How to Save the World  (part 2) 


This time around it simply has to be all or nothing.  Half measures are not called for, and will not suffice.  Surely, our little Danny-boy is not up to pulling off this stunt, Trickster or no Trickster.  

Yes, and no.  God does have one final trick: the Spirit of the Truth.  This is the personal Charism of a coherent cosmic truth.  If it is anything at all, it is already written on everyone's soul.  Just a quarter-century ago, almost to the day, I was given the privilege of feeling, almost touching, this Truth.  I could not then grasp it with my nascently rational mind, but I knew that I would find it if I just followed my nose, persistently.  There has been more than a little water under that bridge.  I continue to wrestle with this eight-hundred pound gorilla.  I know it is in here, even more than I know my own identity.  

Daily on these pages and in my own mind I interrogate this Truth.  I do my best to make an accurate transcription.  I invite everyone to join in this transcribing, continually consulting our respective souls and consciences.  The Whole will be much greater than its parts and greater than us.  The Internet will be our witness.  There will be no turning back. 

Will this Truth be our salvation?  If it is not, what else possibly could be? 


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