On the Verge of God 


The first rational step in breaking the barrier of materialism is the recognition of the actual creative potential of the mind.  Creativity is an essential property of the mind. 

What are the limits of this creativity?  No one honestly knows, and thereby we can put the materialists in a bit of a bind.  Materialism continues to have considerable sway over our minds simply because of its imagined potential for continued 'progress', i.e. for its creative potential.  What are the limits for the creative potential of science and technology?  If there were none, then we would be well on our way to becoming or producing god-like creators.  This gives rise to the distinct possibility that we are the product of such a creator.  Science fiction is rife with such possibility.  And is this not also the thesis of every religion? 

On the other hand, if there are perceived to be physical limits to the creative potential of our technology, then this fact in itself would substantially tarnish the luster of materialism.  It is just this skepticism in regard to the future potential of materialism that accounts for much of the seeking of alternatives that we see in our postmodern world.  Whether materialism is limited or unlimited, it ultimately leads us to reconsider the possibility of higher powers or cosmic intelligence.  

The above considerations apply most poignantly to the technology of artificial intelligence.  AI is either possible or not possible.  If it is possible then all the ambitions of 'transhumanism' come to the fore including its almost religious sounding eschatology such as we have seen with Tipler's Omega

On the other hand, if AI turns out to be infeasible, this would raise important issues.  We are back then to Fodor's thesis on the irreducibility of reason.  If this is the case, then the source of reason is not to be found in nature itself.  We have to look for one of Dennett's 'skyhooks', i.e. God.  Once again, we end up either with God or something very god-like. 

This is all by way of saying that it borders on irrationality not to take seriously the God question.  This is tantamount to the Creation question to which we now turn. 


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