The Level Playing Field 


It's what you know, not who you know, at least for the time being.  

The natural relationality of the world would tend toward a claustrophobic situation, were positive steps not taken. 

Once we appreciate the truly relational nature of reality, it will take some additional doing just to postpone our immediate implosion back into a virtual white hole of divinity.  The world would just be one big eschaton, with everything happening all together.  The act of creation is the act of drawing out history by separating the Alpha from the Omega.  And so we arrive at our spherical orb with cycles of time.  Knowing God and having a buck seventy-five will get you a cup of coffee in Times Square.  Yes, it's home on the range, where survival means gathering no moss.  Realize that those wide-open spaces are a metaphysical luxury, hardly the absolute gratuity of Newtonian fame.  Recall those painstaking megalithic processes of archeo-astronomical interest which constituted our geodesic cornerstone, or Alpha.  It is also the raison d'etre of our fabulous metabolic atomicity. 

Any physicist will tell you that space is something awfully contrived.  Every attempt at a Grand Unified Theory is an attempt to plumb the secrets of our pre-geometry.  But is not peering into the depths of space really just trying to see the back of our own head, or into the mind of God?  Our very level Newtonian billiard table was no mean construct.  It is the veil of God, and all the King's mathematical physicists can barely penetrate its warp and woof.  As the mathematical convolutions of pre-geometry proliferate into m-branes and beyond, we begin to see that we are becoming enmeshed in the psychic ur-field of God.  It is definitely a slide-rule busting experience. 


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