Holographic Universe 


I almost forgot another recently departed 'saint', Michael Talbot and his 'Holographic Universe' (1991).  On the Internet "holographic universe" yields 4,100 hits. 

The bottom line for Michael and me is the "return to dreamtime," the final chapter of his book. This phrase comes from the Australian Aborigines, but it is a concept prevalent in shamanism, and in the pantheist or eastern tradition.  He points out that the idea that creation is an illusion or Maya is even present in the Jewish tradition.  If the world is God's dream then we can't return to the dreamtime because we are already there.  What the shaman are referring to is the time when even our waking world was more dream-like.  The world is a 'coagulum spiritus', from the alchemical tradition.  This would also be an aspect of Barfield's 'final participation'.  We take pains to point out that this in not a return to primitive or tribal existence.  This is part of the global mind or 'noosphere' leading up to the Omega Point of Teilhard. 

According to Michael, the return to dreamtime could be as minimal as a punctuation in the continuing evolution of human consciousness.  

Unfortunately, when I search on "return to dreamtime" there are only 18 hits, and none of particular substance.  The message from Michael has not penetrated our waking consciousness. 


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