Taking Stock 


More than a few people have been waiting rather patiently for a new worldview.  Indeed, the concept of the paradigm shift had become such a cliché that it fell out of use.  There are, of course, obstacles to any such advent. 

Worldviews don't just grow on trees, waiting to be plucked down.  Someone has to think one up and then facilitate its promulgation.  And even if someone does come up with a new, improved 'mouse trap', there is sure to be resistance from the owners and maintainers of the previous models.  With this in mind let us take stock.

By my own rather crude estimation there have only ever existed two-and-a-half worldviews: 'eastern', 'western' and scientific.  Am I having trouble counting?  Who is being short-changed?  Without exercising diplomatic caution, it is the mystics that I am hereby short-changing.  After all, the mystics make a point of being mystical and so it would not behoove them to have any very definite view of the world.  Among the Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, etc. one finds many flavors of pantheism, pluralism, nihilism and what-have-you.  And in order not to leave our new acquaintances, the postmodernists, out in the cold, they might not object too strenuously to being provisionally included in this mixed company. 

That pretty much leaves us with just the scientific and theistic views.  It is the scientific view that has ruled the roost of modern intellectualism.  The scientific cosmology must necessarily be the primary target for any new world view.  But what do we do with those tired old theologians and other assorted mullahs of the world?  Without giving away too many secrets, let's just say that we are going to have to make a preemptive move.  I refer you to the first paragraph above. 

For the last two or three thousand years there has been a ready made constituency for a new worldview, or, perhaps more accurately, for a new world.  And is this not what the prophetic tradition is about?  Let us proceed with this consideration.


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