisdom have devised a material existence, a multidimensional universe, and a quantitatively finite journey?>>

Infinite power?  This notion is a piece of absolutism.  Monism is fundamentally relativistic.  Absolutism is another bit of materialist nonsense.  Theism is such a powerful belief system that it must be tempered either with dualism or pantheism.  With the advent of the postmodern BPWH, our cosmic destiny hits us between the eyes.  This is no kind of milquetoast cosmology.  This is not for the feint of heart.  But not one of us would be here if this destiny had not already been inscribed in our hearts.  It is just about who we are, through and through.  It will turn out that every mental malady is the direct result of our denial of our destiny. 

In short, God could not have failed to create the Best Possible World.  In the BPW, every creature is necessarily a co-Creator.  If the Best is not to your liking, then what??


You have yet to respond to whether or not the BPWH requires a 'collapse' to a single world, thus requiring a new (nonlinear) physics of dynamic reduction of the wave function, or RDM (random discontinuous motion) in Gao shan's theory, or Orch OR of Penrose.


Gary, the BPW has many worlds, but they are all functionally related to each other, and especially to ours, the center of metaphysical gravity.  QM is merely a mathematical abstraction relative to the plethora of phenomenological cycles.  It follows in accord with the basic syzygy of e/pi with its digital/analog correspondence.  Unfortunately, Gary, you insist on having the tail wag the dog.  We are God's tail, and the quantum is our tail.  Cookbook physicists will blanche.  Immaterialism is not for the feint of heart. 

Back to Mario:

 Quote///<<The key, I think, is in why did the Creator need to make ours an immaterial existence?>>

The answer to that question is the foundation of the BPWH. It is all about monism (google: monism site:www.bestpossibleworld.com).<<<////Unquote.

A better way to phrase what I was trying to convey:

The key to gaining wider understanding and acceptance of the BPWH in Peoria, I
think, is in elucidating a clearer argument as to why did the Creator needed to
make ours an immaterial existence? The BPWH may be crystal clear to you and some others, but to the final arbiters of whether it gains a foothold or not, it remains an unconvincing, if entertaining "theory".

After all isn't that who the target audience should be, an aroused Peoria, if you will? Those who will see to it that the process is not delayed any longer? The BPWH has been in the realm of the scientific and philosophical community for some time now, but yet you wonder:

Quote////There remains the emergence of some significant piece of the eschatological puzzle. Should this be the final piece? I would suggest that the glass ceiling is that close to cracking, that any such emergence would be adequate for finishing the job. It would have to be something on the conceptual, political or disclosure front that would directly accrue to the Aquarium./////Unquote.

I submit to you that the missing piece may be simply that the argument is what the politicians refer to as too nuanced. The glass may be a lot easier to break with the wide acceptance of the BPWH by what we have been referring to as "Peorians".

Here's one for you: If in the event, you are perhaps destined to become "The Messenger", maybe I'm the guy showing you where the weakest part of the glass is.

Mario, if you can de-nuance the BPW message, then more power to you.  You have my attention.  You just need Maxwell's silver hammer.  It would indeed be optimal for the 'message' to be of the people, by the people and for the people.  It could be none other.  My closest relatives live in Rockford, IL. 

I admit that immaterialism is a difficult pill to swallow, but down through the aeons, almost all of us have been, by default, intersubjective phenomenologists.  Anything else is a learned (im)posture.  We just have to unlearn that (im)posture.



We're back to finding the conceptual link between the BPWH and an existing branch of knowledge.  What are the candidates?

I need to continue surveying the Internet for related ideas. 



An obstacle to progress is the insufficient coherence of the seven archetypes, AZO/X/QRP.  If they were sufficiently coherent, there would be a procedure for generating more of them.  A, Z & O focus just on time while the other four include space and time.  Q, R & P point to the syzygys of e^i*pi and e^pi.  These must mean something.  The zodiac does include a coordinate sense.  X may be the primary symmetry breaker of time.  The twelve months are symmetric, but the seven days are not.  It is not clear what the connections are between the week and the zodiac.  The c. 26,000 year precessional cycle may indicate a link between the decimal and duodecimal systems.  That is also how 'e' and pi relate.  Five is space, and six is time.  Judea was decimal oriented while Egypt was duodecimal.  Manu-facture was our primary breaking of time symmetry. 

Numbers arise from cycles. Counting implies a temporal dimension.  This came from music and the heartbeat.  We check the Numbers (the topic goes back to 6/15/03).  I like the idea of prime evolution.  That will give the Darwinians something to think about.  There is a co-evolution between the integers and the primes.  This must be tied into anthropics.  QM comes out of this.  Also consider the source of measure.  I had forgotten how close the meter 39.37" was to the seconds pendulum 39.14", while c = 2.998x10^8 m/s.  All of this meshing goes back to the Royal cubit, JR Skinner (1894).  I was introduced to this book by Bob Clark, I believe.  Things do seem to go back to the quadrature of the circle.  That is what the j-functions are about.  And we have 113\355 and Piazzi Smyth, a name to die for.  The Great Pyramid was a model of the Earth.

I visited John Michell in GB, A New View Over Atlantis (1983).  It was his book that referred to Smyth.  Smyth does talk about elliptical differences.  The j-functions are elliptical functions.  The j's hold the ellipse and most of mathematics' together. 



The modular, elliptical functions are the breakers of circular symmetry, but neither circles nor integers were primordial.  Counting was a very inexact art, until, perhaps, the primes were recognized.  The primes introduced in-dividuality into the anonymous numbers.  So did numerology.  Together they make music. 



The modular forms, aka j's, are among the most versatile functions in math.  They link the analog and digital sides of math.  The are an extension of the Fourier series.  Presently I'm reading Gannon's moonshine history.  Finally on p.23 we get to the geometry of moonshine.  What I have not seen is the connection between the Mandelbrot and moonshine.  A google search yields none. 

There is an asymmetry between the triplets AZO and QRP.  QRP has a trinitarian sense, which is less so with AZO.  We could substitute the Mandelbrot for the Zodiac.  Q and A then become questionable. 



I'm thinking to leave the archetypes alone for now.  It is too big a can of worms to confront head on.  We'll need to sneak around by the back door, if we can ever find it. 

Right now I'm reading Joy's back issues of New Scientist.  There is an article about Gerard t'Hooft's theory of the quantum underworld determinism, hidden states, below the Planck length, a further reductio ad absurdum, IMO.  We will need a mesocosmic TOE.  This will probably have to do with Smyth's syzygys of mensuration, n.b. the seconds pendulum.  There will have to be a rationale.  What is the fulcrum for anthropics? 

We are looking for the philosopher's stone; something, three things connected with X, e.g. geo-metric, pyramidal and pokatok-like.  The EM constant, alpha ~= 1/137, is something. 



We don't want the natural constants to be overdetermined.  They need to be anthropically open.  How might they then relate to the numerical syzygys?  What good are the latter, if they do not influence the former?  The numerical coincidences may just be a model for the others, as seems to the case with the MB.  This is an issue I have neglected.  Are we talking about anything other than poetic meter vs. poetic license?  Without the meter, there's no poem.  The world needs a skeleton, and that is where the numbers come in, come from?  We have to consider the co-evolution of numbers and physis; the anthropicity of numbers.  What is the optimal organicity of numbers?  Why poetry instead of free verse?  This relates to the aesthetic of music.  It relates to the ecological aesthetic of functionality.  Music and poetry have an internal, relational functionality.  So do numbers and ecology.  That is not the usual view of numbers.  The aesthetic and functionality of numbers is in their organic quality.  This is also the holographic property.  How much of the holography is internal vs. external?  Is there any non-creaturely subjectivity?  Holography implies a panpsychism.  No?  This is the idea of numerology and astrology; also what we find in fictional characters.  All may be reflected in the personification of the trinity.  Synesthesia has an aspect of panpsychism.  Why are there 10^10 souls?  That seems arbitrary, but it would have to be the primary number.  It has some significance in physics and biology.  Besides that, there is the precessional year of 26,000 solar years, the measure of historical time. 

The lunar/solar syzygys count in various ways. 



Why does the decimal system seem favored in the syzygys?  It is the way to break the grip of the zodiacal duodecimal system.  Then there are the seven 'planets', but, no, it's just five, naked-eye planets.  The 360 compass combines the decimal and duodecimal.  Why not 240?  It is the solar year, of course, plus the Sumerian hexadecimal system.  The hexagon is six times its equilateral radius.  Why 24 hours?  It probably relates to the zodiac and the 2, 3 and 4 divisibility.  The lunar system favors the decimal over the solar duo/hexadecimal.  The eclipse coincidences then become more significant.  This is also theism vs. pantheism.  Some sense may be emerging.  The solar/lunar coincidences would have pointed the sages toward the cosmic gnosis. 

Note again that mene/moon is the root of measure, and note that Sol is then the god of poly/pantheism, and the role of the moon in anthropics.  Mensuration points to a deus absconditus/obscurus.  All this points to the feminine side of theism with Sophia, Gaia, Luna, Freya, Venus, etc., all in a dialectic with Sol.  This is the zodiacal taming of Sol Invictus.  The Mayan Venus calendar had a 52 year cycle.  Is there not a 52 year lunar cycle?  No.  We are back to the source of measure. 

We need to find a metrical/mathematical connection.  What is the best we have so far?  Well, we have elliptical orbits and functions.  There is a possible Mandelbrot cosmology.  Consider the role of pi in math and metrics. 



I'm having difficulty connecting these dots, probably because I don't understand the larger meanings of math and metrics.  Physical science is the use of math to connect measures, all of which reduce to combinations of mass, length and time.  The only absolute scale for m, l & t are atomic.  That brings in the 1/137 force factor and Planck's constant, both of which are strongly anthropic, as in, 'Man is the measure of all things.'  That brings in the second of time as a nearly natural unit. 

Geometry and calculus appear to be embedded in nature, number theory also to a degree.  All of math is to a degree. 



Gary points to the article, "Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants", M. J. Duff, L. B. Okun, G. Veneziano.  Duff holds the view that there need be no fundamental constants.  The number of constants is quite arbitrary and that none can be given priority over the others. 

I am looking at the constants from the perspective of the anthropic principle and the attendant organicity of math and physics.  Part of that organicity is reflected in the emerging joint coherence of those two fields.  Part of organicity is reflected in the syzygys that appear in math, astronomy and metrics, but not in physics proper.  Physics proper is dominated by anthropics, especially when it comes to the basic constants. 



I'm looking at mathematical coincidences.  Also see Some Mathematical Coincidences.  Then there is Riemann in the BPW, and here in particular. 

Now I'm back here, and note especially "Number theory as the ultimate physical theory".

In his 'Prime Evolution notes', Watkins shows how the primes behave like a physical system, gas, near a critical point.  This would introduce a long range order; a 'conspiracy' that complicates the RH. 



Matti P. claims that his physical theory of Cs is not anthropocentric.  I see  (p.7) that Matti takes a very physical and irreversible notion of time.  This is contrary to the phenomenal cycles of the BPW.  Here he takes a Cartesian dualistic view. 

Furthermore, the states of supercanonical representations are genuine quantum gravitational states (state functionals in the 'world of worlds'). Hence they correspond to higher level of abstraction than ordinary quantum states and are natural correlates of brain consciousness. So called massless extremals (MEs) carrying these supercanonical representations seem to be for consciousness what hydrogen atom is for atomic physics.

And here we see a reductionist view, although he does claim elsewhere to be a non-reductionist in speaking of the holographic properties.  Matti is missing out on Matthew W's idea of the evolution of the number system.  Watkins refers to an international conference on p-adic physics not mentioned by Matti:

  1. Review of development of p-adic dynamical systems and their applications in physics and cognitive sciences
  2. A crystal base model for the genetic code and its applications to genomics
  3. Ultrametricity in the origin of life and evolution


We speculate about two evolutional paradigms: the Darwinian-type-evolution based on familiar diffusion, and the ultrametric-type-evolution based on ultrametric diffusion. In these contexts, we discuss "a bottleneck” for the biological specificity emergence, which is referred as "the error catastrophe". It is widely discussed problem know, that there is no way to avoid the error catastrophe under the Darwinian-type-evolution. We show, in contrast, that such a way may be found under the ultrametric-type-evolution. Some relationship between the ultrametric-type-evolution and the Kauffman model

Back to Matti:

Intuitively self corresponds to a sequence of quantum jumps which somehow
integrates to a larger unit much like many-particle bound state is formed
from more elementary building blocks. It also seems natural to assume that
self stays conscious as long as it can avoid bound state entanglement with
the environment: everything is conscious and consciousness can be only lost.

This view predicts infinite self hierarchy with the entire Universe at the top.
If one accepts the hierarchy of Planck constants, it seems un-necessary
to distinguish between self and quantum jump. The hierarchy of Planck
constants interpreted in terms of dark matter hierarchy predicts a hierarchy
of quantum jumps such that the size of space-time region contributing to the
contents of conscious experience scales like ¯h. The irreducible component of
self (pure awareness) would correspond to the highest level in the ”personal”
hierarchy of quantum jumps and lower level quantum jumps would give rise
to the experience of time flow. Entire life cycle would correspond to single
quantum jump at the highest level of personal self hierarchy and the fact
that pure awareness prevails during sleep in this case would make it possible
to experience directly that I existed yesterday.

Self is assumed to experience sub-selves as mental images identifiable as
”averages” of their mental images. This implies the notion of ageing of mental
images as being due to the growth of ensemble entropy. Various qualia
would basically correspond to increments of quantum numbers which leads
to a general classification of qualia in terms of the fundamental symmetries.

The following sounds a bit like Leibniz and the BPWH:

Negentropy Maximization Principle stating that the reduction of entanglement
entropy is maximal in quantum jump is the basic variational principle
for TGD inspired theory of consciousness. If one accepts the notion of
number theoretic entropy making sense for algebraic entanglement probabilities,
entanglement entropy can be negative, so that algebraic entanglement
can carry information and NMP can force the generation of bound state



We leave Nevis this afternoon.  I'll miss having dinner with TF today, although CF may still join him.  There was a phone call from GN a couple of days ago, but I will not respond except on the advice of CF.  There has been no access to the Internet while down here.

My only reading this vacation has been Karen Armstrong's The Great Transformation: The Beginning of our Religious Traditions (2006), and last week's Economist

Last Thursday there was a phone call concerning a 'hot tip'.  Someone else had sent an email pointing out that some recent appointments had connections with the core story.  The two names mentioned to me were Robert Gates and John(?) McConnell.  I was told that McConnell had replaced John Negroponte at the DNI.  I believe that Robert Gates was mentioned in Collin's EfD, but I do not recall hearing of John M.  There was the suggestion that more than these two shifts were being touted, but a direct query brought no response. 

We may easily wonder as to the import of the passing on of this tip.  At best, this might signify a lame-duck repositioning in anticipation of some new disclosure, possibly in conformity with the above mentioned schedule.  RG has been described as an insider with the GHWB circle.  CF suggested prior to his nomination that we fly to Texas to provide an informal UFO briefing to GWB.  Nothing came of this suggestion, but it may nonetheless be informative, especially when combined with the above.  We might infer that GWB was less in the know than the old man.  He would thus have known less about Jack Anderson's 'global balance of trade' than did 41.  Now with Robert in the loop, he may be better schooled, or so we might speculate. 

I have not gotten very far with Karen.  She describes the ninth century BCE as Axial Age in our spiritual 'transformation'.  This age marked the interiorization of our religious impulse.  This same period was pivotal in our historical move toward self-consciousness.  The ancienne regime was ended, perhaps, with the cataclysm with the Thera event in the Aegean.  According to Karen, this age also marked the shift away from the more bellicose and coercive forms of religion to something more humane. 



Correction (this was from last Thursday): 

Former NSA Director Admiral Mike McConnell is expected to take Negroponte’s place, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.
 Robert Gates is mentioned on pp. 99ff in Collins' book.  McConnell is not mentioned. 

I'm not getting any response to an APB on MM. 

GN wants to convene a science meeting in DC.  CF remains a bit aloof, seeming to focus on TF. 

I'm trying to contact Bill Hamilton about MM, per GN. 



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