From the perspective of materialism the most mysterious thing about the world is its comprehensibility.  Darwinism and complexity theory are among the explanations offered.  

Inherent in matter, we are told, is the ability to self-organize.  What is the source of this ability, we might wonder?  The only available (non) answer is that if this were not the case we would not be here to wonder.  But can the materialists expect us not to keep wondering, nonetheless?  

There is only one other possible explanation.  Matter is not the basis of existence.  Materialism is incorrect in its fundamental premise. 

Although materialists no longer rule the intellectual roost, they maintain the wherewithal to ensure that postmodernism remains anti-foundationalist.  If there is a source of order in the world, it remains well hidden, by all objective standards.  

If matter is not basic, then what is?  The basis for existence is the process of relating. 

The best understood example of a purely relational system is mathematics.  And does math not epitomize insubstantiality?  Yes, except for the fact that mathematics appears to be the foundation for physics.  It is the modern mathematization of physics in particular that most often prompts the remarks about the mysterious understandability of the world.  

So, where's the beef?  Where's the substance, if it is not in the matter?  The substance is in the coherence.  This is the whole story of this website in six words.  Coherence is what holds the world together, and what makes it go around.  It is what drives the story of history.  

Coherence exists only in relation to a subjective pole.  The coherence of the world exists in relation to an absolute subjective singularity.  That is the only logical alternative to the fundamental incoherence of materialism.  Logically there can only be a unique singularity, of which we creatures are the multiple reflections.  The physical atom is another reflection thereof. 

The atoms, while they are current, provide a centrifugal balance to the centripetal subject. They do this under the aegis of the Monster group, which is the locus of the mathematical coherence of the physical phenomena, and is the shadow of the subjective pole.  In the eschaton, the centrifugal force is overcome. 


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