Is there anyone out there who would not agree that there has never been a more auspicious time for the Millennium? 

Here are the factors to consider.  History may be viewed as a long march into materialism.  As we have discussed above, there are ample indications that the intellectual energy behind this materialist sojourn is already on the wane.  Admittedly, though, the concomitant economic and political Juggernaught is still to be reckoned with, but, hey, that's why we're here!  

On the one hand we have the environmental problem.  If there is a solution it is not yet in sight.  On the other hand we have the clash of civilizations.  If the metaphysics here is correct, the modern materialists are on much more precarious ground than even our post-911 anxieties would indicate.  It may well be that these two problems will continue to exacerbate each other.  Or it may be that we will continue to muddle through.  

Materialism has been the great attractor behind the metaphysically necessary spiritual weaning of our souls.  The Atom has been the dual to God in the dynamic of Creation.  The fact, however, that the primary result of all our technology has been the wiring of our global brain, may not be incidental in the larger scheme.  

In the best possible world our demand for truth will subvert the materialist Juggernaught well before it pushes us further into tribulation and ultimately oblivion.  In the chaotic milieu of the global Internet, the merest butterfly of truth and vision quite possibly could foment a spiritual storm of awakening.  There is now a big stick and a small carrot.  How and when might the spirit be moved?  I would suggest that it could all come down to Google.  Put enough of the right words in the right places, and the rest will be history, or at least the end thereof.  

This is a minimalist version of the messianic event.  Volunteering to be a mini-messiah is about the least that any activist metaphysician could offer at this juncture.  Does anyone have a better plan? 


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