The poor reader may be getting a bit dizzy from going around in these circles.  That is unfortunate, but I'm not quite sure what to do about it. 

I am not writing a thesis.  I am keeping a wary eye out for the web crawling indexers.  That is a necessary fact of life in the Internet lane.  I am casting a loopy net into this vast ocean.  Snaring a few pairs of eyes is the name of the game.  Like those fair maidens of yore, I just keep on spinning.  When my own Googling becomes recursive, I will know that the end is in sight.  

This Metanarrative is being laid out in circular and holographic fashion.  Like JC1, one has to keep the Alpha and Omega in one's grasp at all times.  Even if my circles don't, your circles will hopefully expand as you hop and skip around in this labyrinth.  The occasional recap is about all that I can offer for the foreseeable future.  

Even the occasional recap is problematic.  Just one more circle.  The tide that runs out toward the shoals of a totally fragmented knowledge is strong.  I swim against that tide.  Each of these A/O loops has to be able to function as an independent lifesaver.  I will likely get only one chance with the saving fish, the leviathan indeed. 

The coherence theory of truth is being put into practice here as nowhere else.  My work will be finished when and only when another site takes on a more substantial coherence.  It might even be a spin-off.  It will not be difficult to apprehend.  It is nice to have such a simple, even measurable and pleasurable task.  We should all get paid to think expansively.  Trust me, we will! 


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