Saving the World 


Saving the world may sound like a daunting task, but it seems rather less onerous once we realize that it appears to have already been saved and now only needs to be reminded.  And how do we do that?  Stand on a street corner holding a sign?  What you see here is the Internet version of that time honored tradition. 

An important additional benefit of the Internet is the ease with which one may keep an eye on things.  Besides presenting my own viewpoint, I can perform the additional service of helping all of us to keep current with respect to any other developments on the Internet that are likely to influence this effort.  I need only provide the links to the relevant web sites. Eventually one would hope for reciprocal links, and when that begins to occur in any substantial fashion, our job will be just about finished.  

Is it that easy?  It could well be.  Whoever's web site becomes the hub of the salvational network, that person, as the designated jc,jr, is likely to end up on 'Crossfire'.  She may also end up in a crossfire between rival sects.  This would lend credence to the epithet that the only good messiah is a dead messiah.  But, perhaps we have progressed in the last two thousand years to the point that history will not have to repeat itself in this unfortunate manner. 

You will notice that I am taking a recognizably Tom Sawyerish approach to this salvational fence painting.  This may be just a bit disingenuous on my part.  I am drumming up business by seeming to encourage competition, but perhaps with a deliberate insouciance.  For one thing, I'll have to admit that even after just a few years I have naturally grown somewhat attached to and protective of the jc,jr designation.  Rather than just roll over and play dead when the first contender appears on the Google screen or email box, it may be something more like, over my dead body, buddy.  All is fair in war and salvation?  Also there is the not so minor issue of precedence.  Publish or perish, as they say.  Time's a' wasting.  


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