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[5/5 -- I will also be commenting BPW-Physics and Just So Stories: these pdfs are also referenced in the index.]

Dummies [other formats] is still a long way from being watertight.  It may never be.  The leaks finally have to be sealed with the mustard-seed plaster of our cosmic trust.  The Spirit of Truth is not something to be computed, after all.  The truth is alive, like everything else in the world.  Was that not the point of the Incarnation: 'I am the way, the truth and the light'? 

I notice on the original website there were attempts at a glossary along with synopses.  That is usually a tedious business, but one that cannot avoided indefinitely.  This might be the initial venue for such. 

Do I hear nominations for the weakest dummy link?  Or for the biggest hole in the argument? 

Certainly I struggle with the ouroboros.  They don't call me Laocoon for nothing!  Recall my original attempt at cosmology.  The ouroboros, however, is not mentioned until here

What I am pointing to is the extreme density of archetypes loosely designated as matrix, logos, dia-logos and ouroboros.  This is the cosmic black/white hole: don't tread on me!  The above sculpture captures the dynamic of it, better than my 1K words.  Laocoon is Hercules and Jesus in one.  In regards to the latter: we must recall Alexander and the infamous knot.  In sacrifice there is salvation.  Paradoxical here, sublime there.  The christos is both Laocoon and serpent.  Clearly the serpent is the organic aspect of the logos.  Think of the great chain of being.  Emerging in potency, the christos is the A/O of being. 



Generally I have been avoiding specific mentions of phenomenology on these pages.  In a collaboration with Jack Sarfatti, this topic will not be avoidable.  One exception to this rule has been the portal hypothesis that has been mentioned here recently in connection with an eschatological scenario.  Jack has been willing to also entertain this hypothesis, although the 'thrust' of his physics is aimed at exotic propulsion schemes. 

An issue with Jack concerns the agenda of the visitors.  I see them as facilitators.  He sees them as generally inimical to our interests, they seeing us as potential competitors.  This issue tracks with the question of whether the visitors are extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial.  That they might be coming from another physical universe would be on the boundary line. 

Can I pry Jack loose from his physicalism?  This will be the main issue.  I'm not sure whether that stance is primarily for internal or external consumption.  One way to get and handle on this position is to broach the issue of virtual realities.  This comes in play with Tipler's omega hypothesis where we all end up inside our own cosmic computer.  Left out of that scenario is cosmic intelligence. 

It is unclear whether Jack plans to roll out his mathematical artillery for this project.  I might have to work around that. 

Another approach would be a Hitchhiker's guide.  That would take a unified view.  A confusing subject gets more confused.  Needs to be a story line.  Jack pushes the physics as far as possible, and from that vantage serves as a liaison back to the scientific folks.  Or start with the idea of a single chapter.  Think of all the things we agree on.  Shared historical sense.  Time travel, teleology.  Mythos. 



Jack has been commissioned to upstage the ETs.  I've been commissioned to upstage the UTs.  One has got to be the cover for the other.  Which is which?  It's a no brainer!  That's our story. 

What can be our literary model for this story?  Dueling Banjos?  Crossfire?  Mutt & Jeff?  Kemo Sabe & Tonto?  K: We're surrounded by Injuns!  T: Whad'ya mean 'we'?   Will Jack be willing to play the fall-guy?  I'll have to twist his arm. 





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