Glass Ceiling 


Any sort initiative is eventually going to run into resistance.  A messianic initiative is certainly no exception.  The question is whether this one has gotten far enough along to encounter even a little friction.  Just with respect to this second web site, the answer is no.  It may be some additional time before this one even shows up on Google's sensitive radar, but, as I have hinted, there has been more water under this bridge than just what you see here.  For instance there was an earlier version of this web site dating back to 1997.  At some point I might resurrect a copy of it, but even though that site was covered by Google, I did not receive more than handful of inquiries.  

Then there is the 'Aquarium'.  What can I say?  Isn't this more than a little fishy, or just a very small fish in the sea?  That is hard even for me to know.  Even Ron may only be able to guess.  In connection with the Aquarium you will see his name bandied about.  He is the closest thing that I have to a reality check, and, considering his reputation in the trickster department, that may not be saying much.  

When I first came across him, just over ten years ago, one of his designations was the 'keeper of the weird' at a certain acronymous agency.  He has also spoken of an informal 'phenomenology network' which deals with 'uncorrelated' phenomena.  His real jobs tend toward the more conventional and analytical, through which he maintains an upper middle profile in the 'gummint'.  He resides in an actual chain of command.  But it was on the topic of 'crop circles' that we first crossed paths.  

I won't try even to summarize what little material may still be available on the net, but let me try to give you an update.  From its inception, the 'Ron & Dan show' seemed calculated to raise eyebrows among a rather select audience of insiders and knowledgeable outsiders.  And that was about the extent of it.  For instance, there are surely other 'phenomenologists' like Ron in friendly and not so friendly intelligence agencies around the world who have access to the internet.  To suppose that they have not also raised their eyebrows at the Aquarium would be to vastly underestimate human curiosity and foreign intelligence.  If Ron were to travel abroad he has said it would have to be incognito.  I still travel naively and cognito.  Which of us has their neck stuck out further is a more than academic question.   

Messianics can be a touchy subject.  Just ask a random person on the street.  That anyone in the gummint would be playing with that sort of fire, especially in 'public', would naturally be of some interest.  There came a point when Ron and I could no longer meet in public and when he had to deny publicly certain things he told me privately.  This is the glass ceiling for the Aquarium version of messianics. 


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