Introducing the Metanarrative 


Scientific cosmology is a great story in its own right.  I just don't like the ending.  I hope that you like this ending a little better, even though it may not be totally original.  If it's not the best possible, however, please let me know. 

Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecy, that is pretty much the idea here.  The Metanarrative was the original blueprint of the cosmos.  We are the primary carriers of that blueprint.  Our beings and its being are not really distinguishable.  Is this predestination?  Well, where this comes and we come from, there is no pre- and post-.  The Alpha and the Omega are two sides of the coin of that realm.  Its like our universe and its super-symmetric, m-brane twin, they may only be separated by a plank's length, and if you don't know how skinny a plank is, you probably don't want to know.  But, see, I did learn a couple of things in grad school, both of them, schools that is.  Go Terps, go Tigers, go Cards, too!   

Up to this point I have been pretty vague about the logistics of the eschaton.  Its not that I'm being coy about it, I just haven't sat down to work it out, yet.  I guess I'd better get to work on it before I get scooped by the troops.  Set that aside for the moment. 

Come to think of it, the Alpha part is not in much better shape, either.  Oh well, maybe there is still some job security here, after all.  What other security do I have? 

What you see in the topical and chronological lists are some thoughts on stratagem and messianism.  The messianic part is a detail of the larger strategy, one, however, which may be closer to home.  Messianism is the lazy person's road to salvation, of the world, that is.  The only real question is who that lazy person will be.  If you prefer a more difficult path, well, you are welcome to complain to the management.  Me, I just keep on trucking.    

I'm hoping that we can pretty much work things out on the Internet.  If that doesn't work, I don't have a Plan B, unless we revert to the 'Aquarium' mode (q.v. via Google).  I can't honestly recommend that at this point.  


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