Coherence II


Coherence remains the central idea of our cosmology.  Coherence is how the disparate parts of the world relate to each other.  Many types or coherence are commonly known to us: 

All of these types of coherence compose our world.  I am claiming, however, an overriding, cosmic coherence.  This coherence comprises the substance of our immaterial world.  Leading up to the eschaton, this cosmic coherence becomes comprehended by us.  The temporal boundaries of our history, the Alpha & Omega, figure prominently in its ultimate coherence. 

The coherence of the world derives from its status as a creation.  We, as co-creators, play a greater part in the creation as we begin to comprehend our role in the eschatological context.  We consciously align ourselves with the cosmic plan or the will of God.  This is how we become one with God as the ultimate aspect of coherence.  

From the eschatological perspective we will begin to see how the A & O combine teleologically into a singular eternal presence.  Creation is a work in progress mainly in its details, which is the level on which our own lives play out. 

From one perspective all creation is just a glimmer in the eye of God, as might be a symphony in the mind of the composer.  After that it is a working out of the details.  We are just those details.  The logically necessary fact of creative optimization is another aspect of the coherence of creation. There may be grades of symphonic creation, but this is not the case for our world.  There is a necessary singularity of coherence and consciousness, and our world is by no means peripheral to that.  There is an unmistakable centrality of the spiritual gravity hereabouts which is the consequence of our proximity to that singularity.  

Polytheism is fundamentally incoherent.  Cosmogony is not the work of a committee, as is no other work of art.  The potential potency of a cosmic self is the substance of creation.  That absolute potentiality is necessarily self-realizing, unless you happen to be able to demonstrate the logical impossibility of God. 

By the logic of immaterial, relational, coherent existence, there can be no secondary substances or creations, unless they are functionally integral to the one absolute potency.  


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