Concealment (part 2) 


Those of you out there struggling now to detach yourselves from intellectual teat of scientific materialism, might be wondering why God had to make her concealment so complete.  Is she not being fastidious in her bashfulness to the point of perversity?  Not only have all footprints and fingerprints been removed, but her tracks have been covered over with the most remarkable of backdrops or stage settings.  

But which is more remarkable: God's ability to fool us our, or our ability to fool ourselves?  In the aftermath (afterphysics?) we will, I am sure, see it was the latter.  We have simply spent three centuries willfully ignoring our own minds and spirits.  This studied ignorance is all the more breathtaking in retrospect.  We were so busy tracking dinosaurs and planets, and being blinded by the Sun, that we forgot all about the light of our consciousness that bathes all our reality.  

Of course, the image of God going around and planting dinosaur bones like so many Easter eggs, does not facilitate the rational comprehension of the average scientist.  The placement of stars and fossils is simply to be found in the fractal depths of the rational, relational Atom.  And for the actual rationale for the findings we need look no further than the collective rationality of the finders.  

Is this too easy?  The true ease of it will not be fully appreciated by any of us until we are fully engaged in the dramatic outworking of the Eschaton.  The material Alpha of paleontology, and astronomy, embodied in the almost tangible Atom, will be amply reflected in the spiritual Omega that is our Eschaton.  The dinosaurs will live again in some even more substantial fashion than is currently envisioned by Hollywood. 


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