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On several occasions here I have stated that the Internet could be decisive in facilitating public interest in a coherent world view, i.e. the one being presented here.  It is high time to attempt an assessment of this possibility.  I'll be doing this in the form of a continuing, informal guided tour of the Internet.  

As the most likely starting point on this tour, I would suggest the topic of immaterialism.  The intellectual leap from materialism to immaterialism represents the single biggest obstacle on the path to coherence.  

Let's see what we have.  Google provides 1,500 hits for 'immaterialism'.  Not too bad for a start!  But now we have to cull through them.  

The very first hit is a diatribe against immaterialism posted on a Mormon website and written by an LDS official.  Curious, but not sufficient to warrant further notice now.  The second hit is a brief summary of Bishop Berkley's account of this topic, he being the originator of the doctrine in its 'modern' guise.  Next there is a 'Neoist'(?) text on 'Dialectical Immaterialism' which goes right over my head, and which should not be confused with a former rock band of the same name. 

Further on down is a book listed on Amazon concerning the 'Physical Basis for Immaterialism.'  This is the only book listed on this topic on Amazon, other than those on the good Bishop, or out of print, or both.  It receives favorable mention from a Vedic scholar, and the charge of 'incoherence' from a reader.  Clearly the publishing industry is not presently bent on overturning materialism. 

Following are numerous items focused mainly on the history of immaterialism and idealism.  Coinciding with our fin de siecle resurgence of interest in the mind is an increased interest in non-materialist philosophies.  The new metaphysical material confines itself cautiously to the mind-body problem, per se, and the more expansive historical worldviews serve only as proxies at best.  This speculative caution is well advised in professional circles whose secularism is being jealously guarded against any possible sectarian encroachment or subversion.  


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